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Picky mattress guest

I had my first day of cancellation due to a picky mattress guest. Before booking, he asked about the year the mattress was made due to firmness. However, when he checked in, he described my mattress as appalling and too soft and worn. I offered him the other bedroom, which I knew was firm and met my own firmness needs for my back and he was iffy about it. I offered him a refund and he took it. I honestly want to leave him a 1 star review, but not sure how to do it without any repercussions because he could ding me on accuracy. How have you dealt with picky mattress guests? Oddly he’s gotten 30 reviews but all 5 star.

Oh, the mattress issue :slight_smile: I think we all had some guests like that. The funny thing is that most of my guests complained the beds were too hard. So I bought 9 inch memory foam mattress toppers. Problem solved. I’ve never had any complaint since then.

Well he will leave the review he is going to regardless. What I do with A hole guests is keep smiling. I send a message the day they leave and never mention issues. Something like, we strive to offer a five star stay I will review you this afternoon please take a moment and do the same… Then they are expecting a good review and less likely to give a bad review.



Was the mattress the only issue? Why would he give you just one star for accuracy?

Remember that he can’t read your review until he’s written his so why are you worried about ‘repercussions’?


I have firm mattresses with a 3" memory foam topper. Only one couple has complained and it was their first morning. They said the bed was too soft. So I stripped it, removed the 3" memory foam, made the bed, and cleaned their room all while they “supervised” from the doorway, making it difficult to move the topper out of the room and clean.

They dinged me 1 star for accuracy as they didn’t like the bed even though I state the bed has a topper.

People… (is it time for tequila?)


I ended up buying a sleep number bed and now both parties can be happy with their firmness/softness without any issues (so far)!

Funny thing though is that I get lots of bookings for my futon listings…and never a complaint there either.

(insert primal scream)

laughing… I have to attend continuing ed conferences for my professional license. One of the hotels where they schedule the events every few years has nothing but Sleep Number beds in it so I always end up in sleeping at a nearby motel and driving to the hotel so I can actually sleep between class days. I would absolutely be reduced to a blubbering mess if I arrived to find a Sleep Number bed! So much hate for them! hahaha

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Well I advertise in the listing and haven’t had complaints.

I personally did a sleep study on one as my first time using one and it was HORRIBLE! It wouldn’t reinflate and with my bad back I was stuck in a sunk bed…when I had to redo the sleep study they sent me elsewhere but they had one too. This study was to be for 24 hours, not just overnight. By then I took the time to make sure it worked so that I could have a chance at a decent sleep. It was fine.

Because I almost booked, saw ‘sleep number,’ and burst into tears. (rofl)

@LoneStar Nice try…but since you didn’t book.”, now its still open for those that see it and say yay!

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Moral of the story is no matter how awesome you think your bed is, some guest somewhere is going to say IT SUCKS. :rofl:


The review system is blind - he won’t see your review until after his own is submitted (or after the deadline is past, if he doesn’t leave one). Go ahead and leave an honest review.

It’s honest to say “GUEST asked details about our mattress before arrival. Neither the bed in the room he booked, nor an alternate bedroom we had available (with a much firmer mattress) were acceptable to GUEST. We fully refunded him so he could find other accommodations. While he was pleasant to communicate with, I wouldn’t host GUEST again because of his exacting requirements.”


He gave me one star and attacked my character. Said I didn’t apologize like a lawyer and the room was dirty and disheveled in his eyes. Even mentioned that he has video. Not sure how to counteract his scathing review

What does that even mean? I’m sorry this happened to you.

I probably am jinxing myself but I’ve had at least 500 people on my Nest Bedding mattress and no one has indicated that it sucks and I’ve been told by multiple people that it’s the most comfortable they have slept on.

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I think it might be best to not counter his review. Just leave it. I know how this goes against the grain, but it really is the best way.

First, his review will be several pages deep before you know it, and few people will even read it. Second, presumably it is sandwiched between scads of good reviews. The only reason it will stand out is in the way it illustrates how mattress man is a loon. Prospective guests will be able to tell it was him, not you.

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As Chloe says, really don’t comment on his review of you. From the little you say about his review , and it sounds horribly spiteful, future guests will see it for what it is.

I would love to know what you said in your review of him!

We all get nutters from time to time. Hey ho.


Every lawyer will tell you to never admit guilt, wrongdoing, responsibility. Never make the first concession in a negotiation.

This is what I wrote but instead of guest, I put down his name. “GUEST asked details about my mattress before arrival. Neither the bed in the room he booked, nor an alternate bedroom I had available (with a much firmer mattress) were acceptable to GUEST. I fully refunded him so he could find other accommodations.” and I marked a thumbs down

I work in the retail setting, so when a PITA customer is mad about a medication I can’t change, I offer options and state I want them to be happy, but I don’t apologize if I know it isn’t my fault. I did however tell him sorry that none of the beds met his liking in person.


Did you involve Airbnb customer service in this? If yes they may remove his review.

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