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Object disappeared during stay (private room)

I left home with my family for dinner earlier today and when I came back my daughter favorite customized slipper which was a gift brought in person by my parents from the other side of the world (yes, that’s how much it is special for us) is gone. It was by the door as we change our shoes when going out. I have 2 women staying here, one in each room. Different reservations. In this case should ask straight forward if they had seen it? ( it was the only pair of shoes by the door inside of the house, impossible to miss it) or any other option?

Yes, just ask.

Hope you find it.


I am so afraid of the backstabbers that I am even afraid of getting a bad review because of this question :sweat:

That’s a heavy weight to live under.

I understand. I have a lot of fears, too. You never know when someone’s going to turn on you - business, personal, family…

But, you can’t avoid that anyway. You can stay in your room and not make a sound and still get hit with criticism. You can let them run all over you and they will just take it a step higher.

So, you might as well throw caution to the wind and make yourself happy. Cause if you don’t, you’re just ‘back stabbing’ yourself. If you speak up, you might get what you want, or, you might get hurt. If you don’t speak up, you’re not going to get what you want. So you have a 50% chance of success the one way, and 100% chance of failure the other.

Just ask. Not “the slippers are missing” just “have you happened to see?”


I know…but you are well within your rights to ask. You can’t live your life in fear. That’s no way to live, and is not worth the money you make on Airbnb…you know?


It’s possibly an honest mistake on the part of the guests. I am American and I wear regular shoes in the house and permit our guests to do so. We host many Asian guests who are used to the host having slippers for guest use. As you state that they were near the front door, the guests may have thought the slippers were for their use. We bought some sturdy rubber sandals which we wash in the washing machine after each guest who uses them. Cultural differences; some people think walking inside with the same shoes you wear outside is disgusting, I think communal footwear is disgusting.


would you put a link to those slippers? I think you mentioned on another post that Asian guests don’t like to use fabric slippers (I have Ikea ones). That’s what I have - several Asian guests have used them but maybe because that was better than nothing.

Of course, many bring their own.

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Hi Nancy,

It wasn’t me who posted that Asians don’t like cloth slippers.

I can’t find the exact slippers I bought online. I bought them quite a while back at our local CVS. We had a Chinese couple on their honeymoon. Upon walking in the house, the husband said, “Where are the slippers”. They were having a rough time adjusting to the U.S. They had gotten in a car accident about which they told us that in China the highways are lighted so they weren’t used to driving in the dark. I got slippers so that they wouldn’t feel as much like fish out of water. They were very appreciative. Also, the slippers can be taken to the beach. They are similar in style to these:


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I don’t provide slippers but these are a good deal on Amazon

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Thanks a bunch for this link. They look good and much cheaper than the ones I bought. I need to get more as I bought one men’s pair and one women’s pair, but we often get two men or two women and sometimes we get children.

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You’re welcome! I have Chinese relatives and they will not leave their shoes on no matter what I say but they do walk around in their socks lol. Maybe I should buy these myself! I love the color choice and you can wash them!

Waiting them wake up to ask

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Totally right. post must

Unlikely, i provide individual new disposable slippers exactly the same the hotels offer here. Each guest have one and they were already using it. My daughter slipper was an Havaianas (brand name) handmade embedded by my family with my countries crystals on it all over the top of the pair.

The slippers I provide are very praised by my guests and each and everyone of then use it. It is the only single items that the all the groups have used with no exception. They praise it is hyginec and hotel like etc.

In our apartment we have the main wood door and gate and when we pass it there is the area to change the shoes with chair to sit and change it, all our shoes are there. After that you have change your shoes in that area you open a large glass sliding door and enter the apartment. All shoes stays in the area for shoe changing , it is the same design in china and Hong Kong (where they are from) so they know that too.
The slippers were inside the glass door, inside the house, not in the shoe area. Who took it , took it on purpose because where the slipper was anyone who passed it would already have their own on :frowning:

It was me who mentioned and that remains true here in Asia.

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Where are you in Asia? I have two children from China.

I am in Taiwan. Where were your children born in Asia?

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Sorry, didn’t see it was China. It is similar here, same language etc. There is still many cultural differences, but a big part of it is similar.

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They are both from Guilin, but they are not related biologically. It’s really a coincidence that they both came from the same town.

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Wow, that’s very rare. What’s their age difference? I imagine how unique and special life time experience you must have. I wanted to have another child too, but the system here has too many flaws.

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