Number of views getting lower and lower!

Help needed from folks here.

New host and my listing views are going down on a daily basis. I’ve been tweaking and refining it everyday, did all i could, but getting less and less views each day. Appreciate if anyone can offer some tips on how to get the views up!

I’ve attached a link to my listing in my profile, not sure if members here can view it.

I suspect it may be a seasonal thing, and your ‘new listing’ boost has expired

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Its just the way the program works, mine always shows last couple of days as nill

Hi Dan; to be honest our chart looks about the same as Humpty Dumpty’s, if a bit less busy. We average about 5 to 6 views a day, peaking at about 20, with about 2 or 3 bookings in a month. This is mainly because the whole thing is seasonal - we don’t get many summer visitors because we’re not that great a tourist/holiday destination, but we get a lot of visitors to the local Uni for Conferences, courses, etc. Local factors drive views and bookings. The two most recent days showing as no views is quite normal and reflects a delay in catching up on the data - don’t worry about it. Good luck!

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same here, 1.0%, at least @Daniel_Lin has the best booking rate!

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@Barns our charts look pretty similar! I guess you’re right. It’s a seasonal thing, and we’re technically still in winter here crossing into Spring shortly. Just got a 2 night booking as I speak. I seem to attract a lot of bookings from female travellers, or maybe its just because the ladies are usually the ones booking the accommodation.

Thanks for the advice mate :slight_smile:

Interesting about the female travellers - about two-thirds of our guests are female, and so far out of 62 we’ve had four gay female couples! Obviously that isn’t a problem, but (putting my ex-government statistician hat on) in population terms that’s a bit of an overrepresentation compared to the general population (though granted a very small sample size!).

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certainly a very interesting observation, considering being ladies, they should be more cautious than men on staying in a stranger’s house.

Same here, 1%;

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Your place is beautiful! I’m sure you’ll get some bookings soon. We haven’t had any for a few days either for some reason, but sometimes that happens possibly just due to what’s going on in the area at the time.

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What am I to think that we are all about 1% here? Also, do any of you find you have about the same number of days vacant per month? It seems like I can stand on my head (or do nothing), and we still average about 4-6 days vacant per month. It is really odd, and I suspect not entirely random.

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Thanks for the kind words!

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It is a pretty useless graph.

Booked and Unbooked days are a very strange number, I do not know what AirBnB wants to show with this number? Who cares on what day a guest made a booking?
Occupied and Unoccupied days are much better KPI’s than this.
(I think this is one of those fine examples where things got lost in translation, where marketing said show me the dates that are booked (occupancy rate), and the non native English speaking programmer showed the days of booking.)

Also the explanation of booking rate is not very good.
Because it does not explain the views. Are this unique guests, or the total views? Are these views after putting in a date, of before putting in dates etc etc.

I have a very low booking rate on this one, because it is almost constantly occupied. So people view, but when they put in the dates they cannot book.

It’s also interesting to think about how many people browse with no dates and how many put dates in first (which is what Airbnb) encourages by putting right up front.

I’ve had a similar experience. It seems I have at least one day a week off. However I do block days in the month if they don’t get booked the night before or early in the morning sometimes because I just need a day here and there. I suspect that Airbnb drops people who are highly booked (like me) in search, maybe even hiding me, occasionally. I used to follow this closely when I had smartbnb but their service became unreliable so I dropped it. It makes sense that Airbnb would try to give a large number of hosts a chance to get booked so rotate less busy hosts up near the top occasionally.

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A lot of people search without date.

Because on the landing page there are no dates, only a search for a location, no dates.
Only after the initial search AirBnB gives an option to filter dates.

But most people will first start with clicking the pictures of some listings before they enter a date.

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I’m not sure how this statistic is useful either. I might have three guests book on a Sunday and get no more bookings until the following weekend when folks are planning their vacations. Why is it desirable to get one booking per day according to this chart?

I stick with my translation explanation.

The more I think of it the more plausible it gets.
It is hilarious that these things happen to large companies like this, and it passes trough quality control and ends up on the live website.

The guy from marketing that came up with the idea probably already left the company, and the new people have no clue… they think it is supposed to be like this.

And the overseas outsourced programming company says it is according to spec: You wrote “show
dates with bookings” and “show dates with no bookings” :joy:

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“I don’t know–we’ve always done it that way…”
I could see this happening, actually.

I am very close to dropping it, too. I joined at exactly the wrong time–right when the market reports became unstable after the Airbnb update. Unfortunately, I haven’t had one without a bunch of red Xs since. That was my favorite feature and I keep hoping I’ll see an improvement. Right now, I feel like I’m wasting money on it.