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Please comment on my new(ish) listing!

Hello hosts,
We just moved to a new location, a bit different from our old place in Shibuya, so would be grateful for suggestions on how to improve. What’s your first impression? Swipe right or click for more?
Yes, the photos are crappy - they were taken iphone with cheapo semi-wide lens attachment - but hopefully I’ll be able to shoot using a proper camera later this week.



Two thumbs up from me!!

Looks great!

one thing I found looking through photos is that I find it difficult to get a sense for how everything fits together. In particular, where is the kitchen in relation to everything else? As a guest, I would love one shot that is a bit more of a panorama or at an opposite angle to the first photo so I have a better orientation.

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the useful comment @koonga! yes, the kitchen actually adjoins the living/dining room, while the bedroom and bathroom is connected to there by a corridor. It’s kinda drab but maybe I’ll include a pic of the corridor just for clarity

Do you think a low table instead of a proper dining table would work better? We brought it over from our previous location

I want a furo!!!
It looks like a well-equipped place.
One photo shows food on the patio and mentions breakfast. I would take the food out of the photo, because there is bound to be some dum dum out there who thinks breakfast is included and then complains in the review.

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Wow, just wow but I am bothered by what you posted under guest interaction as follows:

you need any assistance, please send us a message.
Please note that the building security or cleaning staff are unable to provide you with services. If asked, please say that you are a personal friend of the owner.

It sounds like your listing is not legal, and I would be reluctant to book and be cancelled or have to lie!

Just my two cents


I agree. In trying to find an airbnb in NYC last year I read something similar in so many listings.


Shame. The place looks great but that will put people off. It would put me off.

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I think it looks great. But is it really that expensive where you are. You must be raking it in. Haha

Thanks @Garden1Gnome. I’ve never had a problem with guests who think our place serves breakfast - so didn’t really think about that. I will take your suggestion and revise with empty plates without food. My partner was bitching about having to make sandwiches for the photoshoot anyway :slight_smile:
Maybe I will add a hat, novel, beach bag, sleeping dog, etc


"If asked, please say that you are a personal friend of the owner."
We are operating within the law in Japan - there is no prohibition against home rentals. That said, some people just don’t like foreigners in their neighborhood and regard them as suspicious, and some others think that airbnb is illegal because of negative stories spread by the hotel industry. This is just for the guests’ comfort and safety.
But you are right that it may scare off some people. I’ll take it out from the description.

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Raking it in? I wish!

My two cents on your question about the dining table…I don’t know about a lower table but perhaps a more compact size might work better with the scale of the room. Having a glass top helps in that the eye looks through it so it doesn’t interfere with the visual field but on the other hand, those sharp corners extending into the room…

If the majority of your guests are only two people, a more compact set would free up a little more space. It’s hard to tell whether there might be a better placement because the other side of the room isn’t visible but your place looks great.

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Have a look at the tips in this topic:
Start filtering photo’s out and make sure the front page shows the 5 most important ones.

4 out of 5 showing in the listig are of the private garden, make sure you show the other features too.

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ONLY $170 USD a night? That is cheap cheap cheap for anyplace in Japan.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! Reshot photos this weekend incorporating your suggestions. The Airbnb photographer was also here.

It’s looks fantastic. Great use of the garden space.

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Absolutely beautiful ~ it truly is a gem of a place.
You really lucked out with the photographer who has an especially artful eye.

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