Nosey Guests sometimes

Take 2 steps back. Im focusing on difficult guests/sneaky ones, not sneaky hosts. Hosts have rights, there home is not a place to feel like a prisoner in there own home. Hosts have to put up with a lot of crap. Guests in my view should read ads better, some guests make a mistake and stay in a place where tension happens between guest and host. Why they book there I don’t know.

No problem asking them you say? It’s just coz there being polite but they feel awkward asking them.

I mean there are a lot of people who ask these questions and have no idea how nosy it is. Some people have no filter

Some don’t true, but others do and are genuinely cunning/intrusive and sneaky and they know it!

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I once had a guest ask Do you work? As though I were just a lazy sod ripping people off by hosting and didn’t have a real job. I was put off by her impertinence and she did turn out to be my second worst guest ever. So it was foreboding.

Frankly there is no reason to ask a host how much they paid for their house. It’s rude. Unless of course it is asked within proper context . such as a conversation about neighborhood property values.


@steve5500 a lot of your threads are very accusatory. The no smokers one and the breaking house rules ones come to mind in particular. Seems to me a little break is needed as you’re suffering host fatigue. We all get it, but continuous resentment towards guests is a sign it’s time to take a little break. And I do mesn little sometimes even a few days can be enough to reset.

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Well I have been burned and had my trust broken a bit the last few months, so a break might be what I need.
I am a structured person(army style) not a hippie or a free spirt type who goes with the flow. I always read the terms conditions, some guests do but plenty don’t. Many guests who have stayed with me it amazes me how many didn’t read the house rules or read it properly. Then it gets akward when you have to tell them about it. To many free sprit people are booking. I am gonna change my AD to a much stricter style, and make it clear my home is a STRICT-Home that’s rules based, and no free sprit go with the flow types allowed. And I will put excemption clauses in my Ad and when people now have to do a an agreement that they agree to the Hosts rules I’m gonna have exemption clauses like the guests can be removed “with out reason” and I have the right to have chats about house rules at any time/and stuff like they(guests) agree that if there not allowed to disagree with me or stand up for themselves and must obey house rules at any time. Call it the army call it BDSM, I don’t mind but i’ve had it up to here with free sprit types and guests who always ask for favours along the way and testing my boundaries(e.g. can we leave baggage after check out to pick up in evening, or for a few days. and any smokers who turn up they will be removed and any protest is not allowed. I am a bit burned but the free spirit types, so it’s time to crack the whip and have an army style culture in my house, that’s the lifestyle I lead and I only want similair guests who share my lifestyle, damn hippies lol.
You hear that Jacquo lol. Not that your a hippie I’m being silly with you Jacquo.

Mmmm good luck with that. I suspect all that will happen is people will flee your listing in search of warmer climes.

You do Airbnb because you need the money right? I mean how many of us would continue to share our homes without the monetary compensation? So think about that and what that money helps you to do in your day to day. Guests can be irritating but don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

P.S. @jaquo is a hippie and is no doubt pleased you called her one :wink:


Maybe you would enjoy a recuperation at the organic banana farm my girlfriend and I are staying at in Byron Bay in April…my house rules are soooooo long, theirs are ‘We are hippies, we have no house rules’ lol. I am not expecting a high standard of cleanliness and the whiff of marijuana as I waft off the sleep at night. He he


Somehow, I kind of doubt that’s actually true. If you create problems for these people, I bet they’ll respond the same way as anyone else. And do people actually refer to themselves as “hippies”? Weird.

From the profile:

We accept anyone and welcome anyone into our home who is interested in nature, sustainability, alternative thinking and lifestyles… or anyone who is respectful of our beautiful property.

Hmm. So, apparently, no rules. As long as you’re “respectful”.


Steve5500 – if slamming doors are such an issue for you, you can purchase ‘door closers’ which prevent slamming.

If you want to run a military boot camp Bnb, that’s your perogative. But you had better explain your lifestyle in the first two sentences of your Introduction. That way boots, I mean guests, will know to expect from the drill sergeant running the place, and will avoid you like the plague. I showed your idea to an ex-Marine friend, and he said no one he knows would stay in that kind of place.


KenH you gave me a good laugh some creative ideas to get the most out of my troops(oops guests I mean lol). Your ex-marine fiend has a point, many people don’t want to feel like they have to line up for marching practice at 6am.
More my style i want to be strict, as said to many people have been a bit loosely behaved for my liking, from slamming doors(i have some pads installed now but will get better “door closers”) and just stuff like sometimes dumping towels on the carpet or beds in rooms when there are hangers. I meant have to communicate a bit better in my ad or the start of my tour. Thanks KenH

@faheem – It’s sorta like the guy who walks up to the store where the owner is just locking the door. The guy points to the sign which reads, “Open 24 hrs.” and the owner says, “Well, not in a row.”

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I’ve had many Japanese and Chinese guests ask me how much my house cost, how much my car cost, how much it costs to live in Los Angeles, etc. Also, many Chinese guests ask us if we have children. When we say that we don’t (by choice), they ask a lot of questions about why we don’t. A recent Chinese guest told Conrad that as he is a teacher he must love children, so we should have had some. I was shocked the first time. A bit of online research taught me that different things are considered private in China and Japan than in the U.S.


While I agree that rules are to be abided in an Airbnb stay, remind me not to stay at your place. These words make me very uncomfortable, especially the removed without reason part. This looks like you’re just waiting to find fault.

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Oh, wow, Steve! I would consider myself more on the structured side (vs free spirited) - as I would be the type to read a hosts rules, but this sounds overboard to me. I think if you write this:[quote=“steve5500, post:27, topic:10788”]
I’m gonna have exemption clauses like the guests can be removed “with out reason” and I have the right to have chats about house rules at any time/and stuff like they(guests) agree that if there not allowed to disagree with me or stand up for themselves and must obey house rules at any time.

you are basically going to cut out all the “normal” people who might stay with you because it just sounds WAYYYYYY too harsh.

But the free-spirits you want to avoid won’t bother reading it in the first place. So you’ll end up with a small handful of renters that are as strict as you, and the rest will be the free-spirited people who haven’t read a single thing or will just decide to do things their own way anyways. In other words, you are magnifying your own problem.

Steve, considering many people staying at a BnB are on vacation, I don’t know how many people want to do so in an army-style lifestyle. But if you really want to continue to do the hosting thing I have an idea for you…

Why don’t you advertise yourself (and I’m being serious here) as a “Boot Camp Experience”. You might get those handful that appreciate your style, but attract others that might think of it as a fun experience. You’d have to be in Drill Sargent character when your guests are around, but that would give you the ability to really put people in their place if they fall out of line, as something they’ve “signed up for”.

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Oh god that sounds truly awful. @steve5500 woo end up with a tonne of fetishists who love the uniform. Oh dear me sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Airbnb isn’t for everyone. This may be one such situation.


I totally agree… it isn’t for me, either (nor the vast majority of people) but I thought that, rather than just give up on hosting altogether, it might be a way around those very strict rules that would be imposed.

It’s the only way around it that I can think of… and I actually thought it was a rather creative solution, if I do say so myself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:

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I love questions. I’m not offended at all no matter what it is. I love to ask questions too. It’s a habit of mine. I greatly enjoy sharing everything. Well, just about everything.