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Payout problems for Australia


Well are they even doing this right? Please see my post of a few days ago.

Has anyone been able to make sense of this? Where are the NEW Terms of Service?


Just checked our Commonwealth Bank Account this morning and the token .05 cent deposit from WorldPay is in there.

Hopefully this signals the beginning of resumption of normal payment services.


This is becoming ridiculous. I just received the following from AirBnB …


We’ve recently experienced a delay related to payouts. As a result, you may have gotten an email about an error related to one or more payout methods on file:

  • Bank account ending in Account *****XXXX (AUD),

What do I need to do?

Go to Account settings and then Payout Preferences . Remove any payout methods that have been set to error and try adding them again.

Go to Payout Preferences

Why did this happen?

We looked into this delay and discovered an error on our end. We’re sorry about the inconvenience.

Best regards,

The Airbnb Team

So AirBnB have “looked into this” and discovered “an error on our end” … but they still say I HAVE TO FIX IT BY RE-ENTERING MY DETAILS. While their support people keep TELLING ME THE EXACT OPPOSITE.



I just received the same email Rossh. Maybe I was too optimistic about payouts being restored.


The really frustrating part is … I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

I have re-entered my details once. Should I do it again? Would that fix things, or just delay things further? AirBnB phone support tells me everything is fine. Their emails tells me otherwise.

How long can AirBnB let this disaster carry on?


As we have received that token deposit in the bank account I’m going to let that process play out over the next few days before revisiting my Payout Method.

I also set up PayPal a few days ago but there has been no acknowledgement of that.


I have just been told this is global and there are hosts in the UK who haven’t been paid for 7 weeks!


Can you quote a source for this info Poppy?


We just received this email from AirBnB

Hopefully things will come good very soon. It’s a bit of a worry however that they can’t seem to compose very important messages properly. I would think that they mean to say:
“experienced an error that triggered a delay” rather than a “delay that triggered an error”.

I can live with that though if the $$$ start flowing.


Yes, I received the same message - fingers crossed!


I haven’t had a chance to look into it. I am a manager and one of my owner’s told me that she had found the information on google and this isn’t the first time it has happened.

I also have received the email below. Hopefully we are out of the woods.



I just read on the Airbnb community forum that someone re put in their bank account details, AGAIN!! for the umpteenth time and were paid.

So I just re-did mine for the 6th time since 2nd November and that nasty red button that has been saying there is a problem with my pay out method that has been on the top of all my reservation messaging pages disappeared!!!

So if you still have that message try re-entering your banking details, fingers crossed I might get paid!


Thank you for this update Poppy. I also did what you did just now and my ‘nasty red button’ has disappeared as well.



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Still no payment but just received this, looks like I still have to wait longer!:

We have made a small deposit of 3 cents to verify that the bank information is correct.

The deposit will be from ‘WORLDPAY’, and you should receive it within five business days. Once you receive the deposit, please allow Airbnb up to 2 business days to complete the verification. If you do not receive the deposit, please re-add your payment details.

The Airbnb Team


Have any hosts in Australia received money from AirBnB via either PayPal or Bank Transfer since Nov 1?

Our Payout Method issue seems to be resolved but no funds forthcoming as yet.


No, not yet. I had one payout which seems to have been made just before the problems started, but have not had one since.

I am giving them the benefit of the doubt at the moment, and will be waiting a couple more days before I start complaining again.


When the issue first started, I set my method to paypal and received my pending payout successfully.
After they advised the issue was resolved, I confirmed my bank account no longer had the error on it, and I’ve successfully received a payout in it as well.

And yes, Aussie host.
Hopefully yours is resolved soon!


I now have over $8,500 owed and still no payment since 2 November. Weirdly I sent a request this week to a guest for the $80 pet fee, and that was paid into my account on 13th. If they can manage to do that WHY can’t they pay for me for all the bookings? And the “small deposit” to verify my account still hasn’t happened.

I had to phone the other day for an unrelated issue, while I was completing the verification process and asked for the last 4 digits of my bank account I said: well that’s a sore point at the moment as apparently you don’t recognise my account so it can’t be relevant. Went over the girl’s head.
At the end when she said: is there anything else I can help you with, I stupidly said: yes getting paid would be nice. Once again she spoke from some boring script that didn’t tell me anything, then put me on hold so she could ask someone else. I got bored in going around in circles, knowing she couldn’t do anything and was just wasting my time and making me more frustrated so I hung up while I was on hold.

WHY can’t we get anyone to tell us what is going on?

WHY can I receive a payment of $80 this week but not the $8,500 plus that I am owed?



Money owing from AirBnB has just arrived in our bank account.

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