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Newbie no show - what do i write for the review?


Same day instant booking from a newbie (but verified). Says will be there later, no later than 9:30pm. I get an email thru air at 12:15 saying “Sorry, wicked traffic and late departure. About to cross the boarder into ct”.

Now, my home is 2 miles from the border.

45 mins later, I message him: “It’s 1:13 am, and I am literally 2 miles from the border of CT. Should I assume you are not coming?”

I then message him an hour later than that: “ok, I am going to bed and disabling your key, so you will need to ring my bell if you show up. If I do not hear from you within the hour, I will unfortunately need to lock up for the night… it’s 1:30 am and I have been waiting for you since 9:30…or email me thru this, or call me or text me.”

No show, never heard from. Now, a review?

Your thoughts?

comedy: “it was like he was never here”?

scolding: “never showed, never called, never responded to 3 emails”

dismissive “poor communication skills”

or something else? Thanks all, I want to do the right thing.


I don’t know if you need to post anyhting. May be something happen to them on way to your house? They paid for the night, said they were crossing border and then dissapeared?


The border between a bedroom community and another bedroom community.


Did you get paid? Did you try getting hold of him a few days after ? I don’t think you need to post anything either. Maybe they got deported ( grin).


Personally I would like to know if a potential guest is going to keep me up half the night and not even bother communicating - when a simple email/message/phonecall/text could have have afforded me the half nights sleep lost. I don’t understand all these hosts that don’t understand that the review system is important and there to help us know what kind of guests are trying to book with us. The above posters might not mind having no communication and staying up half the night for someone, but I don’t. I know you wouldn’t have slept too well - at least I wouldn’t have. I suggest an honest review that communicates the main gist, the lack of communication that kept you up waiting until after 1:30am. I would really appreciate it!


Agree with Sandy. The reviews are there for a reason. It’s a shame most hosts don’t utilize them. I would definitely recount this in a review. What you’ve articulated here is that you are a very patient and accommodating host who was met with un unfortunate circumstance. At worst, something tragic happened to them (in which case the review wouldn’t matter much but also wouldn’t hurt anything). At best, they just ditched you (in which case the review would come in very handy for prospective hosts). I hope you kept the cash.


First I would try to follow up and find out what the hell happened to them (sorry for swearing, it happens more and more as an Air host :smile: ) and if they don’t answer or have a good reason I would post any one of the responses you have outlined above. They should have communicated better andin not doing so kept you up past your bedtime! Just rude!


It’s just too weird that people paid, called few minutes before arrival and dissapeared. It looks like something happened to them.


I had a no-show - a mutliple night booking for a family - never heard anything, nothing, nothing at all. Airbnb tried to reach them, to no avail.

I still got paid, which initially I thought was kinda cool but really wondering what happened to them and if they were ok took the fun out of that. ; ) Also I’m in a business, I don’t want ‘something for nothing’.

Anyhow, I left a review that said " We did not have the pleasure of meeting (guest name). We did not receive any replies to our messages since he booked, and they never arrived. We were very sad to miss the chance of meeting them, and hope they are well."

Sounds like a frustrating night. I know that, with this guests, even when it was clear they weren’t coming I slept fitfully, anticipating a loud knock on the door in the middle of the night…


I was thinking we hosts should have code words in reviews, such as “they are welcome back at anytime” means we really did like them.


DC, I only write that when I sincerely mean it. :slight_smile:


Ha ha! Me too. I left it out of my most recent review, because I didn’t really like the guests and not really willing to host them again if they returned. They weren’t bad enough to be “nightmare” guests or anything, just weird, irritating things like leaving makeup residue on the sink and doing laundry at 3 am. Since they were really sweet and pleasant and didn’t really break any rules I reluctantly answered “yes” to the recommend question even though I really would not want to host them again. So, if you don’t see "they are welcome back anytime in one of my reviews, that’s code for ‘they we’re all right, but I really didn’t enjoy hosting them.’


The things people do! Of course I can see myself thinking, if I run the washer and dryer in the middle of the night nobody will notice - not. People never cease to amaze.


Jack, Agree! Doing anything that causes undue noise at three am is beyond rude. I would not have left any good words for those clods. They broke an unwritten rule… I mean… Are you going to add that to your rules now? No laundry at 3AM? No… Anyone with common sense would not dream of doing that in someone’s home. I’ve had late shower takers… 3 AM… Have to add that my rules, and feel silly doing it… but it’s happened enough where it’s getting to be an annoyance.


Currently waiting for some guests. Their communication is appalling. Called them at 8pm, spoke to one of the party. I asked where they were, he was like well “i’m down by the loch, but my friends are still on the hill”. I was like “what hill?” He was “Ben Nevis”. I was “BEN NEVIS!!!” Even if they got in the car and drove for 3 hours straight right there, they would only just get to me. I asked him to keep me informed. But now at nearly 10pm still no further call or mail. WTF? I aint gonna chase them??? I task my guests to check in between 4pm and 9pm and tell them I go to bed at 10pm…so these guys will probably rock up at midnight if they come at all. The booking did come from a newbie, so I guess they just don’t have a clue. Nice to have a bit of a rant about it though.


Interesting point. If as hosts we clarify acceptable check in hours and guests show up hours and hours later (especially in the middle of the night), can we refuse to admit them and consider it a passive cancellation thereby holding them to our cancellation policy? Although I have not yet experienced one of these episodes, it seems common that there are folks out there who have no qualms about showing up at your house in the middle, somehow not considering that you are a regular human being with a life and not a 24/7 front desk clerk.

I have a lockbox, which works really well, so I suppose if I were to run into this, I would message the desks with instructions on how to get in, asking them to be mindful of the late hours so please check in quietly and I look forward to meeting them in person on the following day in case there is anything they need.


Unfortunately I have had this experience, and it turned out terribly. The guests, coming from over six hours away had been told when they asked before booking what was my latest check in time that 11pm was the latest possible, as we are sleeping after then. They said they were hoping to go to a cocktail party in town by 9pm, and were just checking to see if they needed to check in first. As I heard nothing else for the rest of the week, I assumed everything was on track. But no. Day of, I get a message from the girlfriend, telling me that Joel hadn’t been able to get the day off, so would be working until 6pm. I expressed concern, telling her that even if they left straight away, there are always stops for gas etc, so I didn’t feel they would be here in a reasonable time. I offered to refund for the night so they could stay elsewhere - even though this was not my responsibility as they’d clearly lied and knew he didn’t have the day off. But they convinced me they would be straight on their way, and therefore I assumed an arrival around 12:30, which was a pain, but not necessarily worth the loss of income at that point. Would you believe, that at around 9pm, I get another message. We’re running really late, because Joel hadn’t packed his bags so he had to catch a bus home from work, then they had to leave, and now they were hungry and stopped for dinner. By this point I was raving mad, and let them know I was disappointed.
They flipped out on me, when I said they should find somewhere else. ‘We’re coming’.

They arrived around 2:30am, and had a surly attitude to boot, as if we should have stayed up all night for them and liked it. the next day, they performed some kind of acrobatics on the bed that caused it to collapse and gouge our floors (steel frame, still no idea how they achieved it). No problem they said, we’ll just stay in a different room tonight (apparently they didn’t mind that we’d now have two rooms to clean, and two sets of sheets).

When we came in to fix the bed for them, instead of moving their crap out of the way, we had to crawl across piles of inside out jeans, boots, underwear dropped right next do the bed as if they just peeled them off getting into it, and didn’t even care to move them out of the way so we could access the bed. It looked like pigs had taken over - claimed to be a doctor (woman) and journalist from Washington DC. When they left it was gross, huge pile of beard clippings in the basin, a last mark of his inability to see his hosts as more than servants there to meet his entitled jerky expectations. Ugh. I got angry remembering that.

Others have got here around midnight, and that’s fine, so long as they communicate. It’s all in the how and the why. To hear that this guy, knowing he wasn’t off work for the day hadn’t even packed so they could leave straight from work really shocked me. It was a true case of ‘no one matters except me’.


OMG you have some appalling guests!

Follow up to my story is that these lads showed up at 1am, having been to my neighbors house by accident first. They hadn’t even properly read my instructions. I’ll probably buy my neighbor a bottle of Prosseco now (her tipple), as an apology for the horror of 4 men trying to get into her house in the middle of the night (she lives alone). I told them their behaviour was wrong and also that airBnB was not for them and to book a backpackers next time, but they were complete idiots. One of them then asked me if there was a farmer around anywhere that would let him milk their cow, as he’d love to taste fresh milk from the cow and see the process. I was like “NO. NO and again NO!” I think this will honestly be my first ever bad review! They were complete idiots!


Yes I think you’re right Jack, the terms of the contract need to be clear in the house rules don’t they? I just changed mine from

“please check in between 4pm and 9pm” to a slightly harder line of:

“Check in is between 4pm and 9pm. Late arrivals up to 11pm by prior arrangement only. We don’t allow guests to check in later than this. Please plan your trip accordingly so you can arrive this far north in time. Travelling time in the Highlands can take much longer than you think. If you consider there maybe a chance you might arrive in the night please book a hotel or backpackers hostel instead. I’m happy to discuss your itinerary and advise. Thanks.”


Brilliant. i think that language is abundantly clear. If someone were to violate that, I am fairly confident AirBnB would side with you. I would be incredibly disappointed to hear that they did not.

What a bunch of clods. I hope you smacked them hard in the review. I do not EVER want to see them on my doorstep.

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