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No bookings suddenly


@K9KarmaCasa and @jaquo . Do you have any restrictions on who can book instantly? I have two options: government_id and host approval. Do you select either or both of these?


I have govt ID. I’ve had reviews checked as well but it seems that reviews are quite subjective and I’ve had good luck with first timers. If the youngster I posted about above had been forced to inquire first I probably would have turned her down…my loss.


I have the first option checked ‘Guests who meet your requirements and agree to your rules’. This has worked well for me (so far) and I’ve only had one group of guests I had to ask to leave the premises.

Bear in mind though that this is not in my home, it’s a self-contained apartment. I might be different if I was actually living under the same roof as my guests.


@K9KarmaCasa. I have removed the approved by another host since I think that is worth the paper they used to write their review. :wink: I will keep the government id since it gives me the illusion that the person cared enough to take the time and complete the verification process.


Please send me the article also.Thanks!


I’d like to see that article, too, if you don’t mind.


Do you have a cleaning fee? They usually tack that on to show prices.


My cleaner just asked me for the bookings for next week and man, it’s dismal. The second week of December is always a bit quiet, but this year it’s terrible. Very few current bookings and absolutely no inquiries or new bookings coming in. It’s time to take a very hard look at performance and figure out what to do.


It’s got to be seasonal! I’m busy as usual! Totally booked back to back through February!


Denver, CO host here…

We also saw a large drop in rental surrounding Thanksgiving and post election. December is looking to be slow as well, which was not the case last year. Very odd.


It is due to your Listing Ranking. Type in your city and book 3 days 2 nights that is available and see if your place shows up on the TOP 4 listing. I bet YOU DON"T. That is why. AirBnB is now a Geo-hospitality Search Engine. There are 300 listings in my area and how come i showed up #1 or Top 4 in any booking dates that are available. They are 50% of the time due to this one factor below and the other 50% is the secret which I can’t tell here. But the biggest factor is You need to show up at least Top 7 in the listing otherwise, You will get no BOOKING.


No.1 Factor: Pictures. Not Iphone or cell or travel camera photos of your place. It needs to be DSLR photos of your place and minimum of 21 photos. You can go Costco buy the Camera for $700 (Nikon DS3200 ) or hire one from Craiglist for $100 bucks to get the photos taken and make sure they have DSLR camera.

No.2 Factor: Instant Book: No Instant Book. No High Ranking, Period. Yes. I have tested and done A/B testing…One with instant book and one without oh boy the ranking is changed “instantly”. I was not surprised.

NOTE on INSTANT BOOK: This means you book any body and every body? No discrimination? To get high ranking it is - YES. However, if you encounter a Guest that looks suspicious…he is already booked and you can let him book and email him or her the following:

"Your Booking is subject to:

  1. Show Host Your Photo I.D. at entry. If you are not the guest that booked on AirBnB, you will be denied entry.
  2. You can’t not book for others unless you are a “registered Business Guest” on AirBnB or you will be denied entry.
  3. Your guest that you bring must show Proof of government issued I.D. so I know who you and they are, or you will be denied entry."

The bottom line is you have the right to verify I.D. I mean you check in at ANY hotel or motel, first thing they ask is “show me your i.d., please.” right?

When you send this unwelcome email to them, 100% of the guest “ending up canceling the booking”.


P.S. You dont show up top 7 spot in your city, you don’t make money. you will still make money when traffic is large enough and over flow to your listing. just like google seo.


This is my 3rd winter and I’ve never been completely dead like this – I didn’t have a SINGLE AirBNB booking for all of Dec and have 0 bookings from AIR in the future! I’m not on IB but considering it for Feb/March. I’ll deal with it when I’m back from Hawaii in Jan, lol.


type in your city, do you show up? top 7? then it’s your listing ranking.


There are thousands of hosts in my city. Top 7 in what parameters? Whole city? Price range? Number of guests, type of accomodation, area?


Look, very simple. Top 7 in only 2 parameters.

Just search THE NAME of the CITY your place is in.
i.e. Miami or San Francisco or Rapid City, IOWA
it’s the City which your ADDRESS is in.

  1. What kinda room you are offering?
    Your Entire Home then check only Entire Home
    if you offer only PRIVATE ROOM then PRIVATE ROOM
    check if you offer SHARE ROOM then just check SHARE ROOM

  2. What date is your ROOM available. Pick a DATE like
    next week MONDAY to WED make sure you don’t have booking
    that THREE days… if you do…then your listing will NOT SHOW up.

then search…

If you don’t come up TOP 7. You won’t be making money that day…
you will be in the “Random-Rotational Ranking”.


Price filter is $10 to $1000 and if you don’t have Instant Book, then you have to

  1. Log Off and use another browser
  2. Turn Off Instant Book

And then do the search to see if your shows up counting from
left to right
1 2
3 4
5 6

If your is like no. 22 then
you most definately won’t
get booking.


Let me know what No. of the position is yours…you have to log-off the airbnb account or use another browser to search
because if you log in and search the search result is different…AirBnB will always shows your No.1 spot…after you log out
it will show different spot…you have to log off as Host to do the real honest search on what number of positioni your listing is


Note to new or newish hosts - this is nonsense. This poster joined the forum yesterday and by his/her own admission in another topic has been hosting for only a few weeks. Also note that this information comes from an expensive book that he/she is no doubt trying to sell. Instead please pay attention to the wealth of (free) information available in this forum from experienced hosts who are happy to help and discuss problems/ issues.

Experienced hosts here have no secrets and are happy to help the Airbnb hosting community - without charge and without holding back ‘secrets’.


well first of all, i for the record, am not a publisher and have no BOOK or course to sell you. i joined the forum not yesterday but a couple weeks ago and yes only hosting for 40 days and had 29 bookings because i was listed #1 or #2 or #3 at all time (receiving traffic) when i have no booking. yes information comes from the course i bought (i spent money and invest in education instead of trolling the forum) and of course i am not going to reveal which course and from whom and again not selling the book plus it is against this forum policy. people like you are just clue less in the area of search, i can’t help you. i have learned and gain success and i am just trying to help. Just go ahead and call customer service of airbnb and ask them to give you the listing of #1 position in your city…Try That! Good Luck Hosting. Good Bye.


Wrong. Search engine optimisation was my job for many years.

I don’t need to. I am perfectly happy with my listing’s search results and its occupancy rate.

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