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Noise nuisance and how you prevent it



We’ve recently had a few incidents with parties taking place in our central Brighton townhouse at silly o’clock in the morning. I’m just wondering how others deal with noise nuisance and if anyone uses a system that notifies them of loud noises inside the property in order to prevent the guests from upsetting the neighbourhood?

We’re currently in talks with an on-call security company that will do mobile patrols past the property twice a night and also respond to any noise complaints received from neighbours. Has anyone else ever done this and did you find that it reduced the number of noise complaints received from neighbours?

All the best,

Starbnb Holiday Home Management


I’m a townhouse in Vine Street, but only doing a private room. I suspect there was an Airbnb party a few doors away recently! Interested to see how this will pan out, as I will doing whole house in Kemp Street later this year.



Hi @Starbnb_Management

As a management company I am sure you have lots more experience of managing STRs than most of us here.

The obvious solution is CCTV, then you can go there and shut things down before it gets into full scale party mode.

That and of course strong house rules around noise and proper vetting of your guests, in a party city like Brighton, it is particularly important to minimise your likelihood of having noisy guests.

Yes of course you can out source noise complaints to a security company, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have CCTV. Twice a night patrols leave plenty of time inbetween for guests to party.

I am sure the people who have given you the property to manage don’t want to end up with a noise abatement order and upset neighbours.

Make sure neighbours have an emergency contact number for your office out of hours.


Hi @Helsi

Thank you for your response!

We have CCTV on both the front and back of the property. Unfortunately we couldn’t put it inside as this would invade our guests privacy when they are staying with us. The CCTV was installed to prevent noise nuisance outside of the property, which it has done thankfully. However we now have the issue of noise nuisance inside the property, which our cameras cannot pick up.

Strong house rules are in place, with notices all around the property outlining them and the consequences of the rules being broken (being escorted off the premises).

Luckily this property is one of my own, so I am the only effected party if anything were to happen. I guess I am just looking to see how others are dealing with noise issues. NoiseAware looked perfect as it monitors the decibel levels inside the property and notifies you as soon as it goes over a set rate, however they have just informed me that their products aren’t currently working in the UK but this is something that they are working on bringing in over the next month or 2.

Again, neighbours have our contact details for out of hours but unfortunately they don’t always call us up. They tend to wait until the next day to let us know of the events.

Just wondering if anyone else has found any other tactics useful that have prevented guests from being noisy at silly hours.

All the best,

Starbnb Holiday Home Management


Hi Nick,

Very close to our property then!

I think our biggest issue is that the neighbourhood 10 years ago was very close and tight knit. Now that we and one other company have purchased 2 of the houses and converted them in to Airbnb’s, the neighbours are feeling slightly unsettled. The majority of neighbours are OK with our property, but there are 2 in particular that are against STR’s being used down the street.

It’s a very hard one as our house is located right next to a pub which has been there for years and usually has a large crowd out the front on a Friday/Saturday night. However, we want to keep the peace with our neighbours, so will take any action needed in order to keep them on our side.

All the best,



Mind you, next to a pub, up the road from Legends…how quiet can that street ever be?!! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is quite the issue and is currently and frequently discussed on other threads, FWIW.

In addition to the cameras do you have a no visitors/only registered guests rule? Are these large properties that house a lot of people?


Yes, we’re finding that this is a big issue and because it cannot be run like a hotel (no receptionist etc), monitoring and keeping guests under control can sometimes be very difficult.

We run our house on very strict rules. No visitors, only members of the group are allowed in the property.

Yes, this particular property is a 4 bed that sleeps 12 people.


@Starbnb_Management I would also put CCTV at the entrance to the apartment itself, then you can monitor noise and people coming in and out and easily see if un-booked guests are using it.


A significant security deposit.


In the US I have seen noise sensors and cell phone signal sensors. They alert you if noises reach above a certain level or if too many devices are within a certain location radius. The cell phone sensors are for unattached homes, but maybe a noise sensor would work for you.


This number of guests encourages rowdiness.
Can you be emphatic in your rules?

Quiet hours are STRITCLY enforced. Guests who violate this ordinance with parties or other noise nuisance will be cancelled and asked to leave at once.


Such a shame. Neighborhoods evolve and change. And sadly, most people hate change rather than embracing it. Are there ways in which you can persuade them that your Airbnb initiative is a benefit to the community? (Which it is in the long run). Having the neighbours on your side is one of the best things an Airbnb host can do.


If you live in a residential area how would a short term rental party house be a benefit?


I dont know if this was answered but consider "NoiseAware"
It was tested in our town and works well .


The OP said further along in the thread that it’s not available in the UK yet


The property is a house in central Brighton which already has CCTV directly monitoring the front door to prevent this. The issue isn’t guests bringing other people back as this has never happened as of yet. It is with the groups of guests having late night parties which disturb our neighbours and how we get around this situation to prevent it from happening in future.


We did place an order for NoiseAware, however the system doesn’t currently work in the UK according to them. I have added Starbnb to the waiting list to receive the working product once beta testing has been finished, however we’re talking another 2 months or so until we receive this yet.


Yes and this is the problem. We’ve had to stop allowing stag do’s at the property as we had 1 group stay when the property first went live and they caused nothing but trouble both inside the house and down the street where it is based.

Our rules are very given to the guests twice. Once after the booking is received and again repeated 24 hours before they arrive. When they get to the property, there are also signs up all over the house repeating the rules along with posters advising of no noise nuisance and the risks if there is a report (being escorted off the property). We have also added a £1000.00 fine for any guests who have been requested to leave. I’m not too certain on how this work, however it is being used as a scare tactic to try tackle guests disobeying the house rules.


The property isn’t a party house. We have many families stay with us throughout the year. However, yes it does attract many hen groups. 95% are extremely respectful and do not cause a single issue. It is that small 5% where a member of the group who’s Airbnb account isn’t being used decides to wack the music up full volume at 4am.

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