Noob host: Guest keeps demanding stuff - please advise

Hi all,
This is my second guest which I got on Airbnb. The first guests were amazing.
Now this one is pretty demanding and I’ll list everything in points below:

  • When he reserved, he said “the only” thing he’s asking for is to check in early at 7:30AM (I’ve set my check in at 3PM.) I accepted without additional fees.

  • He did not specify how many people I need to expect. I’ve clearly listed I have 2 single beds, 1 sofa bed.
    at 7:30AM they were 5 people. He and his wife, teenage boy, younger daughter (~12) and a newborn baby. I did not say anything and moved on.

  • As soon as he checked in, he asked for additional towels, he said they don’t have any with them. I wasn’t expecting 5 people, I was expecting 2…well, I provided 6 additional towels at 10AM.

  • Now he calls at 7PM (he checked in this morning at 7:30AM as listed above) and asks for an iron and an ironing board. I told him I don’t have an ironing board in my personal apartment where I live, so sorry.
    But I agreed to provide an iron.

  • Before ending the call where he asked for an iron, he said that he will check-out on May the 22nd at 5:30AM/6AM. He has initially reserved from May 15 to 21, that’s what I see on my Airbnb calendar and he was charged for 6 nights. Now he says he will check out on May 22 at 5:30AM out of nowhere. I asked him if he thinks he should pay an extra day for the extra unexpected stay, he said “it’s ok, it’s just a couple of extra hours.”

We are on day one and now 6 days to go. I’m starting to stress up because of this guest. I’m usually a patient person who’s easygoing, but I don’t like it when people abuse it.

Can experienced hosts please advise on what they would do with a similar guest?

Thank you in advance.

You need to stop acquiescing to this guest. He couldn’t have reserved without specifying the number of guests. If he brought more than the number of guests on his reservation you could have turned them away. If you decide to let them stay, you don’t need to rush around providing extra amenities for them prior to your check in time. As you don’t live on site, you should say no to early check in. I allow early check in, but I tell the guests that the guest room won’t be ready until the check in time of 3:00 P.M. and I live at my listing. I would never give a guest an iron without an ironing board. I’ve seen too many posts about guests who use tables as ironing boards. You can just tell the guest you don’t have an iron. However, it’s pretty inexpensive to get an iron and ironing board and many of my guests have used them. You shouldn’t have asked him if he thought he should pay for an extra day; you should have told him that if he’s leaving on May 22, he has to pay for the night of May 21.


Thank you very much for the replies, they really help.
I got a very good review from my first guests and they were great.
Now can I tell the guest that I will send him an alteration request to charge for the extra day or is it too late?
I’m going to meet him in around an hour to hand the iron.
Thing is I have a feeling this guy is going to give me a bad review once I say not to something.
Thanks again for all the help.

Oh boy, are you going to get some advice from experienced hosts!

You should not have allowed any of these things. In fact, I’m at a loss to understand why you did? As you probably realise, your first error was to allow him to check in at such a ridiculous time. He should have booked for the night before and when he made the request, you should have told him to do so.

You need to brush up on your communication skills when a guest books or enquires. I don’t see how he could fail to specify the number of people - I thought Airbnb had a drop down the guest had to check regarding the number of guests? It will have said on the site how many guests he had booked for and when he arrived with more you should have denied him access - pleasantly and firmly - and contacted Airbnb.

Asking for additional towels is something that guests may do, and I will provide them if it’s a reasonable request, but not because they have brought too many people. You should not have provided them. Or the iron, if it wasn’t listed as an amenity you offer.

And he certainly can’t stay for an extra day.

I;m sorry if I’m sounding harsh here but you really shouldn’t have allowed them in in the first place. Apologies but these guests just walked right over you and treated you like a doormat.


Dear Jaquo,
You’re not sounding harsh.
The info you’re providing is useful.


Hello @renter101

I am sorry you are having these problems. Some guests will ask and ask and you need to be polite and professional - but firm. You are running a business.

Experienced hosts will tell you there are red flags. One was asking for an early check in. I would have refused or charged him an extra day.

I wasn’t clear what you mean when you say he didn’t specify how many people were turning up. He must have booked for a fixed number of people ie 1, 2, 3, 4 etc Which was it?

Do you charge for additional people to stay at your property? If so and you are happy for them to stay, you need to go into your booking and amend the booking say from 1 to 4 people (you don’t charge for infants). While you are at it, also amend the booking for the extra night.

Of course if you asked the guest if he should pay he is going to say no. It isn’t up to him. It’s up to you. It’s your property !!!

Let your guest know what he will need to accept the amendment for the extra people and extra night if he would like to stay at your place.

If he doesn’t by say tomorrow morning, I would ask Airbnb to cancel the booking as the guest makes you feel uncomfortable.


Oh gosh, please don’t give him an iron without a board!! Where do you expect them to use the iron…on the bed…a table?! (eek!)

Tell him you changed your mind and that you don’t have a board and don’t want to risk them using an iron without one.


Because you’re a new host, it might be worth your while to call (not email) Airbnb and ask for their advice. That might pre-empt a review from these guests.


Here is a screen capture of the booking confirmation. As you can see it says 2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant.
But right now I have 2 adults, 2 children, 1 infant!

Well to be honest, if our place was big enough, and if I accepted children, then I wouldn’t worry too much about an extra child unless you have an extra person fee.

But as your accommodation has only two single beds, I also would have challenged them when they first booked. Two single beds aren’t enough for two adults and two children.

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I took your advise and called Airbnb.
Everything went smooth and they will contact the guest now to confirm he is staying till 6AM May 22 and NOT May 21 as it has been reserved initially.
I hope everything goes smooth…let’s see.

As for the extra child, as I said I accepted it and went on.


Just to be sure, do single beds mean designed for one person? Ironically these have the odd name of “twin” in the US.

Now I’m confused because your screen shot shows you were expecting 4. Do you mean you only expected 2 people would even book your place due to it only having 2 single beds? Air does have the annoying policy of not counting infants as people. But if you haven’t done so, double check and make sure it’s limited in your settings to 2 people.

If I could guess I’d also guess your price is way too low. I’d suggest raising it now.

When you get a booking or two more use some money to buy and iron and ironing board and then list them an amenities.

I was too naive to check the email thoroughly, thus expected 2, 3 at most.
Came out 5…well my fault and I admit it.

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I was just on the phone with the guest and I told him that I contacted Airbnb and told them that he is leaving on May 22 6AM instead of May 21, and that Airbnb will contact him to confirm and charge for an extra day.

He accepted without arguing or anything.

Let’s see where this one goes.

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Curious - how long were you on hold with AirBnB? I am about to call them about my upcoming reservation concerns.
Glad to see you took the advice and called them. It prompted me to call on my issue !!

Here’s how long it took…
I lost the call at a very crucial moment, but they called me back. That was awesome.

Well, I suppose murder (guesticide?) is probably frowned on where you live, so …

When they leave, sit down and have a very large glass of wine, take a deep breath, read and remember all the great advice you’ve been given here and vow that in future no-one is going to take advantage of your good nature in this way again … I would say that his saying he doesn’t have to pay the extra night beggars belief but after the things I regularly read here it seems par for the course!

But after you’ve done all that, say a hearty mental thank-you to that guest as you’ve learnt some valuable lessons from him … and at the beginning of your hosting adventure is a good time to learn them! And take heart … especially now that you’re going to set some boundaries you should be fine in future, and you’ll find that most guests are really not like this, most are fine, some are absolutely lovely and there are only a few bad apples. Onward and upward!


Well the first guys were really really great people.
I did learn A LOT from this experience and the advice I got from Jaquo on calling Airbnb was great.
I’m in it for the long term in this business. I have a new apartment which I’m preparing too. So in total I’ll be renting two.
These experiences teach us a lot.
Now we’re waiting for the guest to confirm Airbnb’s email that they asked me to stay till May 22 instead of 21.
Pretty sure he will do it because he accepted the new reality.
Let’s see…


Totally and I read very recently from a member here that during her down times (shower etc) she comes up with scenarios and how she would respond to help her prepare for those cases where a guest leaves you at a loss for words with their bizarre requests/behavior. I forget who contributed that gem but its a good one!!

Oh and I was on hold for only a few minutes! It recognized me as a “super host” hah! My first call to AirBnB in December was over 30 minutes on hold. Getting better.


It’s not too late to send an alteration request for the extra day. Also, if you have an extra guest charge and he brought more guests than he reserved for you can include the extra guest charge in your alteration request.

I’m reiterating my advise not to give him an iron if you don’t have an ironing board. I can’t imagine what he would use as an ironing board that won’t get damaged.

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