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No bookings suddenly


When your new host boost expires what steps will you take so you can remain in one of the top 7 spots?


Honestly your attitude is sanctimonious and non sensical. It’s also really offensive and insulting for you to come to a forum of established hosts and “school” us on this nonsense. I daresay you wasted your money taking classes about how to do Airbnb. They fed you a bunch of BS and you bought it. So please spare us the lessons on how to do Airbnb. Most of us have been hosting at least five years and some of us, quite a bit longer than that.

All new hosts get a temporary boost in rankings. Did they teach you that as well?

I take it you are a renter and not an owner. What advice do you have for renters doing Airbnb?
And yes, Goodbye. Hopefully.


I think the next step will be to buy the $1,500 course.


Or steal the search Smart posted for free in the other thread and charge $2500 for it. :smiley:


ok smart guy i guess you are right. sometime i have memory loss.


I found that when AirBnB set prices, and when instant book is turned on, I received twice as many requests from guests. I also got lower quality needy guests.


ok Smart Guy Student, if you rank #1 in your city of location then may be you can teach me something. otherwise, longer hosting experiences five to seven yrs with possible poor booking results may not translate into good earnings ratio on avg earn to book ratio on a per day basis. yes, they did teach that as well. yes i am a owner and plan to scale to “Renter and Co-hosting” but that is $1,500 course i will be buying, soon.


I thought you were leaving? :smiley:
You’ve only been hosting a few weeks and think you know everything?
I’ve been hosting seven years, am #1 in my area and earn plenty.

Why do you presume to come here and school everyone? I thought you were leaving?


Why would anyone with a modicum of commonsense pay $1500 for a course like that - hilarious :skull_crossbones:

If you’d not been so condensing and arrogant, hosts here would have given you advice on co-hosting for free, particularly those on here that have been co-hosting for some considerable time.


I don’t think @airrhost answered my question. He is probably surprised to learn that his claimed #1 ranking is not due to his 21 DSLR pictures but because he is getting the new host boost.


Shame that out of 29 bookings only a fraction of them left reviews.


If not too late would you olz send out a copy to me also,very grateful!!


yes kinda shame, could have spend more money buy the AirBnB course on Udamy.


no. Any new host boost last only 3 DAYS. then you drop off the cliff.


The new host boost lasts anything between 4 and 8 weeks as a rule.


My boost was 6 weeks.


Yes it’s several weeks.


what is new host boost please?


When a listing is new, Airbnb give it a boost in their search facility. This means that the new host normally will get several bookings that will encourage them to think that Airbnb is a great thing and a wonderful way for them to make money. For many hosts, it’s possible to get booked up for several months thanks to the 4 - 8 week boost.


@bfree It is just what is sounds like. For a period of time, immediately after listing your property, AirBNB gives you a boost in the rankings. Gets you hooked… and makes you think that you are doing something amazing and have a unique property. Once the boost is done, other algorithms take over to determine your search ranking. These algorithms change pretty often, so it is almost impossible to know at any given moment what data points are the most important.

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