No last name, no reviews!

Do I trust someone that’s asking to stay for two months to look for a place to buy while he just got a job in the shady part of town.

This depends on your regulations.

For me, this is a hard NO because of no security deposit and no background/credit check but still be subject to landlord/tenant laws.

Ask him why he’s using Airbnb. The site isn’t really a suitable vehicle for long term rentals and can be more expensive than other sources. Is he trying to avoid a background check? Paying first, last and security? A credit check?


Agree with @jaquo – this is no place for a two month rental. Is this an Inquiry or a Request to Book. If it’s an Inquiry, tell him you don’t do more than two week rentals, period. If it’s a Request to Book, then I would Decline with “not comfortable…” for my reason.


Then do not accept the reservation. 2 months is about 7 weeks too long for me!

I would change your settings so this does not come up again. Max days… I think mine is set at 10