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Nobody Should Be Traveling For Fun Right Now COVID-19


Amazing how quickly everything changed. I have had a complete 180 on this subject. At first being outraged at the cancellations. Then, having the reality that we may lose our shirts set in. Now, realizing that this is bigger than any of us could have imagined.

Some cities and states, (the smart ones) are in lockdown mode and everybody is sheltering in place. To travel through the United States right now for pleasure rather than need is INCONCEIVABLY foolish, selfish and frankly, reprehensible.

NOBODY CAN KNOW THEY ARE CARRIERS OF COVID-19 WITHOUT BEING TESTED because the virus can incubate for 5-15 days, (or longer) and many people show no symptoms as carriers. Since almost nobody can get tested in the states with tests still only reserved for the already critically ill, the only socially responsible thing to do is to STAY HOME. Practice physical/social distancing (6 feet away from other people) and self-isolate for two weeks if you have any symptoms at all. That is the most responsible thing we can all do.

There are some who do still NEED to travel right now (ie. healthcare workers coming to impacted areas, family members trying to get home, etc.) but opening our doors to vacationers for fun is absolutely irresponsible and will contribute to more deaths, period.

Millions of people around the world have lost their incomes overnight. Restaurants, bars, event planners, suppliers to those businesses, workers in those businesses, etc. Thousands of industries have shut down with no end in sight as to when or if they will re-open or recover. We too, relied heavily on our Airbnb funds, as they were 90% of our income. We are likely going to go bankrupt, as we had no cushion in the bank, thinking we were going to refinance very soon, (just after April tax season), in order to make property improvements, and ironically, to expand our Airbnb business. That is all just dead in the water now. A distant dream, as now no bank is going to lend money to individuals whose income is based upon the tourism industry.

There are still a surprising number of people completely unaware of the facts of COVID-19, largely because the official statements and responses from the White House and government in the United States have been lacking, contradictory and just plain ignorant at times. No wonder people are confused.

But the facts are right there for us all to see: 400,000 estimated deaths are coming in the next several weeks/months, and that is IF we flatten the curve by STAYING HOME. If we don’t, then the numbers could swell into the millions. Millions?! ;( Doing the “right thing” should be mandated right now and not a choice, since so many are just ignoring the writing on the wall. Human life is more important than how this will impact everyone financially. We are all in this together and must be responsible to protect the most vulnerable people in our society, who don’t need to die because we refused to make sacrifices now. That is all I have to say.

**I posted this in a tizzy after getting two requests from spring breakers (assuming) looking to come to the city to party, despite the pandemic being common knowledge, or so we thought. We have now received requests from some (rather desperate) travelers, trying to get home on road trips and needing a safe, unpopulated place to shelter. We are opening our doors to them as well as people working in medical/strategist fields. I apologize sincerely for sounding preachy, it was in reaction to the stupid requests. But glad I did because I was unaware that there were still people just flat out ignoring the warnings. The ones I spoke with were simply ignorant of the gravity of their proposed travel. Thanks for reading.

***3/27/20 Wow, a lot can change in a week. 50 cases nationwide at the start of the month to 85,000 now. Not enough hospital beds, ventilators, PPE for medical staff >>>even with flattening the curve. After learning of COVID infected 20 and 30 yr olds with no underlying conditions requiring hospitalization, we have halted all reservations completely until this is over. Actually cancelled a few ourselves. This is a travesty in the United States. Because we did not stop this virus in its tracks sooner, flatten the curve enough, and prepare our medical equipment, tent triages, extra beds, extra personnel, etc. many people will perish needlessly. I have been blowing up the WH facebook and twitter with demands that they invoke the DPA to manufacture more ventilators and PPE for medical staff on the frontlines. It’s coming and the it’s going to hit the fan in the next three weeks (on the west coast of the US) and then spread across every state. Please be safe and shelter in place, and don’t endanger your lives for a bit of money.

Some relief: If you’re in the US and really strapped, self-employed folks like us will [now] be able to collect unemployment benefits (at your same wage) for four months, or acquire small no/low interest business loans, or pull some equity out of your house, whatever it takes. Rent payments can be halted for three months in most states (and paid back later) and mortgages across the country can be suspended for twelve. We will make it through this. Best to everyone and be safe.


Thanks for posting.

And very few of us should be hosting. I’ve also done a 180 or at least a 130 on the topic.


It all changed so fast. I worry about my parents, friends and family who are immunosuppressed, and learning that there are people in their 20’s in intensive care in the hospitals is a sobering reality. God help us. Just want everybody to be safe.


I was in New Zealand from 6 to 25 Feb. I returned to El Paso on 29 Feb. My friend there is a PhD scientist and was talking 3 times a week with her student in Hubei province; she was teaching at a Chinese university until last year and is still shepherding students through their degrees. She basically told me what the situation was going to be and I returned to the US with my metaphorical hair on fire. Once I returned to El Paso I stocked up on needed supplies, went into semi self isolation and started waiting. I tried to communicate a sense of urgency to folks without panicking them but I didn’t find people were open to it. It was like teaching a pig to sing.

I think if I look back on my posts from two weeks ago I was trying to drop hints but people weren’t buying it. (Maybe not, I don’t want to give myself too much credit). But people aren’t going to listen until they are ready.

My 65 year old brother in law who is a former smoker and colon cancer survivor is still hanging with his friends all night at the bar. He told me last night they are planning another seafood boil for Easter. I just said okay and hung up…he’s not ready to hear the truth.

I’m preparing as best I can not just to hunker down, but for funerals and helping friends with the funerals they will have to attend. I hope I’m completely wrong.


Have you approached your mortgage company to see if you can get a mortgage break @LetsShareThoughts


Hi Helsi,

No haven’t done that yet. There has been some talk of temporary bill paying forgiveness, etc. but currently just trying to get prepared enough to shelter in place for several weeks. Will definitely look into all of it while in self quarantine. Thanks for the suggestion!


I agree completely. Completely.

My husband and I are sheltering-in-place with zero outside contact.

Stay safe!


New Zealand sounds like a much better country to be in right now. :flushed:

I hope you’re wrong, too, about the funerals. Truly. :cry:

Please be safe everybody

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Um, well, I don’t know. They do have cases and in some regards haven’t stepped up precautions. As of yesterday they hadn’t closed schools, for example. But as of today they have finally closed the borders to foreigners. Everything is expensive there and very little is produced there, it’s all imported. I don’t think I want to be on an island during this crisis.

I was talking to a family member about this yesterday - the US is lucky in one respect, in that we produce a lot of food here. It is unlikely we will all go hungry if international trade is severely disrupted.

There are other countries that would have severe hardships if they could not import foodstuffs.


I floated the idea to my friends about staying in New Zealand. Not illegally but my visa was for 6 months…or maybe 9. They thought I’d be better off here. They are dual passport holders so they can escape.

Yikes, guess that’s the definition of pandemic. Global spread. I had read that NZ was giving it’s citizens $585 per week until July, even part time workers were getting some money, so it just sounded so much better than here, where people are still out partying for Spring Break, as if nothing were even happening. quite certain that if the ages were reversed and only the young were dying, the streets would be ghost towns. I cannot believe that anyone can be so cavalier about human life. On the other hand, I see a lot of solidarity, beauty and people really coming together. Strange times.

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No Kiwis are still acting as if nothing is going on to an extent. But it’s changing daily.

Strangest of my life and yet it feels familiar in a way, for me anyway. I’ve been mentally prepping awhile now.

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I lived in Australia for a year while my Aussie partner went through cancer treatments. The Australian government expedited a one year, multiple entry visa for me, so I could be there with him during his treatments. That left a stellar impression in my mind. Try telling your hardship story to US immigration. Pfft. Good luck! (…yes, I know they are different countries, but a lot of similarities with Aussie and Kiwi governments).

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I was, am, thoroughly ill-prepared. Life has upended and I have not experienced this level of stress in quite some time. Just want everyone to be okay. :cry: :heart:


Start earlier than later. The hold times are tremendous (in my experience) and I’ve been disconnected several times. I think the relief/payment forgiveness opportunity is out there, but too many people need it and call centers are overwhelmed.

I don’t know weather to laugh (I did) or cry.

Selfish little pricks.


Thoroughly despicable behavior. I guess these kids are going on national TV to give interviews, once they return, that is, from their fun in the sun. :mask:


They are no worse than the state and local authorities who let them do it, the people like Sen. DICK Burr who kept quiet while he and his wife liquidated assets; people who are so worried about the next paycheck that they will literally watch people die. That’s why we have government – to protect people from their fellow man.


I equally blame the parents who no doubt funded/allowed these trips for their youngsters with under-formed brains. (They must be so proud.) Shame on the local authorities as well. Shame on the “leaders” in the Federal Government. Shame on me for expecting any different from said leaders.

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