Payouts from AIR B&B in Australia

Australian host problems with payouts, got several emails apologising for not forwarding payouts by Air B&B, now am receiving them but they are converting from US$ to A$ and am receiving less than what should be paid out, in one booking $20, in other words they are charging me for currency fluctuations. These are bookings made in Australia by Australian residents, what is AIR B&B up to? Is anyone else having this problem

I’ve had no problem receiving payments with paypal.

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I’ve yet to have any payments since the recent “problem”. When it arrives (!) I’ll let you know if it is different to what I expected.

But I have read on the thread below of people being over paid - perhaps this is where your money went :slight_smile:

Me too with Paypal. Latest yesterday (Saturday) for a guest who arrived Friday for a week.