Paypal or bank transfer?

What is the better way to collect payment from Airbnb, bank transfer or Paypal?

I’ve noticed Paypal takes a fee of 3% and the exchange rates are pretty bad. Are there any reasons to use Paypal instead of bank transfers?

Avoid Paypal. No reason to pay them 3% and if there is an account problem sometimes they hold your money.

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I have always used bank transfer - going on three years with Airbnb and always used bank transfer - no problem at all.

in the UK we can only do bank transfer and it takes 4 days to see money

We have been going the Paypal route. It always appears the day after check-in and it transferred from there to show up in my bank account by midnight. No fees. No problem.

Advice please! I am anew host hosting in Corfu. I charge in Euros, because I have to, and I am losing a lot of my money in transfer and the awful exchange rate en route via UK pay pal then onto my UK bank! Why can’t I have my euros transferred directly to my UK euro bank account?
HELP! Thanks

Hi @jude
Do you only have a UK account? If you have a greek account you can make a greek paypal or you can choose bank transfer to a greek bank?

You might want to look into Transferwise for better rates. They give you a mastercard and you have a european account (€) and you can make that your payout method on airbnb. Make sure you check the limits. Hope that helps

Kirsty Jane - no, actually you can use PayPal here in the UK - I do. But I’ve been trying to change to direct debit and the system isn’t letting me do it!

Thank you for your reply, I just don’t understand why airbnb can’t just transfer my euros straight to my UK euro bank account?

@jude did you try adding that account…? It shouldn’t be a problem… is it sort code type or IBAN?

Thank you GEM20! I am trying to add my euro bank acc IB but it keeps telling mw to try later ! ARGHHHHH I will keep trying tho!

@jude if you are trying to do it from the app it won’t work. Try desktop :slight_smile:

I have been trying all morning and it still will not accept my details! I’m doing it from my lap top so shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks

Have you tried contacting Airbnb to ask them to assist?

Hi, No I haven’t as I thought it would be Pay pals problem?

We have our earning deposited directly to our bank. I feel like it’s more secure than pay pal since they only require your email and password whereas my bank has additional security.

Mate my post is two years old - things change very fast inthe Air world