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Plans in light of vaccine distribution

Why did you go to a restaurant, not once, but twice, where the staff wasn’t following safe precautions?


I agree with @muddy it does seem a risky approach to return to the same restaurant which you know doesn’t practice safe Covid practices.

If the restaurant isn’t complying with your local Covid legislation I would report them.

Hopefully in our area the age for vaccines available openings will be 60+ pretty soon.
I was just thinking, we had a guest coming from Tuscany in late January last year. :bulb: I remember specifically because he was a “villa owner”, a famous musician and he was here when Kobe died. Then I was very sick, lo and behold, respiratory crap, and my hub too…

I went twice over the course of a year. And spoke to the manager twice. The first time they fixed it, the second was not good. I won’t be back.

And I’m f-ing sick and tired of being home alone. ALONE.

And thanks for blaming the victim.

I’m alone, too. Lots of us are. I’m not finding it too hard, though. I’m a homebody anyway and never get bored being alone.
What’s hard is that I haven’t seen my daughters and grandkids for almost 2 years.


That is one of the saddest side effects of this shit show.

I’m lucky, I was in the UK immediately prior to Spain closing the borders and going into lockdown, I got home on the last flight from Edinburgh. That was 14th March last year, which is the last time I seen my daughters, my OH is now way over a year.

I’m not alone. There are several members on here that I know have been separated from family for getting on for a year.

It’s all a bit fucked, eh?



It’s not victim blaming, more astonishment . If I’d been sick with Covid symptoms for three months after eating at a restaurant there is no way I would go back when it still isn’t protecting its staff/customers.


Why would returning to somewhere unsafe, seeing it has not fixed the issues, and still staying there be anything but foolish? You’re not a victim if you insist on putting yourself in harm’s way after knowing the danger.

Sorry, not buying it.


I hear you. I rarely eat out. Finally went out to dinner with friends and I was not pleased with the bold, safety disregard of the staff. When I got there it was difficult to know what to do.

  1. Just leave means hurting the feelings of the people who invited me
  2. Other people seem ok with it so now “group think” kicks in (they are ok, I guess I should be too)
  3. Staying isolated.

People can “why did you…”, “why didn’t you…” It’s so easy to arm-chair quarterback. The whys don’t matter—can’t change it & now sadly you are paying the price.

The bottom line is we are human and sometimes don’t make the best decisions. I know I didn’t. I stayed. I’m lucky to not have caught it.

I’m glad you have survived Covid19. Supposedly once you’ve had it, for most people their antibodies protect them for about 5 months. You should be good until July

I live alone as well and decided at the beginning of the pandemic that I was going to opt for safety. I had already started making an nice outdoor space summer of 2019 with the purchase of an outdoor kitchen, fire table and fountain. Fall of 2020 I added a TV, curtains and a propane heater. I see people socially an average of once a week and it’s made a world of difference in keeping me sane.

I’m lucky that all of the 10-12 different people I’ve socialized with have been of the same frame of mind I was. No one pressured me to do anything I didn’t feel safe about doing thank goodness. Now about half my friends have been vaccinated and by the summer we all will be.

Just outside my inner circle have been a lot of deaths, mostly family members of people I know. There have been a lot who weren’t officially covid related but I do wonder how much impact the pandemic had on their lives. It’s been sobering and I don’t take anything for granted.

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So many mixed messages in our area - news report yesterday only 4% of our county population has been fully vaccinated with 8% having a first dose. Unless the delivery system is ramped up in a major way it will take about 40 weeks at that rate to fully immunize the population. The availablity of the new one shot vaccine would cut the time but delivery systems are still problematic.

OTOH two major summer events announced they plan on returning - a bicounty fair and a major sporting event.

My OH and I are in the last group to be vaccinated so we are not planning to reopen to STR guests until a few weeks or a month after that happens.

Restaurants just reopened at 25% capacity.I had a business meeting in one yesterday - first time in one since March 2020. I felt really uncmfortable and left as soon as possible. Encased my laptop keyboard and screen in plastic wrap, showered as soon as I got home. Will not go again until vaccinated, not worth it.

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