Planning the Perfect AirBnB Appartement 🏗

Hi everybody,

we are currently planning a new apartment building in Europe (urban). As we want to give AirBnB Hosting a try with one unit (45 sqm) I was wondering :

What would you as expierenced host do if you had the chance to plan an apartment specifically for AirBnB?

I know that many things depend highly on the specific location and target market but: What would be features that are easier to implement in a new building and: 1) make Hosting easier 2) are cool wow Factors or 3) make economic sense

Thank you very much in advance !

Your Long Time Lurker

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I use an August lock for my front door. I have a back up hide a key. August finally put out a keypad, I just ordered it yesterday. I really don’t like the idea of someone having a key… DO NOT DUPLICATE stamped on a key means nothing if they keep your key. Advice from my cousin who is a locksmith.

I’m in hotels a lot my pet peeves are no water or coffee in the room.

Current hotel has ripped sheets (Crowne Plaza) my last hotel (Westin) had hair in the bathroom :face_vomiting: but I’m not going to complain because I had water & coffee :grin:

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the tip with the lock. I will definitly check them out. I Hope you get a better expirience in your next hotel and a great Coffe :coffee:!

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Also with August you can buy a little white cube it’s for opening the lock remotely and it works!


Remote opening sounds like a very handy feature!

I would provide if we had internet:

A USB charging station that accommodates iPad, android, etc. (under $20 USD)

We do provide and have gotten good feedback on:

Ambient noise machines. Not because we’re drowning out noises but because the Man Of The House can’t sleep without one. We started with just one, but have purchased 2 additional ones that are going out with us the next haul. ($20 each)

Crib or pack n play if you want to appeal to young families. I don’t think it’s been used yet, but I’ve gotten a lot of OOH, A FULL CRIB type reaction from some moms on Instagram and in person showing friends the listing, so it must be really appealing for families. (My full sized antique-style wooden crib, $50 used. Looks brand new in spite of being used by my stepsister’s 2 kids, I feel like I stole it; she was long done with it and it was only taking up storage space. Win/Win.)

(I’d like to add an antique style high chair but I haven’t come across the right one yet.)

An outlet cover in the hallway that has a motion-activated night light in it. Walking around in the dark in a strange house trying to find which one is the bathroom door is not a problem for our guests!


Thank you very much for your tips. I especially love the idea of the light Outlet! My Feet got hurt many times at night hitting furniture in unfamiliar Spaces :foot::exploding_head:.

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I love the motion light! Amazon???

I had to replace my old outlets anyway so I bought the ones with USB ports in them for the bedrooms and desk area $25 each but I can plug in 4 things at 1 outlet.


You can get them on Amazon, yep. I didn’t put the price on that one; they have them in single packs for under $15 USD and in muti-packs for less per unit.

I love it because it doesn’t take up an outlet and can’t get pulled out by tiny hands.


Thank you I just looked, I have the squared ones just a few dollars more but out of stock… of course! I’ll keep looking or just wait I need theses by my stairs!

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I’m in Phoenix right now as long as my WiFi at home is working in Florida I can open my lock from here.


Do you have tips for things that are hard to change later like the bathroom and the kitchen? What ist Most annoying to clean but easy to avoid wehen planning from scratch?

Bathroom: Future project is to tile halfway up the wall (up to to the existing rail molding), behind and beside the toilets (vs. painted sheetrock). I would have done that in the first place if I’d designed the house; more sanitary and so much easier to keep that way.


One piece toilets. More specifically, a toilet with easy clean surfaces and minimal joins/crevices, with an easy to remove toilet seat.

Like this one:

Home Depot 1 Piece Comfort Height Toilet


Do you think it is worthwile to Look for a Solution with no grout? Like fibreglass ?

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Thank you CeeBee. Minimum screw toilet is a great tip! :toilet::microbe:

Same thing for all kitchen and bath fixtures - simpler, streamlined = easier to clean.


Don’t talk to me about shower grout, it triggers me. (laughing.)

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I’ve been in plenty of $100-150 a night hotels that were nicer than the $300-500 a night ones. Maybe you should downgrade. Oh, and all of them have water…from the tap. :wink:

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I have legit stayed in a Hilton before that was shabby and run down and far substandard to a new Super 8. It was ages ago but that Hilton room had threadbare carpet and smelled musty.

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