Email from airbnb: Join a program that could get you more bookings

Here is the text of the email & I copied the email screenshot here too:

Show the exact location of your listing

Some guests have told us that they’d be more likely to book a place on Airbnb if they could see the exact location of a listing. We’re launching a new pilot program to test this theory and you’re invited to be one of the first hosts to participate.

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Here’s what would change

Before: Only the general location of the listing is shown on the map.

After: The map will show the exact listing location to some potential guests.

Interesting, I would accept, I know many would not.

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No way. I’d have ppl driving right up.


I think I’d go for it. Although we show up on the local Google map as not actually being in Dover, not many people look to check, or read (as we know too well…) that we are a rural two miles away. Dover is well known for being both economically and socially blighted ; some people probably skip anywhere so labelled. What would be much better is being able to name where we are located, rather than lumped into Dover.

In my part of the world you already can see the exact address when you are searching the area. It’s been like this for a while now.


No, I would not do that… what about “tyre kickers” who check out your house?

As I host private rooms in my home I would not want strangers driving up and checking out my house… The area shadowing is enough on the map, and guests can google the area to know where they are going…

Didn’t get that email though…

Not really sure I feel about this one. My guests often have trouble finding my place even with my detailed instructions (mostly because they admit that they didn’t actually read my instructional welcome email), and since my place is a townhome, the “exact” location may not be exact. Plus, my Airbnb is not occupied when I do not have guests, so I think – no. I am looking to have serious guests who are committed to their agreement with me. My prices are high, I have a strict cancellation policy, and so many house rules that I am surprised that I am booked almost all of the time. Most of my reviews say something about my good location. I really do not see a benefit for me on this one.

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Wouldn’t touch this option with a barge pole!

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Funny because if you know how to use the map function on Airbnb you can already get a very good idea of the location. I’ve found specific addresses multiple times for Airbnb hosts. This would make it easier of course but changes very little for a knowledgeable guest who wants your specific location.

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I have had this happen. Potential guests located me on the map and drove right up knocking on the door. Air at that time were so helpful and understood about security, so they created a map that’s much more general for me. This does get me into trouble at times with location, but my location is so unique and isolated that if I didnt create a more general map I think I would have this problem happen again… and as far as I am concerned it is a security matter.

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Obvisouly an idea that comes from a guest.

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NO WAY! I’ve already had people track me down and just ask to see the place. Great idea for ROBBERS though!


Sure, as soon as Airbnb provides – gratis – the same security service that the Marriott Residence Inn down the street has.

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I really don’t understand why Airbnb are suggesting this when on the search page you can already zoom in close enough to see the exact street address.

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In NZ, yes. In the US, no. In the US you can figure out the address in many cases with some sleuthing but not really worth the effort. I don’t know why zooming in on the map isn’t good enough for potential guests since it narrows it down to just a couple of streets.

A better method would be to give the exact address immediately after booking. I often book 5 months in advance, and I don’t like not having the exact addess until a week before I arrive.

@morriss003 - why do you want the exact address more than a week in advance? What is it that you plan that requires a more accurate address than within a few blocks?

The main reason is usually to coordinate transportation, making sure which metro is closest, which tram or bus I might need to take, or if I’m driving, whether there are one-way streets in the area. My travel often takes me two months or more, so it is inconvenient to search for this info while traveling. I like to do advance planning. The circles on AirBnB are often too wide to make an accurate assessment. When I fork over money, I like to know what and where I bought.

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Understandable and a good point.

But some of us are giving up our address and information about our whereabouts or how to get in months or weeks in advance. And we don’t get paid until you check in. And if you cancel last minute we get to be paranoid about the information you have about our house.

Good points, especially about late cancellations. I’m not sure how to resolve it. It would be easy to say, “invest in a security system,” but they can be pricey.