One important note on female products

Wanted to add this information to that ‘Female vs. Male’ thread that just got closed…

Female products (Tampon types) can be deadly to pets, if they get a hold of them and swallow them they will expand and at a minimum will require surgery, and if misdiagnosed death. Happens all the time. My daughter is a vet.

k, you can close this, just wanted to make this public service announcement.


I was going to add - the trashcan should have a lid - for everyone’s sake.

Thanks for posting that important bit.

That thread got closed? Wow, one misses a lot in just a few hours!

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@Mearns That is good to know, something I hadn’t heard, even with all the dog info I consume. @dcmooney I don’t have a trashbin with a lid and don’t really want to buy one. Since I have mostly 1 or 2 night guests and lots of single men guests I think I can get by without it. Feel free to try to change my mind.

The discussion was rapidly devolving so it was closed but thanks for making a note of this Mearns. Important to know!

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Good to know @mearns though I believe tampons are always flushed :slight_smile: at least they are in my neck of the woods. Once used they’ve also done all the expanding they’re going to do …they’re actually most dangerous to dogs at the dry stage …when they might get hold of one and chew it thinking its toy…

no no no no no! Don’t flush tampons! They will create a horrible blockage. At least here.

Paper. Only paper. No wipes, even those marked ‘flushable’. No dental floss. Nothing. Only Poo, Pee & paper. ; )


There are lots of places, particularly with old plumbing, where they should not be flushed. I’ve been in a number of public restrooms in older buildings where they don’t even want the toilet paper flushed. I’m surprised you haven’t run into that issue with your world travels.

well, your dogs aren’t in your guest space, so I assume it’s ok. Years ago, not knowing this fact about dogs, I left my, um, product in a trash can in the bathroom of a friend who had a dog. They had quite a large vet bill, if I remember correctly.

Also - ugh - some cultures don’t flush their paper. (We had a hec of a time getting my son to do so, then he got the hang of it and then flushed a whole bunch of paper towels. $350 to fix it - ouch). That’s another reason we like to have a can with a lid!

lol isn’t this interesting! Always flushed used tampons never had a blockage :flushed:Must be very lucky but to me they’re less solid than a poo! (Probably TMI)

Yes the paper thing caught me out in Romania about 10 years ago where they had a bin in their bathroom with crumpled used scrapbook. A few days later I need some scrap paper and remembered there was some in the bin in the bathroom. Shouldn’t have had that thought as it really ended in disaster and growing horror once I’d realised what was going on …

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traveling is such a mind-opening adventure!

I guess the plumbing thing various greatly in different cultures.

btw glad you survived your time in the death-trap airbnb of LA. Was it worth attending the conference?

I have this in a fancy frame by my toilet - with fun fonts and centering, etc.

Toilet paper only.
NO other wipes of any kind, paper, feminine products,
dental floss, keys, cell phones, or diamond rings.
Using anything other than toilet paper will bring disastrous consequences.

Toilet paper only.

papier de toilette seulement, 只有卫生纸, papel higiênico única,
กระดาษชำระเท่านั้น, 화장지 만, sólo papel higiénico,


Actually Romania was the only place and …I think it was because the family was very poor. You obviously can’t flush excercise book down the loo.

Everywhere else it’s been exactly the same as being at home, with paper flushed down the loo.

I was taught used tampons down the loo, outside packaging in the bin. Used Pads and daily pads and all packaging also in the bin as these have plastic on them.

I wonder if a notice should be going in the bathroom now.

In Korea, there were several stations we ran into with not TP in the stalls and intercoms. I stupidly thought you used the intercom to call for TP… but really they were there in case you clogged… even toilet paper clogs the plumbing in Korea!

Aren’t you encountering the no-flush-the-paper rule in Mexico? On my many travels there people always put the used toilet paper in a box, bag or bin next to the toilet.

Unfortunately, used tampons/pads are so tempting to dogs that they will push their noses under the lid to get the “treasure”. Either the lid has to be tight fitting or trash with such canine temptations needs to be taken out to the bin immediately.

Thanks @Mearns for the public service announcement. I’ve been a dog owner all my life and I’d never heard this. Thankfully, when my dogs have gotten tampons/pads they’ve just left a big mess; they haven’t been harmed.


No! In fact after this thread I went a checked for a bin that I may have overlooked…there isn’t one!

Or the bin has to be put out of reach. there’s no rule that states a pedal bin has to be on the floor.

I’m not a dog owner but I’m guessing the answer to this is not ‘please take your rubbish and put it in a public bin’.

My dogs can reach the kitchen counter to steal baked goods that are cooling; I have to put them on a high book shelf. I don’t know where in my bathroom I would put a trash can that the dogs couldn’t reach. The pedal trash can lids are tight fitting. I would recommend against using the plastic ones where the lid is just a flap over the top if you have a dog.

That’s good, because I think it’s an exception. Most places all over Mexico have the used stuff in some kind of container next to the pot, and of course it never gets emptied very often. :o

Must be lucky. Personally I think putting paper you’ve used after a number two in a bin is a huge health risk…far worse illnesses to be spread than from some female menses. And I imagine equally tempting to dogs.

Yuck I’m feeling queasy. Time to go listen to the soothing voices of Radio 4.