NOT a COVID-19 Topic - Looking for advice on unhappy neighbours

Hi Everyone,

I feel a bit weird actually asking this due to what is happening in the world with the virus and all but thought it might be okay to talk about something else :slight_smile:

I have an airbnb in Cairns, Australia and I am looking for advice on how I can minimise my neighbours complaining about my guests? Unfortunately our houses are close together and being in a tropical climate our guests like to enjoy the pool and all of our spaces that we have to offer. Our neighbours are complaining in the day and at night, I understand that some of the complaints are warranted but at other times they are not. I have changed the listing description as to not entice any party goers, I ask them in the welcoming message to please read the house rules and I also leave a letter on the counter with the rules again.

Would anyone like to share their welcoming letters with me so I could get some ideas off there and also what their house rules are around noise? Can we charge a fee for noise complaints? I have had guests who have invited people back there and had parties, completely disrespecting my house and the rules.

Thanks for you time, I look forward to sharing some ideas. I have put a link here for my listing so you could read the listing description to tell me if it is not to forward and rude?

It is pretty clear that there are no parties etc, but you have a beautiful pool area and guests who come for a holiday wont give a rats about your neighbours, the amount of noise they make, or how many people they invite as they are here today and gone tomorrow. I can’t see how you will manage it, because if I was your neighbour i wouldn’t like it either…noisy neighbours are hell to live next door to.


You could pay your neighbors off with 5 or 10% of your fee. Would that help ?

To me three key areas where you can tighten up @Claire_Davidson

  1. You don’t have outside CCTV - this for me is an essential if you host remotely and can attract party goers

  2. I would tighten up your house rules around noise - saying people need to be ‘quieter’ after 10 p.m is open to interpretation. I would say that people shouldn’t be out all using the pool area/garden between say 10 p.m. and 9.00 a.m.

  3. You have no house rules about not having additional guests who are not on the booking. Add these in and say it is grounds for immediate cancellation for guests who have booked.


In another post someone who was just setting up sent their neighbors a letter outlining what Airbnb is, how they will vet their guests, etc and ending with an invitation to take advantage of a “neighbors” discount encouraging them to have visiting friends and family visit. That might be appealing in this time of “social distance” with strangers but wanting to have family close.

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Outdoor cameras are a must if you are remote hosting – and active daily review of said cameras and active daily enforcement of violations.

Start with strict – and strictly enforced – pool hours: 9AM to 6PM

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Agreed. Mine are neighbors quiet hours 9:00 pm to 7:00 am

Food for thought. I talked with my 4 immediate neighbors (condo so units sharing a common wall with my 2units). 3 are full time residents. I gave them my phone number and asked them to call me if they saw or heard anything bothersome or inappropriate

I explained the house rules including quiet time plus how Airbnb and I vet guests.

All but one was agreeable. The one that wasn’t is just a grouchy pants and will never be happy.


#1 - Thank you for the change in topic and WOW your place looks amazing ! ! !
#2 - Thank you for being so thorough in your initial post with so much back information
#3 - Like others suggest, get a camera system. I finally got mine and am so grateful for the peace of mind. Nice to have when the place is not occupied. You can still keep an eye out.
#4 - I have a pool also and noise is my concern. Thankfully both neighbours on either side of me have a pool so that helps. I say that because they are not jealous listening to people frolic in the water as they have their own, it takes a bit of the edge off.
With a pool, guests seem to want to “share” it with anyone they know in the region ?! So I amended my House Rules big time.
#5 - Restrict the pool hours on your listing Description, in the Rules and on the Pool Deck. This way ZERO excuse for guest if you need to evict. For me I go to 8am-9pm

This is what I have in part of my Description and again in the House Rules:
"Only guests registered and booked are permitted on premise.
No guests above the amount booked. Failure to adhere will result in termination of stay.
Please notify host if additional guests are expected.
Failure to do so may result in eviction.
No parties or events allowed. "
Even then, reading this now I am going to change the 2nd to last sentence to read… Failure to do so WILL result in eviction without refund. To remove any doubt.
I will remove any group that breaks this rule AND keep their $$$.


Thank you for the change in topic :slight_smile:

Not sure if you are in a home or a condo. But in addition to other suggestions here, I would back up any rules about noise in my rules. And, I would give my neighbours my phone number.

How many guests are you allowing? Might want to bring capacity numbers down. And ask for the names of everyone who will be on your home.


:pushpin: Add ‘Tranquil’ or ‘quiet’ to your listing’s title.

:pushpin: Eliminate the photos of the bar - you don’t need them to sell place.

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Valid point. I can no longer keep up with the maintenance required at end of season when my maximum # guests were 4 or before that 6. (2br 2ba plus sofa sleeper). I now rent mine max 2 guests and have locked off one of the bedrooms & bath.

Also, I now have a ring doorbell (appropriately disclosed on Airbnb).

Point being—after reducing my number of guests and installing a ring doorbell my summer is reasonably booked considering the time of year and Covid-19.

Last year I changed my one bedroom condo from 4 to 2 guests maximum and had minimal end of season maintenance.

The additional revenue from a larger rental group wasn’t/isn’t worth my time and costs.


I apologize for my directness. However any gains from regulating guests is incremental for you. Your neighbours must be respected.


This is good feedback and GOD BLESS OP for a new topic. :joy:


I had a similar issue so the way I resolved it was by eliminating two beds and only renting out to people ages 25+. The house now sleeps only six. I also eliminated instant booking so potential guests have to send me a request. When I reply to their request I ask them what brings them to the area, etc. In addition, I tell them there is a noise ordinance, no noise after 10 PM and that neighbors will call the police. It seems like this has helped a bit by attracting more families and less singles that want to party.


Me too with opportunity for exception. My wording is now Rental minimum age 25 preferred.

If the guest engages well and gives me reason to believe they will be a respectful guest such as prior positive reviews and acknowledges my house rules including quiet times, I will book to under 25 year olds.

I don’t want High School seniors. My retiree neighbors would have a meltdown.

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Honestly, they’re probably fed up at this point and likely nothing will truly help (and some people are less tolerant of noise and/or more cranky). So, I think doing your best to make sure that your guests are respectful is about all you can be expected to do. How many guests do you allow? Could you consider cutting down the number (and thus, the noise)?

Related, you could also look into getting NoiseAware and having house rules about noise during your quiet hours. I would also let your neighbors know all of the action items you’re taking.

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No, they are very clear that they do not want an Airbnb or any business beside them as they have bought a house in a residential area and not commercial. I do understand where they are coming from, I just want to do my best to not peeve them off. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Helsi great tips and I will add these in :slight_smile:

Thanks @KenH will do that, I should have restricted the pool hours.

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Hi @Annet3176 I did all of that but now I think he is just an angry neighbour and is in to complain no matter what! I am going to show airbnb and the council though that I am doing everything I can to minimise the noise issue.