Other "Sharing Economy" Activities?

Do you engage in other sharing (rental) economy activities aside from renting a home or room on Airbnb?

Only Uber as an occasional user.

Can you provide some examples of such activities? I’m not sure what you mean.

Uber. Does Groupon count?

I’m also not sure what you mean because you inserted the word rental. This isn’t rental but it’s sharing economy. I started boarding dogs via DogVacay.com 10 months before I listed on airbnb.

Only Uber as a user and Private boat tours that I plan to place on Airbnb when it begins in Miami.

A few people have mocked the sharing name on here, so I threw in the rental bit to appease them.

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I was looking into a storage company that rents space in peoples houses, sheds etc. Get about £9 a week per 2sqm of space. Not really worth it though. Get more money from renting the rooms on ABB. Plus the site isn’t that active.

There are lot of other sharing economy platforms that could be interesting for Airbnb hosts, the ones that come to mind are meal sharing (Eatwith), car sharing (Turo) and Vayama (guided tours & experiences)

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I had a listing on Relay Rides/Turo but I decided the amount I could get for renting my truck wasn’t worth the risk. I think the listing is still there but hidden. I thought it might come in handy sometime if I had an air guest who didn’t have a car.

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I’m not in any others, but wish there was some sort of local tool-sharing site. I’ve got tools cluttering my basement that I only used once. I only bought them because renting from Home Depot was pretty expensive & it made more sense to buy. It’s pretty nutty that every house on our street has its own lawn-mower when we all have teeny tiny yards.


I needed an acro prop the other day and wished there was an app called ‘borrow it’. A tool rental site is a great idea


There are several “tool sharing” platforms here in France so I would be very surprised if there wasn’t one in the US :).

@Mo_In_TO Tool sharing exists. I think some large urban areas on the East Coast of NY have it. I can’t remember the name.

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We do car sharing on Getaround, and it works wonderfully. We even bought a 2nd car for the sole purpose of putting on Getaround

That, I would never do in a million years. The liability is horrendous. But I’m sure you’ve seen all the news stories. You’re braver than I.

Getaround has a $1M insurance policy. The owner of the car is not responsible for anything that happens when the car is rented, as Getarounds insurance covers the renter during their rental. The insurance is very similar to other car sharing services such as Zip car, Enterprise City, City Car Share, etc.

And it’s much easier to get a damage claim paid out in comparison to Air BNB :joy:

Ha! God knows, that’s setting the bar pretty low. :wink:

All I know is that 1M does not go very far when someone is killed and I am not sure that Getaround can protect you from lawsuits no matter what they say. Contracts can say whatever they want - there has to be the case law to back it up and the fact is, the legal fallout from the sharing economy has not been around long enough to amass a body of law that protects you. But godspeed.

My thought would be that the liability aspect of someone killing a person while driving your car, would fall onto the driver, not the car owner, just like it would in a normal auto accident.Or if someone stole your car and then killed someone. Please correct me if i’m wrong. :+1:

This is the case that comes to mind.