Payouts not being made

Is anybody encountering payout issues? I was supposed to receive the second portion of rental money (person checked out on March 25) by March 27 at the latest but still haven’t received it.
I got an email notification on March 21 stating the money would be forthcoming by the 27th and have tried on three different occasions via Airbnb support to get a response but to no avail.
Just curious if others are experiencing the same issue?

Yes, I still have a payout that should have come Mar 20 that I haven’t received. I’m hoping that things are just delayed. I haven’t called in about or anything though.

Not a good sign, unfortunately. Good luck with CS, you may need to try them on Twitter or Facebook.


I had a guest check-in Sunday evening and I got a payout notification on Monday (yesterday) at 3:35pm, so the payout timing was perfectly normal.

What is “the second portion of rental money”? Is it for a stay longer than 30 days?

Yes, this was a 32 day rental.

Yep, same here. I have written twice and talked to a person today. She still doesn’t have an answer to me. I’m just looking for the email confirming payout is coming. (Not even in my bank).

Well I refunded two sets of guests who cancelled last weekend do to travel restrictions, I got paid but they have not debited my account for the refunds. When I authorized the refund it said they would debit my payout account. Maybe they will deduct from a future payout idk.


I’m experiencing the same issue. Our last guest extended their stay, and paid for those nights. Now under Airbnb’s policy, at least the way I have seen it applied historically, is that they will pay out those extra sums on your next guest’s payout.

Unfortunately, our last guest was literally our LAST GUEST because of COVID-19.

So Airbnb owes us money, and refuses to pay. It shows as an “upcoming payout” although the nights have already been used, and the guest has already paid AIRBNB.

As I’m sure you guys are aware, you cannot email airbnb and all messages sent through their website go unanswered.

Any suggestions?

We are having a similar issue!

Our current guest extended their stay from their initial 1-night stay, but we have yet to receive ANY payment. Did you get paid for your guest’s initial stay, before the extension?

We’ve contacted Airbnb CS multiple times, to no avail. They just keep saying “someone will get back to you” and deflect, deflect, deflect.

In your case, maybe this is sketchy, but perhaps if you had somebody you knew book your place just for 1 night, then reimburse them, so that you get that “next guest” payout and your last guest’s payout along with it?

I got paid out yesterday for two long-term stays, so hopefully it’s just a bug.

However, I also had one turned out to be a fraudulent booking last week (the person never showed up) and a case manager said the entire payout would be reversed. That hasn’t seem to have happened either. I think they’re just totally swamped.

Yes we got the initial payout, but not the payout for the add’l night stay.

Also unable to resolve with AIRBNB CS…