Ozone machine advice

Has anybody used “Ozone machines” for cigarette smoke? Do they work?

I used an ozone machine before with great success.

Just be very careful with it and make sure to protect all living things from when its on.

I had a downstairs neighbour who smoked and the smell crept up through the ceiling up in my hall way and kitchen and was driving me mad.

I used it for several hours two days in a row and got rid of the that smell. Really useful but please be careful as it changes the molecules so don’t expose anything bio to it and remember to air out for several hours depending on how large the room you’re dealing with.

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Many thanks Christian. Ive aired the room thoroughly and its all good but keep in mind for the future I think as I lost a nights booking.

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@Brian_R170 my first thought too.

Huge problems in offices, photocopiers and laser printers a required to be moved to separate ventilated spaces for employee safety.

And now people start using Ozon generators in their homes… :rofl:

My take is that to use it as a purifier/deodorizer, you need high concentration, so people, animals, and plants obviously cannot be present, but it also says Ozone can damage rubber, plastic, and paint. That may be true of most chemical methods of removing smoke, though.

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Might stick to open the window then