Pillows for rental unit

New to Airbnb and need to purchase pillows. We have a King bed. What are the best (reasonably priced) pillows for a rental unit?

It is advisable to replace your pillows on the regular and run them through a hot dryer frequently. I like to offer one firm and one soft per person in the bed. Four pillows is usual for me. Some people like a high firm, some a flat soft and other travels with their own pillows, always. (I’ve started doing that when I am on car trips.) I’ve had good luck with Serta pillows, but I am not loyal to any brand.

I am interested in hearing recommendations for brands, too.

As per usual advice the best you can afford considering you will be replacing annually.


We buy the Serta and the other one that Costco has all the time (sorry, don’t remember the name). Two of each on the queen beds.

I use pillow cases and then pillow cover on top to help prevent washing them so much. But I use calvin Klein’s from Macy’s. I’ve had one for forever and they are reasonable and on sale most times. Last a good amount of time and different firmness options.

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I always have a softer option in the closet’s to suit everyone fyi

I will check those out!

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I use a thin pillow from Costco, and a slightly thicker pillow from Costco (which I also happen to like). There are 4 pillows for the bed (2 of each thickness), and then there are 2 more pillows that are theoretically for our twin sized sofa bed, but if guests aren’t using it their welcome to those too. I only put 2 on the bed and the others are in the closet with pillow covers and pillowcases. Most of the time no one touches the extras.

I’ve had good luck getting nice pillows at a great price from Ross. I have an assortment of pillows (fluffy, firm, thin) on each bed plus extras in the closets to make everybody happy. I’ve only had someone pull out extras twice.

I put zippered pillow covers on all of them before putting them in the pillowcases.