"New way to show listing location Now you can choose to show your listing’s specific location"

Got this Notification on my host dash board. Anyone know anything…I would not want to show my exact location both for safety and so guests would not drop by to tour the place before booking.

Hope this is not a slippery slope to all our addresses being “out there”

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I haven’t seen that one yet. I agree with you, it’s a bad idea. A guest can already get a pretty good indication of where you are. They don’t need the exact address until they book.

This isn’t new. It’s also been discussed on the forum previously.

If it’s in the city I think it’s fine to list the postcode because there will be loads of different houses and flats. In fact it might be a good idea because it will stop impostors saying they’re in an expensive area when they’re not. A bit more tricky in the countryside.

Well, if they are using Google maps, I’ll be fine. Just more people getting lost to laugh at; not.

Guests can pretty much tell from our listing exactly where we are. We show photographs of the exterior (but not from the road) and although there are a few building that are similar, they a few and far between.

One or two reviews mention the name of the building, which is also fine.

I quite like the fact that people can work it out because in that circle Airbnb puts on the map showing the approximate location, in our case there are nice areas (like ours!) but the circle is large enough to include some that are not as nice.

But I’ve never been secretive about the location when guests ask.