No review rating on enquiries any more?

We use IB, and to be frank, have always tended to get straight bookings as opposed to many enquiries, maybe half a dozen or so a (normal) year.

Got one today and while all the usual stuff is there, one thing I noticed was the actual average review rating was gone.

A previous one:

This one:

Is the actual review rating now no longer visible to hosts at the enquiry stage, or has it never been and my mind is simply too Oloroso raddled to remember?

When I click through to the profile, again, no actual rating of the reviews.


I’ve never been able to see them without having the AirReview extension installed in my browser. Have you upgraded your browser, or changed to a different one? I have AirReview installed on Firefox 80.0.1 and it works fine. There’s also one for Chrome, which probably would work with the new Chrome based Microsoft Edge, which I blocked from installing.

I just looked and when I click on any guest’s profile, the guest’s star rating is not shown. Just the number of reviews.

Are you using app or website via Chrome? I think to see a recent request to book’s reviews I had to use the website.

I was using the website via Chrome.

Airbnb techies are always goofing with the app & website. Maybe you can see the info via the app?

The star rating hasn’t shown with Inquiries or Requests for awhile, maybe a year or so. Even though we do IB, we get a certain amount of people doing Inquiries or Requests to get their dogs approved (which we require them to do in our house rules “prior to booking”) or wanting to book with less than 2 days notice as per settings.

What is interesting is that once the inquiry or request is marked as “Not Possible”, we can then see the star ratings. I didn’t approve Kyle from Arlington, VA because his dog was only 6 months old, but after seeing his rating (2 weeks later) that would have been the least of my worries :unamused:

That’s the guest’s reviews of past hosts. John is talking about the guest’s star rating numerical value.

That’s odd. You can’t see the star ratings of your past guests? I can see the star rating of every guest who has contacted me once the inquiry or request is no longer possible (because the dates booked or past). Did you turn off IB or delist or something that would make IB be off? If you’re listed and have IB on, you should see the star ratings of most everyone in your message stream.

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No, not on the desktop site.

On the iOS mobile app, I couldn’t even get to the profiles of my past guests until I updated the app a few minutes ago. After updating the app, I can open the profiles and I can see the star ratings. I probably hadn’t updated the app in 6 months.

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I can see that on Chrome, FF and Safari on the desktop and on the app. Not sure why you are not able to. It’s odd

Yeah, strange. I just tried the Edge browser that I’ve never even used before and it doesn’t show stars on a previous guest’s profile, either. That eliminates cached content and cookies.

I’ve just tried on the Android app, which was updated three days ago, and I can’t see any guest profiles. Click on the avatar and while the app greys over for a sec, nothing happens.

Hey ho, par for the course with Airbnb and IT.


I have a lot of questions about the ratings, guest issues and am really frustrated with the lack of CS. Just started back from a 2-month+ snooze and everything feels different. I don’t want to talk with a Bot!!!

I have a guest currently who had no rating, no review and IB’d. Turns out there has been some stress involved with her. She went to wrong house, then couldn’t figure out how to open the door, then asked a bunch of questions that were all laid out clearly in my Welcome letter on the table (plus posted on street signs). She has never worn a mask coming or going from our home, despite the request, including bringing her son (found out later it was her son) here twice with no mask. He stayed overnight and she did not alert us or provide his name. Am I being too picky?
Is this the new norm???

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@E_S_MARK, Especially for a new guest who may be very new to Air, you could have prevented these issues if you had communicated with her b/t booking and check-in.

Not sure why you care if she wears a mask on the street.

We did communicate! I sent her the same detailed information that goes out to every guest. I’ve never had these problems before. She even asked me for updates on COVID and I sent links. I did request that she wear a mask around our yard in case she ran into one of us or our guests. But she never did despite passing both my husband and the gardeners. It took her two days of being here to read the “welcome” letter (except, of course, for accessing the wifi) and when she did she said oh how much easier it would have been if I’d read it to begin with.
Sorry, I’m just venting. I was so fortunate to have responsible and thoughtful guests for three years.

COVID puts another layer on the stress. I am concerned! Our neighborhood and community has been very cautious about safety and health.

I totally get that you “sent her stuff to read”. My point is that you may not have followed up to make sure she actually reviewed it. Anyway, it happens. Next guest!

Not sure why she “should wear a mask” in the yard or outside, if she keeps her distance. That seems over the top to me.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


Despite the message I communicated, she left the room all day with the air conditioner on.
I get it, she has issues, and I’m sorry!
Thank you For your input

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Very sneaky I’d say. For the one doing all the work you should have escape options