Organic cleaning products

Hello, can anyone suggest some organic type of cleaning products? I’d like to put “environmentally friendly” products/cleaners used.

The usual… bicarb sofa, vinegar, titree oil


Surely it depends which country you are in? What do your cleaners recommend?

I agree with @Helsi – where are you? If you’re in the States, go cruise your local megamart Cleaning Products aisle. Surf the 'net for “organic cleaning products” and “natural cleaning products”.

As @Debthecat sez, the European classics are wood ash, coarse salt, grain alcohol, chlorine bleach, baking soda (labelled bicarbonate of soda in some countries) and distilled vinegar (not wine or cider vinegar). Australian Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial natural cleaning product.

In the US, Seventh Generation products. But you’ll pay a premium over the home remedies suggested above.

It’s probably better to ask Google than us. As @Helsi says, we have no idea where you are so it’s hard to recommend.

It also depends on what specific products you need. For example, some hosts need furniture polish, others don’t. Some need to clean a hot tub, others don’t. Some hosts need to clean carpets, others don’t…

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Do you mean baking soda? mixed with vinegar and tea tree oil… That sounds about right… I haven’t opened yet so I am doing my research… I am based in Canada.

I am based in Canada. And I will be the cleaner… I only have flooring- no carpets, very simple…

If you want to make your own cleaning products just go on Youtube or Google how to make them.

If you want to buy them - Google the type of organic cleaning products you want


Interesting you haven’t opened yet as you first posted on here six years ago @Letsgo :slight_smile:

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You sure?



Oh you are right…they pulled up a post from six years ago for some reason and added a comment - hence my confusion :slight_smile:

I order products from My place is pet friendly with a real kitchen, so eliminating stale odors fast is my biggest cleaning problem.

Hive Brands sells a carpet sprinkle that is AMAZING at eliminating food and pet odors. I shampoo the rugs often but with this stuff (I get the lemon scent) I can skip a shampoo here and there.

I also love their Vinegar wipes for wiping down anything and everything, including painted walls.

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I suggest rolling up those rugs and storing them in the summer when it’s warm, especially since you allow dogs. I board dogs in my home for the past 8 years and have a lot of experience with carpet, rugs and dogs and recommend sticking with tile. But I understand in the cold winter liking to have some rugs.

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Is this a forum to help or be weird?


Both. It’s a collection of people on the internet. Anyone can join and people can post whatever they want. Some of those things violate the forum rules and may be removed if someone notices and complains.

I’ll point out that everyone posting here is volunteering their time. No, it’s not helpful to say “google it.” It’s also not helpful to be sarcastic towards those from whom you’ve asked advice.


I rely on ratings from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They have a website for finding environmentally responsible cleaning products. It’s Cleaners & Air Fresheners | EWG’s Healthy Living: Home Guide.

They also have other online resources, such as a personal care products list.

EWG is a worthwhile resource. It may be mostly US-related, but I know it also rates Canadian companies’ products.


Why so rude?. How are hosts meant to advise you when we don’t know which country you are in or what sort of products you are interested in.


I wasn’t being sarcastic to helpful people. Someone was rude to me so I answered back. They started talking about when I opened and when I posted and so on… as if that was relevant- excess drama that was unhelpful and cruel spirited. I’m new here and I was asking a question about organic products and didn’t need a barrage of posts picking at me.

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Do you want ready-made products? You can just look at the store, especially if you have Whole Foods or some type of natural food store or co-op, for products labeled environmentally friendly .

Or you can use simple stuff that is available, I imagine almost anywhere, like vinegar, tea tree oil, lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil, etc. For surface cleaning we use a spray bottle with vinegar, water and tea tree oil. For scrubbing we use baking soda. We also use borax as a stain remover in tubs, toilets, sinks, stoves, etc but it’s not entirely environmentally friendly (though better than a lot of stuff).