NY Times refers to Airbnb "top hosts"

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about a new Airbnb board member, Kenneth Chenault, and it contained the following sentence: “Airbnb’s chief executive, Brian Chesky, wrote in a letter to the service’s top hosts that he was building a company with an ‘infinite time horizon.’” I’m a Superhost but didn’t receive that letter. Is there another “top host” level beyond Superhost that qualifies one to receive such letters from the chief executive? Just curious!

Maybe it was gobbled up by your spam folder?
Not sure if it is true that only superho’s got the email?

If so I wonder why. Because all hosts contribute to the infinite horizon, right?

Super and regular ho’s.

Did anyone here who is not a Superho receive the email?


Well - I am a superho :grin:

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No email here - am a superho

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Spuerho here got the message.


I’m a superho and got no email. Maybe just Americans, superior as they are? (Kidding, kind of)

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Nope - I’m an American. Maybe hosts who have been hosting over a year? I’m at 11 months

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Superho for 3 years. Got email letter. I can understand how a spam filter could grab it, but mine didn’t this time

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I think superhost is a 12 month evaluation then quarterly thereafter

A host doe not have to wait a year to earn superhost. The quarterly evaluations start as soon as you join. It are based on number of stays, response times, commitment rate, review rate, and star ratings. I joined too late in my first quarter to have the minimum number of stays (10) completed by the evaluation period but have made it ever since.

My comment is this thread was in reference to the qualifications to get the emails.

I have my settings selected to receive emails but have never gotten one other than booking related emails. Also routinely check my spam filter. I find out AirBnb news mostly through this forum and the "“Community” tabs on the Air site.

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No that can’t be it, I’ve been one just over a year now

I’m a SH for over 4 years and I didn’t get the email either. Like you, I get most my Airbnb info here.

On the FB groups the email is getting crucified! The threads are actually pretty hilarious!

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I’m a “ho” too, of the Super variety, and I haven’t heard from ol’ Brian-baby yet…(pardon my yawn). Maybe it’ll be in today’s mail.

Yeh, I know. I tried reading the linked article the other day and just couldn’t make it through to the end…thus, the yawn. I should have tried it again last night when I had trouble falling asleep.

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As a professional writer, I’m often hired by very smart but rather illiterate CEOs and CFOs to write short speeches or annual report messages. I’m always surprised that they have attained their positions but can barely string together a coherent sentence.

Obviously, he didn’t hire a professional and just chose to babble in the corporate speak du jour in this missive. :laughing::laughing:

I would never let a thing like this go out. It was embarrassing and really badly composed. Just a rambling cryptic message with abstract philosophical corporate jargon tossed about here and there. No real announcement, no benefit to the reader. You always have to remember your audience when you write something like this.

What’s in it for us, listening to you? If you are asking for us to sacrifice something toward the mission, then give us better justification.

I have a little box of fridge magnets that are corporate speak. You can stick them on your fridge any which way and they would come out pretty close to this treatise on infinite horizons.


I got it the email. I wonder what the criteria is? Obviously it’s more than just Superhost. From responses here it doesn’t seem to be geographically based either. To be a Superhost you need at least 80% 5 star reviews. Maybe the “top” hosts who were sent the email have to have a higher percentage than 80?

"I think superhost is a 12 month evaluation then quarterly thereafter"
Nope. Quarterly from the start.

Superho in Australia and got the message.

At least the CEOs who came to you knew that their writing was poor. He obviously didn’t think he needed help writing this.

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