Phone number to reach Airbnb in England

Hi, new here first time posting.
Has anyone got the phone number for host support Airbnb England?
I’ve tried the English number but they always answer from the Caribbean or Ameria
Trouble with guests , been hosting for years but this guest took offennce to my ring doorbell , yes it’s disclosed on my profile.
Guest turned up with 5 people instead or 2 then complained of my having a camera and spying on them . She got herself very very drunk and was hiding the camera with her cleavage so who knows how many people were actually there by 3 am.
Any way long story but my account has been suspended and I can’t seem to get a straight answer. They seem to be speaking from a script and aren’t getting the jist of the problem at all.
Thanks for reading

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it feels like we can’t go a single day lately without this happening to a host.
Guest complains about camera
poorly trained staff shut down your business without even discussing it
zero recourse.

suggest you search the forum and see how many others have had this same problem @JoH
and no, there’s no number for Airbnb “England”, but perhaps one of the mods on the abb forums can help escalate.

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There is no Airbnb England customer services number @JoH

Are the guests out ? Have you checked the property ?

Airbnb is well known for suspending hosts listing when guests complain of safety issues

  1. Screenshot your listing showing you displayed notifications of your camera in accordance with their policy and send to them

  2. Check the property for damage etc

  3. Complain to Airbnb on their social media


Thank you
Shall I try emailing them from the platform ? May that work better , it’s been over a week now and I’m getting nowhere

Yes the guests left the next morning . Wrote a really bad review and now the account is suspended

go to the forums on Airbnb and post your story, it’s almost a daily occurrence over there, and see if someone will tag a moderator and try to get some action. Others suggest going to twitter and telling your story, or tiktok, or ig.

A ring doorbell is NOT something that should get you shutdown.

I’ll try those suggestions thank you

She was that utterly drunk that she can’t remember covering the camera with her cleavage, or she was to hat embarrassed that she denied it
There was 12 glasses used and 5 coffee cups. Neighbour said they were letting people in through the back door , there’s no camera on that .
So most guests are really lovely , there’s always one though hey.
This is my first bad review out of 129 so I’m gutted


That’s awful, I’m so sorry! Keep us posted here if and when you get Airbnb to fix this.

Will do, thank you all

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I like to contact @airbnbhelp via Twitter. It is a private message. All is in writing so documented. Airbnb tends to respond quickly to these.

Also they’ve got a Facebook page under travel

You cannot post there but can send a private message via Messenger

Thank you so much I’ll give it a try

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There are numbers to call from various countries, but they get patched through to wherever- you have no control over that. Your call will usually be transferred to their out-sourced, no-nothing reps in the Phillipines (I think they also have an outsourced call center in India), but occasionally you might get a rep from your own part of the world, it’s a crap shoot.

Unless you have a super urgent issue, like a guest who is activeIy trashing your house or physically threatening to you, I prefer to message CS- you then have documentation of the conversations. (Good idea to screenshot them in case they disappear). And be aware that when users call them and they promise to call back, they almost never do.


Oh dear, so its all looking bleak. I’ve emailed them today that’s the first step
Thanks for your help everyone .

A bit of advice for the future- if a guest is doing something like covering your camera or doing something else that could result in a really bad scene, it’s not a bad idea to get out ahead of it by contacting Airbnb and telling them you want this on record. In this case, you couid have said that your camera is fully disclosed in the listing, the guest is purposely covering it, you suspect they are up to no good and want this to be noted. Then, if the guest reports an undisclosed camera, you can refer Airbnb back to the message you sent.

They might still suspend, as they seem to do with all camera complaints, but the suspension may be more short-lived.


It sounds like hosts with this problem seem to get results when they post to Brian Chesky on Twitter. I suggest calling, rather than emailing, & escalate it to a supervisor. This is happening all to often, & I’m sure can be beyond frustrating for the host. :rage: Good luck!

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So an update , they’ve emailed me saying they have lifted the suspension .
They have made a note on my account and if this happens again they wil look into canceling my account, it’s like being a naughty child and getting told off !!
I didn’t have chance to review the guests as they blocked me
Fortunately all of the other reviews are great and as this happened over 3 weeks ago she’s not the first review people see.
It seems it’s really all about them being for the guest, people can party in your house and nothing happens.
They asked if I’d like to claim for the extra guests , is it worth it ? It appears she’s not on the platform anymore

If what happens again?
If another guest complains that the ring camera clearly featured in your listing is actually installed at your door when they arrive?


this is straight from their script, and i was told this too after my first and only guest complaint i’ve ever received (much milder than your situation). It’s quite rude and as you say, feels like you’re being put in the naughty corner. It’s utterly unacceptable for this language to be thrown at us, and for a company that considers itself progressive it’s pretty disgusting behaviour. Although, I’m not shocked. They are just capitalists in sheeps clothing. Would love to see them getting called out for this in social media.