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Dear Fellow Hosts, I suppose this topic has been discussed in the past but for me it’s completely new as the “performance” tab has only appeared in my listing a few days ago. Are the analytics based on the other listings in my area or all of the listings in the U.S. or what? In some metrics I’m doing great and some other metrics I’m way behind – is there a place I can read more about the “performance” metrics? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

That should help :slight_smile:

Says “The average occupancy rate of nearby booked homes that are similar to your listing.”

It helped me. It turns out it turns on for hosts with 6 or more listings or people have to turn it on. And here I’ve been waiting for the update. :slight_smile:

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@KKC I don’t have 6 listings and I didn’t turn it on manually, yet the performance tab became visible to me…
@MissSwan Thank you for pointing me in the right direction…I’m wondering if you could clarify how Airbnb defines my “market” – is it the city where my listing is located, the surrounding 1 mile radius, or what? Is there a formal definition of “market”?

Why, I can’t imagine that what is on Airbnb’s site isn’t accurate!? LOL. Maybe I’ll turn it on and see what the fuss it about.

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So I turned it on. My non-business oriented mind is boggled. Luckily for me I just had my best month ever in March despite being out of town for 6 days. Of days available I only had two open nights. And the calendar isn’t a good layout for me due to only having one listing. But it was good to see what others have mentioned.

@KKC I didn’t have to turn anything on an just have one listing. It was just there one day.
@MissMiami It doesn’t tell you radius that I can see.

I just turned it on found that it’s not very useful for one listing. I turned it back off and it gave an interesting warning about “standard fees you’ve applied will be removed” or something similar. I decided to turn it off anyway and don’t see any changes. I assume it’s referring to something else in the “professional hosting tools” that I didn’t look into.

Occasionally I look at the Views tab - every few months or so - and I noticed the section “Similar Listings to Yours” … Lordy, what a joke. It includes properties with three times the space and an average $100 more per night. Part of that is the curse of being in the country; Airbnb’s expert systems and algorithms are very much geared towards their high density urban destinations. I have found more helpful feedback from Beyond Pricing and SmartBnB. I honestly don’t trust any advice from Airbnb because it all ends up at the same place: Air pushing you to lower your price.

(BeyondPricing is often nudging me to increase my prices.)


I think that’s one for you to ask Airbnb @MissMiami

As you can see from the link @MissSwan provided it isn’t information they share with guests so it’s not going to be something any of us will be able to advise you on.

I live in a high density city (Bristol ) and it lists ‘similar listings to yours’ as one’s in the nearby city of Bath or in the countryside, so I wouldn’t necessarily agree it’s geared to high density areas :frowning:

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Interestingly, after enabling the Professional Hosting Tools so I could see the Performance data, the Progress tab is replaced by Performance, and the Views tab that was under progress along with “Similar listings to yours” is absent.

Yeah, I wanted to use it to gauge my pricing and amenities, but it takes a lot of work to determine how similar they really are. Well, except one: recently it started showing my own listing as a similar listing. It’s amazing how similar it is.


I think by similar itd mean- entire place/ shared room, similar amenities etc. Not size of space or exact location

@MissSwan You would think but I get the gamut of similar listings that aren’t similar at all in those respects either…

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The only common similarities I can see is that they’re all within about 10 miles and all are entire place rentals with kitchen. My listing is 4 bedroom 2 bath house for up to 8 guests. The similar listings change every day, but they can be anything from a 2 bedroom/1 bath condo for 4 guests up to a 5 bedroom/3 bath house for 15 guests.

I was recently told that “other hosts in your area with similar numbers of reviews charge 10-15% less”. There are no other hosts in my area (up to 25km away) with close to my number of reviews (over 200) and I am fully booked out for April, my best month yet. So I have no idea where they get their data pool from and I ignore it. But I wish they provided a map to show my “area” as it might be useful in a wider context.