PayPal payments delayed!

Hi guys, I am new here but been hosting for a while now and am loving this forum!!

My question is this - is anyone else experiencing delayed airbnb/paypal payouts?? My payouts are now over 48 hours overdue and still have guests arriving everyday! Tried contacting airbnb and they’re just blaming PayPal but it looks as though they simply haven’t sent it. I know this topic has been brooched before but that was last month (seemed to be resolved though!). Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues since the weekend?

Thanks so much :grinning:


I am having the same problem. I have spoken at length with Paypal and they said what Air BnB is saying simply isn’t true. I have been hung up on twice while being very calm, but insisting on speaking with a supervisor. I’ve also been told contradicting stories by Air BnB employees…some insisting the payment has gone out, with others saying that the payments have NOT gone out. I am not sure what recourse there is if management is unwilling to address us with integrity.

Hi JD,

I have experienced exactly the same - whereabouts are you based? I wonder if this is a worldwide issue?

The 1st rep I spoke with just fobbed me off saying it was PayPals fault - then I spoke with PayPal who advised there was nothing wrong with my account and suggested asking airbnb for the verification codes for their payments they supposedly sent - obviously airbnb couldn’t provide them.

Called back a couple more times today- the stressed out dude just said it was overall problem they were having with PayPal since Saturday and no one was sure what was going on.

Bit suspicious if you ask me :-0!!

Have also asked to speak with a manager which just isn’t happening. NOT impressed :confused:

I also didn’t get paid for booking 9/11. Called them 3 times today, got run around and a few different excuses ranging to something about 9/11 to PayPal problems. However, never received email that payout was sent so very nothing adds up.

Wondering how many others are experiencing same issue.

So this has been an issue of mine for quite some time. User agreement says 24 hours after checkin. I rent the whole are at a stiff rate and timing of my payment matter when I don’t get to use my vacation spot in high season. The month of August was very good for me with six stays. During that month I would wait a day after and then six to 12 hours later I would call customer service after a look see I would get a response generally stating let me talk to the payments team. Get an email back saying it has been released. Within 4-6 hours I would see it in my paypal account

PayPal email would come within 30 seconds to two mins say I have funds available. First week of sept I made my usual call and got a long email telling me my calls were purely a coincidence and that the funds would have been sent anyway. I was an uncharacteristicly long message intended to make me feel stupid after saying for a month that thier is a problem. Most agents would blame it on PayPal. Sure they only do a million transactions a day, why not.

My last group came on Friday at 1:00. Waited till five today (Monday) and called. My CS contact told me they all got an email on sat morning that there has been a problem with PayPal transfers. It should be cleared up tonight and I was to call if it was not there by 8 pacific time

I appreciate the truth but would have been nice if the last seven interactions, especially the next to last would have been more honest. Since fees are collected at the time the reservation is made what float can be gained by keeping it another couple of days. my daily rate is in the hundreds of dollars and I collected over $5k last month. If it is happening to me it must be others and this seriously needs to be corrected. I guess I will wait to see if this gets fixed. If they remain hooked on these few days of float I hope a change in the user agreement is not forthcoming

I had a Sunday 5 day guest. It’s Tuesday morning now and still no notification of payout.
There’s also another twist to this tale which I will share under a different thread!

I request payout through Payoneer and I haven’t been paid for my weekend stay, nor for the stay that checked in last night. Glad to hear I’m not the only one but wondering what is going on.

Same issue. I’m based in the UK and have had an unprecedented, worrying delay in payment. Still waiting on 3rd day after check in. It’s tantamount to theft and blaming Paypal really raised my suspicions. I’ve removed my listing since I’m running around like a chambermaid for nothing at the moment.

Same issue. I have not been paid for 3 payouts - 1st guest checked out on 13/9/15, 2nd guest checked out on 15/9/15 and 3rd guest checked in yesterday. I’m based in Australia. I emailed them and no response so far. What’s wrong with airbnb?

Just wanted to update that my payoneer payment for last Friday finally got released, but now my current guest’s itinerary has disappeared totally, aside from our message history. It shows up in transaction history, but he’s not even on my list of current or upcoming stays anymore? Very strange.

I have the same problem. I am in the U.S. and use Paypal. Could others elaborate where your location is?

Same problem…the release to Paypal account is 4 days late. I “chatted” w/ Airbnb on Sunday…was told that they were having a problem releasing payments on the weekend??? Well, it’s Tuesday and still 0. I’m located in the U.S. - Boston, MA area.

Hi everyone,
Am worried now as I am also owed money form hosting this past weekend…and I have chatted t
With a person at Air B&B who fobbed me off saying she was not in payments dept, and would try to sort backlog ASAP. Blamed the problem on PayPal! Any further news from hosts on this subject! Btw, am in UK.

P.S. Doesn’t Airbnb have any managers…why the heck haven’t they sent out an e-mail blast to hosts letting them know what’s going on, what they’re doing to fix the problem, and when it’ll be resolved!

I’m also in the same boat. It’s been 48 hours since my guest has checked in and I haven’t been paid. I called airbnb and they blamed it on paypal. No form of communication has gone out to hosts, this is so unprofessional. The longer they hold our money the more interest they make, I’m considering taking down my listing.

Shelby where are you located?

Emma where you located?

I’m located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Shelby I am on the West Coast? Just spoke with Airbnb.
I have a guests that have checked in two days ago and are checking out today. Airbnb can not guarantee that I will get payment at least for the next 48 hours. In the mean time I have an other guest checking in on the 16th.

Shelby was wondering did you have complaints from guest in the past and how is your rating?