NYT 2/21/21: AirBNB is Driving Hosts Elesewhere with Costly Pandemic Policies

An article that describes some of the fallout from a year ago. No matter your feelings on how it was handled, I like to think it has been a wake-up call for not only AirBNB but also for hosts.

Backup Plans / Marketing Strategies are things too many hosts ignored as they just went on autopilot.

As a host I’m good with as many people getting off the platform as choose to. As shareholder, I might not be so good with it, but I hope that it will force AirBNB to better define its overall strategy.

I know I’m old-school but it seems to me that once again it’s the blame culture. It’s ‘Airbnb’s fault’ that the bloke with seventy rentals doesn’t have the gumption to run his own business.

Exactly. Hosts thought that Airbnb was all they needed. Just put up a listing or two (or seventy), hire a cleaning company to clean on turnover day then sit back and do nothing waiting for the money to come on. :roll_eyes:

Life doesn’t work that way.

I could rant about this for hours but it’s nearly wine time…


That beats the hosts that continue ranting because it’s whine time.


We’ll see if this consideration affects ABNB $200 market price at then end of last week. I’m guessing not.

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I figured they were losing a lot of hosts when I read this, which just came out:

They’re so disgustingly predictable. Ignore the abyssmal CS, ignore the abyssmal and constant tech glitches, ignore the guest-centric attitude, ignore experienced hosts’ suggestions.

Just pour resources into damage control and sucking in a bunch of starry-eyed newbies who will be shocked that the host guarantee didn’t pay them out when the guests trashed the house.


And on the first video…someone is sleeping on the sofa!


I’m much more interested in earnings which come out on Thursday.