Payment completely vanished

The payout for the current guests was set to arrive this evening at 5pm. It was a bigger one. I’m overseas and didn’t realize the time, but upon looking at my “progress” tab on the app realized that my monthly earnings were signifigantly less. It’s now past 7 and nothing. I called airbnb to check in, there are no flags on my account; the guest paid in full and no refund was requested. They said that it was released close to 7, right before I had called, but they don’t know why my account ceased to portray it. It’s not in the completed payouts or upcoming payouts and the bar graph of monthly earnings no longer reflects it. I contacted the guest to be sure nothing went awry and she said everything is wonderful.

Has anyone had an issue like this before? She promised I will receive my payout, but can’t explain why this is happening. I’ve been told to wait 24h and hope for the best.

I’ve read stories like this before, but nothing recent. I agree with waiting a day because that’s what it usually took. Hopefully, you’re not short on funds right now.

I’ve had this happen!

For a short time at the beginning of a reservation the payout completely disappears from your earnings views - it’s in neither the upcoming nor the paid out transactions. Not even the monthly earnings total. It’s in some kind of Bermuda triangle of “in process” payments. Wait 24 hours and it should show up.

(stupid coding…I had this issue when I first started hosting 4 years ago. crazy they still haven’t fixed it!)

It DID show up within 24 hours.

But now it’s happened again! Now it’s been 3 days since the guest checked in and still nothing. He’s leaving now and I have another coming this evening. They say the guest chose to pay in 2 parts, somehow messing with the payout schedule- they say it’s ready for release, but has not been released yet and don’t have answers. I don’t want to host other guests until it’s sorted, but I’m fully booked for the month! They do, however, say that they believe everything else is on track.

Did you receive the actual payment, to your bank account, for the first one? What about the second one, have you received the actual payment? Our take 24hrs from payment advice to showing up in our bank account.