One gust booking, coming more, always comes in/out,

Hello Joan, my house rules are night quiet after 10pm, no smoking, no party, no pets,every one persone extra 40euro , check in after 2pm-8pm, check out til 10am

I did chance my cancellation police from flexible to moderate just today after this.!

but yes, Im new, trying to be polite and hospitalitate to every one. this is 2nd expirience of young from US that make reservation for one and come more, after this I will check all of acurasy !

It is possible to be both polite, hospitable and firm, particularly if you are hosting guests in your own house. Remember you are The Boss!

Good luck tomorrow, and with Airbnb sorting this out well for you. Do tell us what happens please.


I think it’s best to charge for extra guests ON the platform, rather than doing private cash deals. If you put through a request for extra people on the app that gives a trail so Airbnb are more able to help you.


My rule of thumb is do everything through the platform; I’ve been addicted to audit trails since ballsing up a disciplinary years ago, when my audit trail of evidence was too weak.


Are you doing all these “deals” through AirBnB by altering the booking or in cash? If it is the last one then there is not much advice to give you if it goes wrong, it is a private matter, not an AirBnB matter.

Hello again
.I got answer from Airbnb that I really dont have to get no refund to them.
I did all true platform…so they must be trace of all that was going on…
But leader K9KarmaCasa you promised me that you will help me to give here a real honest review to let know other people how she is…Can I please ask for help how to write down? Thank you all for your support here…! Best regards Tina

Yay! Well done with getting such a positive result. Quite right too!

As a guide on a review, and I’m sure Dusty will be with you soon, keep to the facts without emotion;-

" I cannot recommend this guest. She booked for herself, for one week, but brought three extra people with her. Initially she said they were staying nearby but after they stayed the night, she did agree to pay for them going forward. She then cancelled xxx nights of her trip, leaving me with little chance of another booking. She also asked for a refund."


Ohh, Joan, thank you very,very much…yes, emotion, I was full yesterday of emotion…
and when I went today to the house Actually, I found out that there must had to sleep more, since house with 4 beds so nobody must take mattress on the floor…scorching the pot by rice and scratched teflon pan…no really this person is really not for the recommendation.
Thank you for great help here, I would be blow of unknow yesterday…
Best regards Tina from Iceland

Tina, if you’ve not written your review yet you could add after the sentence quoted above;-

“When I went to the property after they had checked-out, I found mattresses on the floor and some damage in the kitchen, including a burn mark.”

Have you taken photos that you can send to Airbnb as proof? You may be able to claim for the damage. I’ve found that once Airbnb agree that a guest has scammed the rules, they are very willing to help you out!

And have you thought about external security cameras? Many hosts who don’t live in the property themselves highly recommend them, and have obtained video footage of extra guests being brought in. Air allows them and you simply need to tick the relevant box on your listing.

I saw something on the television the other day about how Iceland may have to restrict the greatly increased number of tourists that are coming in, because of environmental damage. Apparently it’s fashionable to have a Selfie in Iceland. Whilst I hope this doesn’t affect your business in future, it does ask the question of what type of tourists are now being attracted to your country

Joan, I did proper the house for one guest as she booked, so I make for her double bed,to be more confortable for one week staying, instate 90x200 only, if I went there,
Sheets has been taken down, you could see that they were separated beds and they slept on the cover on the mattress without bed sheets and when I took it off for me to take the laundry, I noticed that the mattress was upside down, of which I figured that she must have been on floor or something, as it’s a completely new white mattress, I was afraid if they didnt destroited them, so they did not, thank God.
Joan, I thought about the cameras now that we have them for sale here at our reasonable price, probably get them, because I can not watch overnight for the tourists even if I live on the uper floor and hear them all, and I am trained now and if come only one , I’m going to be alert, since normally probably traveling people more in pare or in a group.
I did take a photos, and no I will not ask for demage money after few pots, but Im sad of this. :frowning: Thank you again very much. Tina
p.s. sorry for my English, :slight_smile:

Joan did a wonderful job and I can’t really suggest any improvement on what she offered.

I do also recommend the cameras even though you live in the building. I do think they help with discouraging people who have a mind to take advantage from booking your place.


If I may have one more question…do you think that I shell write that review now, before she will my? because she will probably leave something awfully…
that whole situation is eating me from inside…
Thank you for you help and pation with me.

Do not write the review now. Wait until she reviews you or until two weeks have passed. If you post the review now she will get notification that you reviewed her and she might go ahead and write one. Otherwise wait until the last day right before time runs out. If you get notified that she reviewed you then please post your review immediately to warn other hosts.


thank you…I have to decline her refund so she would probably know, that something is in the air…
Thank you so very much…Tina

Hello Dusty, well I did decline her refund, and write her why.
today I got review from her, she actually give me 5 stars for my place and make possitive review.
But I cant help it, I really did write honest review to avoid any discrepancies in the future.
I still feel sad about this situation, I really wish that nothing from this may happenned .
well I did answer her this.
/ Thank you for positive review , Im glad that you like my place and me,I take care of my house and create a good environment with love to make people feel comfortable on their vacation, so I was very sorry and sad when you use my goodness…:frowning:
I really hope you will avoid these discrepancies in the future.
Best regards Jirina Tina+Ellena Freya

Thank you Dusty and Joan for great help here…best regards Tina

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Tina, you are welcome. I think you have shown some real backbone dealing with this situation and I’ve no doubt you’re going onwards, and upwards!

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