Online help Airbnb secrets & tips?

Not sure why I’m just asking if anyone is using a certain Airbnb secrets? If it’s worth all the hype and money? I’m not selling anything I’m just curios if anyone uses any?? My last question was flagged?

I’ve also seen a few different books with varied reviews :thinking:

Neither am I. You sure you’re not selling anything?


What would I be selling? It’s not my page no different than people asking what to buy at IKEA that’s a brand name.

It’s a hosting question just trying to figure out if anyone really uses that or something else educational. I can’t find any reviews so I figured someone here might know.

Looks like it’s for professional property managers with many listings.

Probably I see a lot of different referenced online or books… just wondering what actually works for people?

I’m new at Airbnb I started renting my spare room to test the waters. I’m wanting to get a sole Airbnb property since I’ve had good luck so far : )

If there is another thread about this topic please share I’m happy to follow along.

Betty, this forum is sometimes referred to as The University of Airbnb Hosting, and not for nothing! As a resource, it’s the tops.

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Hi Joan yes so far so good yes I like this group lots of knowledge in here!

What do you mean by using any ‘Airbnb secrets’ - surely if people told you, it wouldn’t be a secret :smile:

And what do you mean by ‘if it’s worth all the hype and money’ do you mean Airbnb.

I find the information I need on forums like this and Airbnb Help Centre.

Whereabouts are you hosting @Betty_A

Assume by “a certain Airbnb secrets” that @Betty_A meant airbnbsecrets dot com.

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Or any of them actually there are a few that’s the one that keeps popping up everywhere lol

Hi Helsi I’m near Fort Lauderdale

It’s an expensive online class I’m referring to. Just wondering if anyone has used it or anything else?

As already pointed out there’s no need to take an expensive class. You can find out most everything here or on other free forums. Half the people with blogs who come here trying to promote themselves actually know less than we do.


I was thinking of course he made a million dollars he is in San Francisco… I’m from San Jose it’s just as expensive. You can rent a shoe box in your backyard as long as someone can fit inside for about $2k… that’s why I left Cali

Maybe, or maybe he’s just a liar. And making a million? That can be interpreted a lot of ways. I
“made a million” as a teacher if you count the value of my pension, health care and salary but I’m not going to vblog or make a website saying “You can make a million as a teacher!”

Or maybe he is making a million dollars because people pay $2500 for the online classes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Either way… I’d like $1,000,000 and super size it please!

How many people do you think have actually done that?

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