“Parties, prostitution, nudity: Arizona Senate goes after Airbnb and VRBO rentals“

Thought this article would be of interest:

Hosting a special event at a vacation rental home, something many Arizonans say is an increasing problem in their neighborhoods, could soon be barred statewide under a measure at the Capitol.

Lawmakers in the Senate approved the bill Monday. It heads back to the House, where it already has won approval, to reconcile minor amendments before going to Gov. Doug Ducey.

It’s unclear what the governor will do with the bill, considering he [made substantial fanfare when he signed a bill deregulating such rentals in 2016] That law prevents municipalities from banning such rentals.

Good old AirBNB, bringing raucous parties to residentially zoned areas from New Orleans to Sedona.

“Disruption” = “destruction.”

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I’ve been following this as there are some vocal people within a few miles of me. One of the most vocal people has a house nextdoor owned by in investor in Las Vegas that allows parties and events, so, surprise, they get loud parties, etc. It’s unfortunate that the testimony is exaggerated and the media hypes it so much, though.

It personally doesn’t bother me much since I don’t allow parties and events in the first place, but, I don’t want to personally get fined if guests breaks the rules (or in this case, breaks the law), and to be honest, I don’t see Airbnb being super helpful backing up the host when the guest is clearly at fault.


I share your sentiment. I’m on the property so it’s easier for me to ensure that guests stay compliant, so rules requiring sensitivity to neighbors is something I support. The challenge is getting ABNB to support the hosts’ responsibilities in enforcing them.


Sounds like a plan to me. Nothing like that would EVER take place in a hotel!

So you can have parties at your home, you can do Airbnb in your home but you can’t do both at once? Where are they drawing the line here?

This can backfire on the neighbors who are complaining because it could limit them from having parties as well.

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The focus is on being considerate of the neighbors; something long term residents ideally (but not necessarily) should be. When people are on vacation or renting a house for an event (whether know or unknown to the host), there is a tendency to not be concerned with the people next door.


“Parties, prostitution, nudity"

Sounds like a great name for my newest listing… :rofl::joy::rofl:


“Parties, prostitution, nudity – check in any time you want!"


Exactly. Any neighbor can be the type to have loud parties. But unfortunately , there are also some Airbnbs that are setup and advertised as places to have parties, and it really pisses off the nearby neighbors more than if a permanent occupant was throwing the parties.

While I like limited regulations when it comes to STRs, I do think there is a point where regulations play a critical role. For the sake of a beautiful city, like Sedona, I hope there is some appropriate moderation.

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I just received an email from Airbnb with a link to write our Senate regarding the bills they may impose that will severely limit us hosts. What I don’t understand is why isn’t Airbnb screening airbnb hosts from violating the City ordinances. Clearly the City of Scottsdale has a maximum of 6 guests rule, yet there are thousands of airbnb properties, mostly listed by property management companies who only care about their bottom line than the well being of the host community, to advertise some as much as 16+ guests in one home! TIf airbnb wants to protect hosts from the Senate instituting bills that severely limit vacation rentals, this is the first place they should be cracking down. What am I missing here?

One silver lining of the CV crisis is that some of them will go out of business.

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Hi @SageHouseScottsdale. WELCOME to the Forum.

If I were to take a stab at answering your question, I’d say that AirBNB has not been in the business of screening hosts. Some of that has changed since their PR nightmare on Halloween 2019 when a party got out of control. But for the most part they are looking to expand their business where / however they can. They court local hosts to fight their battles because municipalities look more favorably on constituents than lobbyists.

My personal belief is that Governor Ducey swung the pendulum too far (allowing AirBNB to overrule local municipalities) and now it will be modified to something that will provide a better balance for local jurisdictions and will put more responsibility on hosts to screen their guests and be considerate of their neighbors.

My situation is a little different in that my listing is a guest house on the property where I live. So I self manage, and with one exception I have never had a guest issue. Never have I had a neighbor complain about my guests; in fact several of my neighbors have had relatives stay in my guest house, so they actually welcome it.

While this topic is specific to AZ, this forum isn’t as effective for local issues you outline. There are a couple of FB groups where these subjects have come up. If you’re not part of them I’d suggest you join. They are more active with the issues you describe.


This would be easy to accomplish with a few lines of code. If zip code = 85250 then max guests = 6


Thank you! I just didn’t know where to turn to, to discuss the issue so I appreciate you sending me those groups that I can look at joining. I’m with you there in that my home has actually been a very welcoming idea to my street, my next door neighbor has even used it to host the overflow of out of town guests. My neighbors are always top of mind when I consider whether a group will be a good fit for my rental because they are the ones that have to live near it and I want it to be a pleasant experience, not a nuisance. I really hope that Airbnb, fellow hosts, and the system can come together to find a resolution that works for everyone.


The new bill says it would impose commercial property tax rates and commercial utility rates on Airbnb rentals. Seems like something that would benefit the hotel industry. I’m not really sure of the impact to me. I guess everyone would be in the same boat and have to raise rates or lower margins.

maximum guests at AirBnB would eliminate this problem. Max 5 people. Somehting like that.