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New to AirBnB Quick Question!

My partner and I own a traditional property management company and wanted to add a branch of cohosting to our existing business as an option that has been requested by many of our clients.

We have figured a LOT out over the last 2 weeks but one thing that still gets me is this,

Should we be “cohosts” under our clients current listing or should we be listing them directly from our account?

Our first client already has a listing and we recommended changes and upgrades to improve both the house and the listing. However, I don’t know if I should be a cohost to his listing or relist it under our new account…That being said, I don’t know how we should approach it in the future either.

Any advice would be so appreciated!

The best thing for your client is to host under their profile, so that they have the flexibility to be able to take back the listing under their own management should they want to.

Just get them to add you as a co-host. @Matt_Nehls

@Matt_Nehls, I hope someone will respond and talk about Airbnb reviews.

This is what I believe, but I haven’t researched it as it doesn’t apply to my husband and me:

I believe that all reviews are associated only with the host (the primary host), not the cohost(s). If a host already has a listed Airbnb property with good reviews, I would assume it would be important to keep that host as the primary in order to preserve the history of reviews.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will chime in.

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We see a lot of posts from owners that want to “take back control” of their listing for some reason but since the property manager is the listing admin, it can be really difficult.

On the flip side, if you do 100% of the work and the owner is just generating passive income, then it’s not fair to you or future guests that the listing and it’s reviews be transferred to someone else.

Either way you do it, I’d recommend having a contract stating how the listing is intended to be set up and how it might be transferred once the contract expires.

No, reviews are associated with the listing admin (basically the host that creates the listing). The listing admin can be the primary host, but a cohost can also be the primary host.

Edit: Airbnb seems to use the terms “listing admin” and “listing owner” interchangeably. Also, If you already use professional hosting tools and have hosting teams, things can be more complicated.

So what is my best plan of action if I want to do this for my companies benefit?

If the listing already exists, then just being a cohost is probably the only option.

If the listing doesn’t yet exist, then figure out how active the property owner wants to be. If the owner wants to be more active, then make them the listing admin, because you may not want the reviews for a listing where you don’t have enough control.

Excellent point, Brian. Thank you so much for that.

Do you know if any software like Guesty will integrate through both Cohosting and primary hosting?

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