Newbie tax question on cleaning fees (in U.S.)

Hi, started airbnb’ing my home while away last year. I understand how expenses need to be prorated for the percentage of time the house is rented. But I charge a specific cleaning fee and turn that amount over to a professional cleaner to clean prior to each quest. I don’t benefit from this service as the guest has used the place after it gets cleaned and it’s dirty when I get back. I wouldn’t hire the cleaner if I were not Airbnb’ing. Seems to me I should be able to deduct this full expense, rather than prorate by time. I understand no one is liable for the advice they give - thanks in advance. It was rented for 28 nights in 2018

Sounds like if you want to deduct that that that you’d need to send your cleaner a 1099 for her own tax purposes… that would possibly open you up to need to pay employment taxes?

What you’re describing is fully expensable.

@MissSwan has a good point about the 1099. There are some strange rules on it, such as how much you paid them (i.e. over $600/year) whether the housekeeper works mostly only for you or whether you are only a small portion of their total business. Then there’s whether you are a small business. Also, a 1099 is not required at all if the service is a bonafide corporation (e.g., Molly Maid), just make sure you keep receipts for your records.