New sick guest stuff(want views on making Airbnb cleaning claim)

Unusual airbnb booking(sick guest)…

The story is this, a two week long-term booking with a couple…
The one makeing the booking, he said he was working on his working holiday., and did shift work etc. This has since been found to be a lie… His girlfriend works, but he is not due to some quite serious medical problems… Since the the end of April he has not been working, this booking was made 12 days ago so only 3 night left, thankfully… They checked in on the friday night(and weekend off etc) Then from Monday-Wensday, no work and all he did was lie on the couch in the sunetc and relaxed, soemthing a sick person would do… Of course by day 3 of the working week, i found this behvaiour strange from a young guy in his early 20’s on a working holiday in a foreign country etc, as most healthy people that age work or go sightseeing when in a foreign country…

I asked him if he was okay had he been sick, turns out he was… He has been diagnosed with a heart condition, and the doctor believed he contracted a virus which went to his heart etc (traveller medicine stuff, as he was in Asia before he came to Australia)…
I feel sorry for this of course, but equally very annoyed… He out and out lied and said he was working but hadn’t worked for 3-weeks when he made the booking, and had no plans to work due to his medical-problems that he’d been diagnosed with 3-weeks before making the booking… Yet he didn’t tell me this, he betrayed me and lied, no mention of his medical problems…

Viruses can be contagious, he is lying on both my couches as sun is good his doctor said and just staying at home all day in his room and on the two couches etc, as he’s sick… The point is viruses can be contagious, and i’d never have a sick guest book, im not a hospital…
From here when his booking runs out in three days, im going to want to make a claim to get my couches professionally cleaned(two couches) and my matress professionally cleaned, not to mention the Duvet and blankets dry cleaned…

All this will cost about $450, however I feel I have to as i have another booking after, and can’t have guests come to my home where someone with a virus and a heart condition has slept on and lied all over the couch etc… Will Airbnb approve my request and pay for this cleaning due to this negeligent and lying guest at the pre-booking? His pre-booked message was full of lies eg we a couple comeing to town and working and will be doing lots of sightseeing, im out working alot doing shift work etc…
Turns out that was a total lie, and he has only left the house to go to the doctor and endless medical tests he has to have etc eg X-rays/bloodtests etc…

I have not brought up this with him as I feel betrayed and it’s in the middle of the booking and ending soon, and his body has been over the couches and bed and pillows it would be pointless booting him and terminating the booking early, as i would still need professionals to hygenically clean this things in my home…

But i feel betrayed, and desperate people resort to desperate measures sometimes on Airbnb… If he had no confidence in any host accepting his booking due to his medical problems and hygene issues, that’s no my problem… As said, im an airbnb host, not a hospital, and my home is not suitable to host sick guests with serious medical problems… I feel betrayed, I hope Airbnb backs me up and pays for the hygenic clean of items in my home as I was lied to by this Airbnb guest…

Feedback please!

It is annoying he lied. I doubt very much the virus is contagious. Perhaps use Dettol multi purpose aerosol on the sofas etc. it kills bacteria and viruses. Duvets can just be laundered, feather ones just need fluffing up in a tumble dryer afterwards. I wouldn’t want to sleep on anything which has been dry cleaned.


Why wouldn’t you sleep on anything that has been dry cleaned?

Oh @steve5500 - you never cease to amuse, do you, with your emotive use of language for everyday situations and your poor guests.

This times it’s what you see as betrayal and lies. Before it’s been males guests being jealous of you, your prejudices about guests foreign to your country, guests you don’t like because of their eating habits - you must be the unluckiest host out there :slight_smile:

As usual a complete over-reaction on your part. Just put the wash on a high setting and wash the duvet, towels and linens. No-one is going to pick up a virus from the sofas. Just because someone has a virus doesn’t mean they are contagious.


If there was any medical concern the virus is contagious your guest would have been hospitalized, in isolation.
Your guest may well have expected to be strong enough to work during his stay and was later advised by his doctor to rest instead.
Guests pay to stay our homes. If they choose to relax all day it is no business of ours.


Air is not going to pay a claim like that. Don’t waste your time submitting it,


Obviously I don’t want to breathe in toxic dry cleaning fumes right next to my face all night.
Just launder the bedding in the normal way. If you wish you could put Dettol laundry sanitiser in the rinse or Napisan in the wash to kill germs.

Um its not so simple… Guests have an obligation to be honest and upfront in there communication, not lie and mislead and the host becomes oblivious to there behaviour, its not a hippie camp… You don”t lie in writing and say your working but instead your unemployed and use your home as a hospital… It”s decietful, and the guest has lied, why do you condone lying guests? Airbnb brought in the host-agreement part of the booking to make agreements morw water tight etc… You act as if anything goes in this crazy business and lying is a normalised part of airbnb and I should get over it and go with thr flow…


Major outright lying by a guest and you say that”s an overreaction?
Hes been sleeping on my couches during the day for long periods as he watches TV in the sun… All that sweat etc, and skin etc for long periods, my couches smell now thanks to this “lying sick guest”…

Yes lying is not good, but getting so worked up will not change that. Perhaps you need to take a more philosophical stance towards the ‘virus’ and cleaning. It’s hardly a germ warfare red alert!

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Sounds like you need a nice lie down yourself lol.


But not on that germ infected couch @Jess1 you never know what he might catch :slight_smile:


If you didn’t like that he wasn’t out working, you could have called Airbnb to cancel his booking. Why didn’t you?

If you don’t like him on your couch all day, then tell him, that if he is too ill to go out and about, he would be better off in his bed.

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Whether a guest is working or not is none of your business.


KenH, it is my business they are in my home I wanna know what they are basically up to… Guests do not have a right to lie about there motives for staying eg saying they using my home for there working holiday but the guest is not actually working and had no plans to work during the booking that’s a lie… I have every right to ask and be given answers on the nature of there booking with me, and if they want to make a booking with no questions asked they should do instant book, and book with hosts who have a really limp weak anything goes host agreement… I don’t want bookings from sick people, correct as it cause hygiene problems… The fact this guest was decitful was wrong he clearly had no confidence to be honest with potential hosts as he was concerned about rejection and then not accepting his booking…

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Helsi, it’s a 14 day booking he checked in on Friday night and said he was a shift worker… So he had weekend off, I thought he was doing like a 10-day on 4 day off roster… I only realised enough suspicion by wensday(5th night) that he wasn’t working… He then told me he had a heart condition diagnosed only 3-weeks before and a travel virus his doctor thinks he got… I’m sorry and all but it’s not my problem… The damage had already been done to my couches and now it’s all sweat and God knows what else on there thanks to him… It’s very deceitful on his part to lie about actively working…

Wow, I certainly wouldn’t want my home used for convalescence. We had a guest once who came after surgery and he was on pain meds and then proceeded to drink vodka in the room. I was scared he would OD. he was with his very nice girlfriend who apologized profusely for him and they only stayed 3 nights but I did report him to Airbnb and left a polite but clearly poor review.


I actually have a friend who has a serious heart problem caused by a virus he had as a teenager.
This guy is not contagious…but if you are worried, ask a doctor rather than freaking out over nothing.
There are so many things to worry about in this world, this isnt one of them. You can always spray your couch with alcohol if it makes you feel better.

I thought you were meant to drink the alcohol to make you feel better.


He lied(1st bad thing) and stuff like alcohol and other higher grade hygiene cleaning stuff that all costs money I shouldn’t foot that bill…