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Petty annoyances or real issues?

Different guests doing these haha but still - are any of these worth changing house manual etc?

Guest decides not to flush the toilet (lets it mellow).

Guest leaves room like a hotel room when leaving (sheets on floor, etc)

If you have more than one guest at a time the toilet is a REAL issue! Yuck! The untidy room? More of an annoyance. Grade them down on cleanliness but don’t change your Manuel. Would sound too picky IMHO

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Oh, ugh - let it mellow? Well, at the least they should give it a flush before they depart. Personally, I prefer guests leave the sheets/towels on the floor. I rent a house, so am not always sure which bed they chose to sleep in - if they remake the beds, I feel obliged to strip them all. Leave them on the floor and I know for sure.

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yes, this is a guest room in my house. I guess the question is - is this something I should put in my house manual? it is somehow possible to see this as saving water? But it is pretty gross…

i think i’d more likely put a cutesy little sign in the bathroom. people who do this, typically are conservationists. so they’re not doing it to be gross. a sign that says something like “this is a low flush toilet. please flush after each use.”

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Some guests are used to being asked to strip beds and leave used towels on the floor when they leave. I specifically list in my departure checklist to not strip any beds and to leave this for housekeeping. If they strip the beds then I have to go make the beds back up before washing. I always inspect for any makeup/blood stains that will need to be pre-treated before washing.


Same procedure here Cabin.

please flush the damn toilet, that is gross. It might be different if you are home alone and noone else will see or smell it.I prefer they leave bedding on the bed, towels in the hamper, leave trash in room…I charge a cleaning fee I dont expect them to do that,you dont do it in a hotel.

I stayed in an airbnb property that had different house rules typed up on pretty paper and hung in a frame - which was so nice.

I think something hanging in the bathroom, about 'thank you for being considerate of the next guest and flushing completely and leaving the area clean"

But no, I wouldn’t put it in my house rules, since most people probably do flush.

Let us know what you do!

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You can google ‘please flush poem’ and there are some cute ones out there!

Guests arriving from places with drought issues will probably leave it mellow because they’re used it on their home. My mom’s place in Puerto Rico is without water every other day. But I could understand your point of view. If this just happened with one guest don’t put it on your guidebook. If it’s a repeat occurrence then a pretty picture frame with bathroom etiquette will be appropriate.

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Well, the guest that prompted this thread just left. Here’s what happened:

The guest was a mid 20s guy who had very good reviews. And he actually told me in his messaging that his reviews were ‘stellar’. So, after he assured me that he had read the House Rules, first thing he does is tell me that he is arriving 4 hours before my listed check in time! I politely told him that was not possible, and could you please read the house manual? He replied ok he will read it again.

Showing up at check in, the basic house rules include no shoes (wore them in), please lock the door behind you (did not), take a towel from the stack in the bathroom (he actually used mine, which was wet and hanging up in the bathroom).

I noticed that during his stay he was not very attentive to locking the door. Mental note - if Kevo does not offer a self locking update, get a pushbutton system like my back door that auto locks in 30 seconds. However, this was indicative of how little he paid attention to the rules - which also were in a sheet of paper lying on his pillow in the room.

Another request in the house manual was to please leave the bathroom door wide open so that people can see if it being used (dark door on dark frame in dark hallway). NEVER did that and also left inflated toilet. I finally texted him and asked that he flush, and leave the door open, but only the flushing stopped.

I used this situation as a sort of ‘crash course’ for myself to build up a strong defense against becoming aggravated by guests. I cannot, however, understand how blatant his disregard was, and I can only surmise either a disability like ADHD or such that allows him to tell me that he read 4 simple rules and completely ignored them… or his thinking that he is ‘stellar’ meant that he works on instinct alone and assumes that he is always right.

I have great reviews and ratings and have had almost 40 guests so far this last 3 months, so I guess all is well, but I am somewhat shaken by this - after all, yes flushing the toilet is a courtesy expected, and NOT flushing implies a reason (unless he is still mentally in the college dorm) but the carelessness was rampant.


So sorry Bob Blank. But I would love to hear how this guest told you (didn’t ask) that he was arriving 4 hrs. early. Yes, it is those types. They think you have so much invested in accepting the reservation that you will cave in and let them run the show.

Heh heh.

I’ll be arriving on Wednesday morning at 11AM. Is that OK?”

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When I started reading I thought of him having ADD but then you confirmed it by thinking the same. When my uncle was alive he was the same way. He never closed outside doors after himself, left water running, didnt flush toilet, left lights on and did other things. When he was visiting I was following him like a would a small child.
Hope you won’t get guests like this anymore

I don’t think his disregard for the rules has anything to do with a disability or ADHD, etc. I can bet he if he has a nice stereo in his car, he doesn’t forget to lock that when he parks it. I also don’t know why someone would close a bathroom door every time they leave. He may have just been doing all this to see what he could get away with. It’s as if we have to have guests repeat back to us all the rules so we know they aren’t lying when they have read them.

And the arriving early trick is so old. Notice, those messages stating when they are arriving, always come after they book - and never before.

Maybe we should play the manipulation game too. The next time I get one of those I should reply back and say “Another guest will be staying in your bed with you…hope that is OK”


Pet peeve - the bathroom door being closed. It annoys me. Our past two guests have done this (stayed over three nights each). It’s annoying as our bathroom sounds exactly like yours Bob. We also have no window to allow natural air in so by the end of last week there was the beginnings of mould around the bath.

Is it a cultural thing?! I mean, all my relatives and everyone I know opens the bathroom door after they’ve finished …

The only time I appreciate someone closing the bathroom door is if they took a huge stinky dump, and the scent is going to seep into my space. Then I much prefer them to close the door and warn me not to go in for at least an hour…ha!

what guest would be that considerate though? they’d let you bask in their stinky glory first lol

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We have a long-term guest from Denmark who uses a shower in our family area. After his shower he leaves the ventilation fan on as requested, but then closes the door, which keeps the family guessing! I don’t know if its cultural or not. He’s a private,guy and in all ways a very nice guest, so I’ve never asked him.

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