No bookings suddenly

i haven’t had a booking since the election. i don’t know how else to account for it. i update my listing, i’m on instant book, i’ve got lots of good reviews.

anybody else having this trouble?

Dec - Mar is slow here too, so you’re probably not the only one. I did turn on auto pricing and noticed I got a bit more inquiries, maybe give that a shot?

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Where are you located? I use IB and Smart Pricing and I’m not having any problems, although I suspect that the influx of new hosts could have something to do with it. How many hosts are in your area?

I would double-check that your listing is showing up. We disappeared off AirBNB in Oct/Nov due to a technical issue with AirBNB. This was only resolved when we called AirBNB.

Others have experienced similar issues, which can take days to months to resolve depending on what rep you get.

@jeannez - I recently wrote an article on my travel site about ways to increase bookings. I’ll PM it to you :slight_smile:

Would you mind sending me the article too please?

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Just sent via private message :slight_smile:

me too! me too! :relaxed:

Me too! Pretty please…!

Sent a private message :slight_smile:

No, since the election I’ve been busier than normal. I’m in El Paso, TX.

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I’ve made this comment before, but if you are a new host, it will take you a couple of seasons to see the pattern. Right now is my busy period and I am booked all the way through mid,February. I will make hay while the sun shines, as come June, it will drop like a rock… Just like it has every single June for the past seven years I’ve been doing Air.

Most Slowdowns now are simply seasonal. Unless you live in a tropical climate or near an interstate! :smile:

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Heck, just post it! @jaquo

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This happened to me last year. I was NOT showing up in any searches done by dates. I called for 72 days in a row begging for them to fix glitch. I finally got help whem I tweeted Brian Chesky. They discovered the technical staff had DELIBERATELY inserted an algorithm into my listing directing it to ONLY show my listing to guests wanting to stay at least 4nights. EVEN THOUGH I SET A 1 night minimum. I have NEVER HAD A GUEST for more than 3 days. So NO BOOKINGS!!! They did this to HELP me by getting me longer stays. Which of course never materialized as,average stay for MY CITY is 2 nights. After 30 days, I set up an alternate site with my sons account, so got bookings that way while waitingvfor them to fix my original account. Used slighly different address by adding a random letter.
So do a search to be sure you show up. For best results, do on your phone.
They are constantly playing with algorithms, so keep a check on your listing to be sure it is showing,


i’m in atlanta. while there are ‘thousands’ of places available, i haven’t been negatively affected by it. i’ve been a host for over a year, and winter was good last year. we show up when a search is done, and we show up when dates are selected. but our price is $99 yet shows up as $129, and that might make a difference (it’s still among the cheapest prices for an entire apartment). other peoples’ calendars show bookings. i’m flummoxed.

Please send me your article thank you
Jill Gomes

I did have a booking cancel due to election results with the guest not feeling safe in NYC. Not saying thats whats happening in your situation. Just adding my two cents on the changing cultural/political environment our country is currently undergoing.


This is the article. It outlines some of the things that work for me.


From the article:

“There are ‘words of wisdom’ out there that state that hosts should not accept local people, older people, teenagers, people who have no reviews, under 30s, people who ask too many questions prior to booking, people who ask for discounts …. and many more absurd criteria. They are largely nonsense.”

Amen, sister. I just had an IB last night that were 3 of the criteria listed in that sentence. She was a local girl who just wanted to have a spur of the moment getaway with her boyfriend. The request came through at 1:20 am and she’s asking questions like she thinks I’m going to be up at that time of night. After reading posts on here I’m thinking “ugh what if they are knockin boots loudly all night long, what if they are thieves or prostitutes?” She had a female friend over earlier in the evening and the boyfriend arrived after I went to bed. So I fretted for hours, checked my video camera recordings and held my breath. Not only were there no problems, it didn’t even look like they had sex or took showers. I think they literally had a night to “Netflix and chill.” (she had specifically asked what kind of TV I had and if she could hook up to it for Netflix) A couple of empty beer cans wine bottles and taco bell paraphernalia. She was extremely nice and left a five star review before they even left the room. And she isn’t the first “red flag” guest that was super.


I find exactly the same :slight_smile:

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not suggesting that hosts who feel strongly about certain guest factors should accept everyone if that’s in conflict with their hosting style - just that if a host is short of bookings, it’s an idea to look at your guest requirements and possibly relax them a little. :wink: