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No "check out" remaining days, can they be freed up if paid?


Bizzare booking
They were booked by there employer & stayed few days but are gone now over a week almost 2 but have not “checked out”
It’s been paid for but no one is there so …
I’ve asked them to check out & I’m being ignored
If the guests of left and not checked out can you do anything to free your place up even though they paid?
Ty for your input


You want to be paid twice for the left over days?

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I’m NOT trying to be greedy & (my friends stay free ) but I have a friend from nova Scotia needing a few of the days as is here for a event & wondeed


No. You can’t sell the same days to another group. They’ve paid to have it sit empty so quit trying to force a checkout.


Did they leave their stuff there? Do they have your house keys?


@Gem20, she posted about the situation here. It’s always confusing when someone starts a new thread on their already existing topic.


I would allow your friends in and let them know the situation and that there is a possibility that they might need to vacate without notice if the two workers decide to come back.


My way of working is that if people have paid for the rental for certain period of time, it’s theirs for the duration, For example, if they leave really early in the morning of check out day to catch an early flight or whatever, in my mind it’s still ‘theirs’ until check out time.

I’ve never had the situation described by the OP but if I was absolutely and totally sure that they wouldn’t be back and I wanted additional renters, I’d simply promote the place via social media. An Airbnb listing isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of STR life.


And if the current guests return at midnight and find their paid for beds occupied, how long do you think your listing will remain up. If I was your guest and you did this to me…hell hath no fury. These days are bought and paid for, you cannot resell.

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