Our guests love agave syrup

We provide a number of amenities: fresh-roasted coffee, many artisan teas, and various condiments (salt, pepper, honey, olive oil, honey, agave syrup, and sugar).

Apparently, the agave syrup is quite popular (squeeze bottle), and is nearly empty. And, it seems to get used by 1/2 guests (yes I do check it).

Whereas the honey was only popular with our first guest, who took 4-5 oz with them along with a small rubbermaid “to go” (we no longer keep those in the apt).

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I used to have the cute little tiny glass pots of honey, and they were used all the time. Now I have a larger squeeze bottle of honey and it is still unopened. I’m not sure why.

I guess I should go back to the little pots as my aim is happy guests. It just seemed wasteful.

Maybe I should try this. Does it keep in the cabinet or in the fridge?

Cabinet is fine (shelf stable). I prefer organic blue agave. Blue = a more neutral flavor profile, whereas the darker stuff is perhaps more suited for baking.

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Costco has 2-packs of the organic blue agave syrup for around $10. We use it at home but only for making smoothies. I assume your guests just use it to sweeten coffee and tea.

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Interesting, I might try offering it to see what happens. The crazy thing is we offer honey and every kind of other sweetener out there and you know what disappears more than anything? Regular white sugar. Guests bypass stevia, raw sugar and the blue and yellow packets of chemicals.