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Ordering Egyptian Cotton Fabric for Sheets & Bedding

Like many other hosts, the price of bedding, sheets, duvets, and the need extra pillowcases etc. is presenting a problem I intend to solve. I’ve done a TON of research and finally concluded I can economically solve the problem by ordering 1,000 meters of high-quality, long-staple Egyptian cotton sheeting direct from a manufacturer in China–yeah, I know, but the END product will be made in the USA by me. Hear me out:

I’m expanding by adding four seasonal glamping tents to take advantage of the high summer traffic in the mountain lake tourist town I live in. I will also be adding a new, lake-front property with addiional glamping tents, so the initial cost of outfitting them to the standard required of guests who will pay a premium is prohibitive. I need beds that are super comfortable, have high quality linen, comforters, duvets, pillows–you get the picture.

I’ve decided to make all of the following:


wool mattress toppers $500
personal-size wool/down comforters $600
High-end sheets & duvets $500

Total retail cost to set up each Queen bed would be $1600. My cost to make all of the above will be around $200 plus about 8 hours of work.

The ONLY way I can afford to make my own is to obtain the high quality fabric I want at a really good price. My personal favorite (after tons of research and several years’ experience) is Brooklinen classic percale sheets. They are lightweight and crisp, made from single-ply long-staple cotton thread.

Thus, I’ve sourced a manufacturer who will make according to my specifications, a light-weight Egyptian cotton, percale weave fabric which is a fine enough weave to be suitable for the reversible, wool/down personal size (European style) comforters as well as sheets. It is light and breathable but is sturdy enough for years of use.

The minimum purchase requirement is 1,000 meters but don’t need all of it so will sell the remainder. The fabric is 110’ wide so 7 yards is enough to make a set of queen sheets plus 5 pillow cases. I will sell my surplus for $10/yard. I understand that $70 per set (plus labor) may be more than some would want to spend, but a set of sheets like this costs $129 at Brooklinen (which is still a LOT cheaper for the quality than others which start around $200 for the same sheets).

HOWEVER: If anyone out there is serious about making their own sheets, duvets, etc. and would like to PARTNER with me on the order by purchasing a large quantity, let me know. The cost per yard will go down considerably depending on how much you wish to buy.


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It sounds like you work for them.

LOL! No, I do not. I wish I did, then maybe I could get a nice employee discount.

@Kimberleigh - I have removed the link. Forum members can contact you directly if they are interested.

You do sell this. I was right.

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Insanity! :astonished::rofl:
Does anyone on here really pay that much?


Nah… disregard. The OP is selling these so yeah… she wants you to spend that much on sheets! :rofl::joy:

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Lol just buy some damn sheets on Amazon. Like $45 for 100% cotton sheet set.


They won’t be Egyptian cotton. The price on Egyptian cotton has doubled in the past year. Sheet quality is one of my “things.”


I just have to add that this is a thing that is commensurate with the listing. At less than $50 it doesn’t make sense for me to have expensive linens. The ones I’m using currently at about $60 a set have been complimented frequently and called “luxury.” That’s good enough for me. It also made me realize that the upgrade from the $40 ones was worth it because they weren’t getting called luxury. LOL.


No, I would NEVER pay that much, and that’s the point. I’m making an entire Queen set-up, including a 6" thick wool mattress topper, high-end sheets,a wool/down comforter and duvet and my cost will be under $200. The retail value, if you pay full price would be $1,600. Basically, I’m giving guests a luxurious experience in a luxury glamping tent for a fraction of the cost.

I misunderstood the leader’s question. I’ll I’m selling is surplus fabric. I have to order 1000 yards so if anyone wants some at a steal of a deal, contact me directly.

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It all depends on what kind of listing/room etc. I need higher end products than I could possibly afford. Thus its worth the extra time to make them myself rather than going with a cheap, micro-fiber or lower-end cotton sheet.

They are Egyptian cotton. It’s not possible to make single-ply thread from anything less than long-staple cotton which is either Egyptian or Pima (Pima being better but even more expensive).

I’m buying direct from the mill in large quantity (1000 yards minimum purchase), stipulating my specific requirements and won’t pay for the final product unless its done according to specifications. The mark-up on sheets is unbelieveable, but so are finishing costs even though sheets aren’t all that hard to make. By eliminating the middle-people and buying directly from the mill, I am able to cut costs by 80% or more.

I don’t care what the price point I don’t like microfiber to sleep on so we are in agreement there. When someone bleeds on your $1600 worth of bedding or steals it, don’t expect Airbnb to have your back.

Edit: I’ve just seen your comment about it being $200 for your costs. That’s much more in line for glamping/Airbnb.

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Do you still have Egyptian cotton for sale and if so what color do you have?
Jordan Taylor

Yea, I wonder how it worked out ? Where is her glamping experience? I am making/ sewing most of my own bedclothes in 100% cotton better quality incorporating also vintage ralph lauren goods. So my look is a little mixie matchie but feels way sumptuous on your skin, just the same as big $$ stuffs.

Did you get a sample? There’s Egyptian cotton, and EGYPTIAN COTTON.

Hi Kimberleigh,
I am very interested in purchasing your surplus Egyptian cotton percale fabric. Do you still have some available? How much do I need to buy to get a discount? I will need SEVERAL yards. You can email me directly at

(edited to remove personal contact details)

Wow @Katcoe1 what made you join our forum for airbnb hosts on the off chance they we would have an old post you could dig up from someone selling exactly the sort of fabric you need???

What a co-incidence huh? :smile: :blush:

I have removed your personal contact details from your post.

I’m not sure what you mean? I’m looking for bulk Egyptian cotton. I found this thread online and wanted to see if Kimberleigh still has her surplus available. Did not mean to offend.

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