New to Airbnb - laundry issues

Good evening. I am new to Airbnb and I have some questions regarding cleaning services. Do you usually hire someone to clean who gets payed by percentage depending on your booking? Or. Do you have someone who cleans and gets payed by hour.

Also, is it better to have a washing machine in the apartment for the cleaner or should they take it to their house? Then you have to pay their electricity and theirs services. I don’t live in the same city and I cannot do it at my house or else I would

Thank you!!!

We pay our housekeeper a flat daily rate that amounts to $25 an hour. I’ve read that some hosts here negotiate a flat rate with their cleaners and others, an hourly rate.

I think it would be better to have the laundry facilities at the Airbnb apartment. If not, your cleaner would also have transport time to consider. And you might need to have more than three sets of everything because of the extra transport time involved. With laundry on site, I think three sets of all bedding and towels is sufficient (not that you asked that).

As far as I know, most cleaners who handle cleaning between guests do the laundry while they clean.

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I pay my cleaners by the hour. I have laundry facilities at the AirBnB and the cleaner does the laundry while they clean.

Everyone is different. I do all my own cleaning and laundry. If you have a washer/dryer in the apartment, gust are going to want to use it to (and will use it, probably without asking).

I’ve not heard of anyone paying a cleaner by ‘percentage’. It’s the same cleaning job regardless of how long the guests stay, so percentage of booking makes no sense to me.

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I do my own cleaning.

Without knowing a lot more about your rental including the nation you live in and the labor market there I don’t think anyone could tell you much of value.


I don’t know anybody that would pay the cleaners a percentage. That makes no sense at all because you would pay them 3 times as much for a 3-day stay as for a 1-day stay.

You should either pay them a flat rate (i.e. a fixed price to clean the whole listing), or an hourly rate. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Depends on how long it takes to clean the place and how long it takes to wash and dry laundry. I.e. if it takes 4 hours to wash and dry all of the laundry, but only 2 hours to clean the entire house, then you’ll be paying for somebody to stick around or come back to finish the laundry.

Ideally, you’ll have 2 sets of bed linens and towels and the cleaner can simply swap out the dirty linens/towels with clean, then it won’t matter where or how long it takes to wash. Just don’t leave the clean linens/towels in the house where guests can access them or you occasionally find guests will check out and all of your linens and towels will be dirty.

We have a washer and dryer in the unit, and they do use, often to do the sheets and towels! Talk about an easy turnover…

Just wait until a guest washes your nice new sheets because they spilled something on them, then not only doesn’t get the stain out, but sets it permanently.

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I thought you had the kind of listing where they bring their own linens?

Oh no, we supply the linens and towels. And thus far, our guests are a bit better at laundry than our cleaners. Which is why we bought in bulk, and have lots of extra sheets and towels in case of stains.

Ah, we are reaching high season, and have month long guests in both units this month. No turnovers! Yes!


Sorry confused you with someone else.

I pay a flat fee to my cleaner of $75. That amounts to about $25 per hour. I feel an hourly rate could incentivize slower turn over. Average cost for cleaning service in my area is between $50-$125 for a 2bed/ 1 bath with full kitchen. In a pinch she will take dirty laundry home. We have multiple sets of sheets and towels. Once once this year did we have guests who used ALL the towels. We have washer dryer on site for our cleaner and guests are welcome to use it. We supply unscented laundry soap because I’m allergic to fragrances. Many of our guests really appreciate having the washer/dryer. I think it helps my booking rate and price. I average about 90% occupancy in Santa Fe, NM.