OK people - Chinese guests

We have a major floral festival here and I have had 3 sets of new to AirBnb Chinese guests, all in a row
Sad to say they all have left my homes in appalling condition.
They did not follow any of the house rules and refused to leave at checkout time.
Food scraps in all the bedrooms, kitchen in an appalling state, toilets the same, towels with weird stains, damage to furniture because of carelessness and I am very upset to see the absolute mess left behind.
They do not understand the basics of leaving the house as you find it!

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

What have you done between each of the three groups? Can you evidence this for each group? Have you left any messages on the Air platform, e.g. refusal to leave at checkout time? Take photographs with date/time stamp and call Air now.

and I should have added how sorry I am to hear of your predicament.

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I have had this problem with guests of many European cultures (usually the back packer types) and many Asian guests. It’s not isolated to Chinese. Asian guests who have bought their parents have been spotless but Mama Smurf has done ALL the cooking and cleaning while the kiddies lay in bed!

What I have found is that I need to be very clear, in person, about my expectations of the bathroom & food scraps and offer all guests from a non English speaking culture a copy in Word of my house manual, in advance, so that they may use a translating device on their laptop. I’ve had to be very clear about the need to flush loo paper down the koi. Many guests may have a basic working knowledge of conversational English but doubtful they can follow my detailed etiquette guidance in written English.

My experience of Chinese homestay students are that all from Mainland China are single children with the nuances and spoiled behavior that comes with that (I have a spoiled only child of my own so speak from loving experience) and those from places like Hong Kong are from wealthy families and have grown up with maids who never complain about bosses piggy habits. :pig2: I had a maid in high school and it turned me to a total slob (when Mum wasn’t watching) :pig:.

Firm boundaries and expectations are in order here.


Hi @Debthecat

It’s always soul destroying when guests behave in such a disrespectful way.

Offering an alternative perspective - I have had eight sets of guests who are from mainland China and Indonesia. They have all been extremely clean, followed my house rules, left promptly, not eaten in their bedrooms and kept the bathroom incredibly clean.

Your experience isn’t to do with your guests being Chinese but to be with them being bad guests with no respect for you and your home.

Please don’t fall into the trap that others on these and other forums have done and attribute these traits to someone’s race or country.

As @Joan mentioned having had this experience with the first and second guests, what did you learn/do differently?

For example I have my guest information and house rules translated into Chinese which I share with my guests. I also reinforce my key house rules as I show guests around. If a guest was to do something like order a pizza I remind them that it needs to be eaten at the kitchen table. If a guest was to leave a mess, I would remind them as soon as I am around that this isn’t acceptable and needs to be cleaned up immediately.

I have been lucky to date in that none of my guests have left my bathroom/kitchen in a state and I also live in the accommodation so I can tackle issues straight away.


These are seperate houses so I can’t be on top of it. With the second group they could see by my face and reaction to the mess that I was very upset by what they had done…
They just didn’t care…
Spilled drinks on the tables and carpets- these are handmade rugs!

I will be having second thoughts about Chinese guest in future because they certainly aren’t a good fit!


As I and others have said a number of times, This is nothing to do with these people being Chinese and everything to do with them being disrespectful.

If your guests continue to break your house rules, then you have the option to ask them to leave your property, make claims for damages incurred and of course leave an honest review.

Would you look to stop hosting all guests from the US or UK because you had unhappy experiences with individual groups who had stayed?

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I can’t ask them to leave because i don’t see the mess until after the end of the stay.
First 3 sets of Chinese guests…first times the houses have been left in such a poor state.
If these are the better off middle class coming to stay - i don’t want them!

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I can understand why Deb might be reluctant to take guests from China again.


Well said, Helsi. We, too have had many Chinese folks stay with us and had great experiences with them. We rent out rooms instead of the whole house so I think being here makes a huge difference with the behavior of all of our guests.

So if you had three sets of messy guests from the Australia, UK or similar, would you then ban all guests from these countries?


I have had messy guests…but not like this.
This is pure carelessness and disrespect, and no effort to pick up or clean up.
Food in bedrooms, spillage and stains everywhere…bedside tables, sheets, floors.
Dirty used tissues everywhere, there are bins in every room…
They don’t care

Sorry to say, is not the language, is people, I have had people from UK and USA, that behave like this, so blame others culture is not the way I think.


Sounds like you and your home have been treated very poorly, I can understand why you are :disappointed:
Please lodge a claim for extra cleaning, including professional cleaning for your rugs and make a complaint to Airbnb who are doing MASSIVE advertising in China ATM as they won’t allow you to discriminate but might step in to help you sort out these individuals. Please leave honest reviews for the guests.


I’ve had a handful of Chinese guests and no basis to make stereotypes about all of them. The real damage done here is not to your property but to your mind which has now apparently been poisoned with bias. Sorry this happened.

As for dealing with it it appears that it’s too late to use the proper process for claiming damages. You’ve learned a hard but valuable lesson.

The answer you appear to want is to be told its okay to discriminate against Chinese guests in the future.


The only “problem” I had with 4 Chinese guests I had so far is that all of them without exclusion gave me 4* on cleanliness and one couple changed AC to 62F during night time and I happened to see it and went and changed it back to normal😂.
Other than that they all were very polite and cheerful people and never made mess. But I only rent private rooms
So that’s a huge difference from a separate unit.

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I host quite a few guests from Asia and I’ve met incredible people! I posted on another thread that my asian guests leave water all over the bathroom, which is true. Water everywhere. But I know this and can prepare to have extra towels and know that I have to be more diligent in cleaning up after them so the water does not stain the marble in the bathroom.

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If this is happening repeatedly that’s an indication your guest need better orientation and instructions regarding the expectations for staying at your home. It appears to me that they think they’re at a hotel like environment and they don’t need to keep a tidy.
Maybe you need to send a message on booking stating expectations, get it treanslated, and add a rule for extra charges for not following. Or increase cleaning fee, refund part if people leave place as expected.
With the minimal instructions I provide, septic tank precautions and recycling rules, I’ve only had one group leave my place in a similar state. They happened to have been Korean, but I had a group of Anglo Saxon Canadians who let their dog sleep in the bed.


OP – have you at least instituted a large value Security/Damage Deposit?

You need to step up here, as well. If you are not/ cannot meet guests when they arrive and depart, then you need security cameras.

I quickly forget and move on if damage done + extra cleaning cost is less than a single night fee. Consider it a cost of doing accommodation business.

What stresses me the most is guests who display arrogance and elitism when I greet them.

  1. Locals from suburb, 2.) Lawyers, 3.) Upper class from certain developing countries. Are not my favorites.