Planning the Perfect AirBnB Appartement 🏗

Self check in is the best way to go. I have a lock box. Also it’s nice to offer coffee and tea. Have extra towels in the bathroom and menus & a city map on the table along with a list of things to do in the area.

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FTFY. :grin:


Good Point! For now we were planning with a Keypad for the building and an Keybox inside + Mount a letterbox for Self checkout. But Camera + Remote opening Sounds a lot safer then a keypad !

My work pays for my hotels I don’t get to choose them.

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Wait…are you saying that you’ll only let the guest in remotely, with no keypad for them to enter a code to unlock?

I bought a ring! I just need to figure out how to install it :innocent:

I will be there personaly most of the time. If possible I would like to avoid a keypad. In my country they are very uncommen and I think guests might have Security concerns. Maybe I need to rethink that aspect. Thank you for your Feedback !

  • Easy to clean surfaces and fabrics.
  • Heating and air conditioning units – non-European visitors are not accustomed to the “cold to them” temperatures which Europeans accept as normal. Air conditioning, because global warming is real and Europe will be experiencing more hotter-than-you-are-accustomed to summers.
  • Well written instructions on how to use the amenities in multiple languages, translated by native speakers of those languages
  • A comprehensive book of local attractions and activities
  • If you aren’t going to welcome guests personally, every time, then you need electronic locks that are remotely programmable plus security cameras – ring-doorbell and a second camera as well.
  • A pre-paid throw-away phone for local use. Many, if not most, American visitors’ phones will not work in Europe; not sure about Asian phones.

Thank you :pray: for your tips KenH,
AC is a good one! I stayed at an AirBnB last year with over 30 degrees Celcius at night and no AC (the unit was Right under the roof). Also the phone is such a great tip :iphone:! I can only Imagine being surprised that my phone simply doesn’t work in the country I’m visiting.

I’m pretty sure most will work in Europe if the American takes some time to get a temp plan that works where they are going to be.

When I went to Europe in 2009 Verizon sent me a phone I could use in Europe. The cost of the phone was zero but the charges for service were about $20. In Costa Rica and New Zealand my smartphone works fine as long as get the global plan before I go.

An Airbnb supplying me with a phone is only useful to me if Verizon has no plan that will cover the country I’m visiting. And even then I need the phone from the time I land, not from the time I arrive at the Airbnb.

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Hi Betty. Question for you - I love the August lock but it suggests I need to ask each guest to download the August app in order to use the temporary code. Is that right and dont people find it very inconvenient, or refuse?

Thank you.

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The Schlage Connect series come in Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Bluetooth to use with your home security system. Codes can be entered remotely. The Bluetooth version allows you to pair several phones with it so the lock will unlock when you approach. They have keypads so unlike the August don’t require an app.

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Hi Icenisf yes they need the app. However once they have the app and an account they can use the same account for all the other August locks they come across being invited to :innocent: Like if my housekeeper does 20 homes she only needs 1 August account. Only had 1 issue so far an older gentleman from Pakistan no way that was going to work for him I just gave him a key… So glad they have the keypad now!

I have a guy coming from Canada he seemed concerned about it so I sent him the invite early in text invite so he could figure it out. No issues. Also when you invite someone you control the dates they have access and it links with Airbnb so it sends them an invite I think a day or two before arrival with access only duration between their check in and check out times … then locks them out.

We supply a local non-smart cell phone (costs about $20US) to our guests. Many of our guests spend time on the beach and get there and back by taxi. They take our phone to the beach instead of their expensive smart phones. And we’ve pre-programmed the driver’s and our housekeeper’s number into the phone.
No one steals the little phones - they aren’t valuable enough to bother with!


I have a Schlage keypad (manual adjust) on my unit and love it. Got a Schlage Sense (with WiFi adapter and Bluetooth) for my second home and I hate the touchpad – instead of raised numbers like on the manual, you have to know to press the Schlage logo to light up the (flatscreen) numbers if it’s dark, and the unlighted numbers are really difficult to see in bright daylight due to lack of contrast.
Until I get guests in there and get my WiFi sorted, I’ve left the Schlage Sense on manual, which is kind of inconvenient. The door will not auto lock mechanically when you go out of the house, you have to turn round on the stoop and press the Schlage logo.
Once I get it set up, I can set a delayed autolock. So I guess I will instruct the guests to just shut the door behind them; it will autolock after 30 seconds.

Hi also to let you know August pairs with Airbnb so when there is a confirmed booking August sends them this email: Well IDK the pix didn’t post in order but I’m sure you can figure it out lol

I also bought a ring for the video and August new gadget smart keypad.

Great idea! I was about to place an order for a 4-pack and realized that all my outlets are GFI and these plates will not work with GFI.

GFI are ‘ground fault interrupter’ outlets which protect us from being shocked if there are wiring issues. Building code in many communities in the US require this type of outlet.

There also is a light switch plate that has a similar purpose… that may suit the need.

We only have GFCI around water sources in our home.


There is a new one for GCFI outlets now I saw it on their website! SnapPower!

I had to disable my Schlage autolock as it is too fast. I am looking into a way to program it via an external computer program so I can make it a bit longer period of time. 30 seconds is just too short a time when people are unloading, coming and going, and my door kept slamming with the bolt extended and damaging both the door frame and the actual lock mechanism. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?