One gust booking, coming more, always comes in/out,

Hello, I need a little bit of advise, Im new on Airbnb, got a guest from US , she booked alone with discount for one week at first, then she ask if visitors can comeover, I touldher, that is no problem for visitors, but every over stay have to be payed, ok, we make a deal of ok price, as fare they will not stay to long,no sleep over and no brake a house rules…well, they are staying non-stop 3 people extra, I can hear them over night…how to deal with this situation? dont want to be un polite…?! Thank you

If you want to be hosting for long term, let this one go and earn your 5* review. Then change house rule to no-visitors after 7pm or something.
You will soon forget them and only thing remain will be their 5* review recommending your home to others. This business can drive people nuts. Your sanity it more important than a few hundred bucks extra guest fee. Good Luck

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Thank you, we make a new deal, for thouse extra staying people. but really thank you for advice.

I am glad to hear that you come to an arrangement and have not let this woman walk all over you. 3 unregistered extra people for one week is an outrageous expectation of the original booker. Rather than worry about HER review of YOU, she needs to be worried about your review of her. Your review of any guest is for the benefit of your fellow hosts across the world, and I doubt there are many who would want to host this person. Please do leave an honest review so others can decide, and put it down to experience.


well, I did try to be polite…ok, we make a deal, now, she want to check out tomorrow /two days before normal/ and ask for refund for two nights…is this woman for real? how you would react??

For one thing I would give a very honest review. “Booked for one but had three friends stay for free then agreed to pay but canceled the last two days of her reservation.”

I would be happy to get rid of this woman but I would not refund her money. Let her fight Airbnb for it. She will probably lie and say there are bugs or the listing promised the stars but only gave her the moon. I think she’s a professional scammer. They love to find new Airbnb hosts who are more worried about being polite that about controlling their property.

Of course you still have to be polite to her. Say “I’ll be happy to refund the remaining days if I get a replacement booking. Please cancel ASAP to increase the chance of this happening.” Also go make sure she checks out on time and doesn’t damage anything. Please come back after you get her out and we will help with advice about the review.


Thank you very much for help, Im new in Airbnb community, and I dont want do anything wrong, but 3 extra people take a lot extra, water, all house have to be cleaned up, data from internet,/ Iceland / and this all is that I would not found nobody for that days, that she will gone. Before she booked by me, she canceled somewhere else…Im sad about tghis, I make her good offer for her friend, accualy she pay for 2 instated 3, because of me, and now, she want to refund two nights before …:frowning:
HOpefully Airbnb help…and thank you guys here…

Good luck with that. But whatever you do, don’t cancel her. Make her cancel her own stay.


Hello again, I did got some conversation with guys from Airbnb, and they toldmethat same, she have to cancellation on portal and I will refundher, if there accualy will be any refund…because she did pay for her 8 nights, but 3 extra friends are staying with here since day one, and I have in listing every other persone 40euro, so it mean, she pay extra 480euro, but if I would be strict to count 4035 is 600euro, so here we are…
I did send her this text, so I have a prove.
Hello, If you want to check out tomorrow, you have to make cancellation on Airbnb portal, and I’ll be happy to refund the remaining days if I get a replacement booking. Please cancel ASAP to increase the chance of this happening.
But be aware to checks out on time that is til 10am.
Best regards Jirina Tina

Thank you again for the support…

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You might not have to refund her. As you say she owes you for the extra people plus your cancellation policy may let you keep the money. (I would recommend moderate rather than flexible). Don’t agree to a refund. If she is due one Airbnb will give her one, don’t agree to a refund.

OMG…she want refund 255euros for unnecessary charge for not staying the next two nights.
so she pay 355euro for her only for 8nights, then she get with her 3 people that she tought I will just accepted gratis, if I wouldnt not live in the house, then we make deal just for 2 extra for 3 nights+days/480euro/ on normaly contion that wouldbe 600euro and now she want 255euro back???
what to do with this persone?
running out of patience…:frowning:

Well done for contacting Airbnb quickly. I find it is always useful to keep them up to date with any issues with current guests, rather than after they have left. Please don’t offer this woman a refund. I don’t think she is entitled to one after the extra guests, but she has abused your hospitality and like Jess, I hope you have a moderate cancellation policy.

Perhaps after the horridness dies down, you may want to post your listing here? I personally would like to read your house rules, and there are lots of very experienced hosts to offer advice.

I promise you that in a year’s time you will have the hide of a rhinoceros and will be confident in handling such problems.


Do not do anything she asks. Refer all requests for refund to Airbnb. She needs to cancel or stay and quit trying to scam you. If Airbnb asks you to refund her tell them no, she owes you for extra guests.


you mean decline all what she ask even on portal, I just got that she want to change her reservation from 1-9/June to 1-6/June so I would be short of cca 25euro, and extra request for 255euros , she cheat and try to smuggle extra people, and I have to pay her back?! by the rules i have 72hrs for respond …what now? I didnt even saw how it look inside, because thyey keep curtain all the time clouse…

I am having a hard time following you. I do think she is trying to get away with something and I’m not clear exactly what. You have two situations, one for the extra people and one for the shortening of the stay. I think you should call Airbnb for help.

I agree with Dusty. You need to call them again, straight away, before they leave tomorrow.

yes, she is really confusing her self…
1/ there were 3 extra people with her since day one, but she told me that they are just visiting from other Airbnb place , but they were cooking there, staying all day long so we make a deal she pay for them 249euro, then they stay over nights so today morning we make a new deal til ends of staying to not even count last night I give her offer instead 360euro I ask just 240euro. two hrs later she write to me, if she get refundif they just leave tomorrow and get two nights payed back, so on portal sheask for 255euro back.

2/ after all she ask on portal to shorted her reservation from originaly one persone 1-9 Juneto one persone 1-6. June

so that is today story with this lady.

If I understand correctly, she is saying to Airbnb that she wants to cancel 2 nights of her booking for one person?? If so, then she has not been honest with them about the extra three people that she agreed to pay you for. Some questions;-

Has she paid you, if at all, directly or via Airbnb? If she hasn’t paid, you can make a request for payment via the portal for the amount you agreed.

What is your cancellation policy?

she pay my on portal /airbnb/ 480euro for them extra.
but now she is just sending request true portal /airbnb/ her words unnecessary charge for not staying the next two nights. for 255euro.
my cancellation is flexible :frowning:

oh, I forget, nothing arrived yet,because Airbnb send first money that originaly reservation of her after 24hrs , so that mean 2nd June, but that was Saturday, so it was yesterday.