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New policy about guest contact- any body else seen it?


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Not until now…

I just read it, thanks for posting.


Looks like Air is (continuing) to pay attention to all the wrong things.

Can’t sign your guest up for opt-in emails? Can’t sign guest up to book off platform?


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“Asking guests for contact information after a booking in order to run [background checks]”(https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/1308)

They are encouraging long term stays yet not allowing background checks???


Thank you for sharing. I had not seen it.

Debthecat - How did you find this? I just went to my listing and there was a topic titled " An update for hosts in the U.S. Our safety commitment for American hosts and communities." It is about house parties. Another update about discrimination, one on what types of spaces are being booked now, and a “Give Back While You Host” notice. Looking over the past 3 weeks of emails - one on discriminaton, show Pride, adapt your space, Online Experiences - unless I missed it none reference this.

Thankful for this forum - too easy to miss changes relying on Airbnb communications!

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Seems okay to me - apart from the use of ‘off of’. :crazy_face:


“We only run these checks on U.S.-based guests and hosts when we have at least the user’s first and last name plus date of birth. We do not have these identifiers for all hosts and guests and therefore cannot guarantee that we have conducted a check on every host or guest.”

Why on earth does Airbnb not have users’ first and last names and date of birth? That’s the least they should have. We’re supposed to trust their verification system when it doesn’t actually exist?
As far as the rest of it goes, I don’t really see anything new- am I missing something? Obviously we’re not supposed to make private deals with guests when they book through the platform, but once their Airbnb booking has come to an end, whatever happens in the future is between me and my guests, none of Airbnb’s business at all.


Any think it will badly affect those who use channel managers?

And apparently August locks are out, since they prohibit installing apps in order to access the listing. The one place I stayed that had one I could never get the app to work. I always had to have the host buzz me in.

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Thanks for sharing @Debthecat

I think most of what is said in the policy is stuff they have been saying for some time in various guises, but are bringing it all together and adding some additional areas.

There is nothing in there that I would object to.

They aren’t saying you can’t market to guests post stay but that they need to opt in to do so, which is perfectly reasonable and what we have to do in Europe anyway to be in compliance with our GDPR legislation.

I don’t believe Airbnb or other STRs are suitable platforms for a long term stay. It provides little protection for guests or hosts. I don’t see why either would use it.
@Terryathome For long term stays I used a credit reference agency who runs financial checks, landlord checks, employment checks and guarantees payment in the event there is a problem with a tenant paying. They also cover legal fees if you need to move to eviction.

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Air wants us to consider them AirBnb guests forever and ever. Uhm, no.



This is the fear, that the guests will book direct next time. Seems like it would be hard to enforce, a host would have to ask for the email on platform, then the guest would have to complain to get their attention. Although i am sure they are using AI to look for this on the platform. It seems like a host who is collecting email addresses would just direct text the guests and ask for it.


Or have a guest book/directory and ask either the leaving morning or during a longer stay if said guest would like to leave info on upcoming events/specials/referral discounts for their friends and family, etc.

When I got started and subsequently opened additional room I had a paper questionnaire that I asked for while the guest was here. It was much more detailed about amenities that guest appreciated or would like, furnishings, and breakfast offerings. I would do this again since it gave me great advice. It was not contacting the guest by text, email or phone so it would probably run under the radar.

I addition my state requires that we register guests, but offers minimal guidance on what information must be provided. I use my registration card to get full names of all guests, emails and direct phones. Occasionally information is left off, but most people are fine with it.

Totally agree. As soon as they walk through MY door they are MY guests. So far we have a 100% conversion rate for repeat guests, who now book direct rather than via an OTA, which makes me Mr Happy.



And that’s exactly what Airbnb wants to avoid. Maybe they realize that thanks to their ****y customer service and refund policies, all they offer hosts is marketing to guests. Once we’ve established that relationship Airbnb is useless.


Times like these I wish we could give more than one heart! We are 100% with you.

I’m not sure how new this is. I always want potential guests to communicate through Airbnb. Only in rare situations have I taken a booking off Airbnb:

  • Guest wants to book multiple stays and it’s mutually agreeable that we take them offline (after an initial booking on Airbnb)
  • Local company wants to book our place for an employee but is very unfamiliar with platform, so we set up in-person meeting

As for sharing my public reviews, I don’t think Airbnb really has the right to prevent us from sharing those, even though technically they probably own them. I have most definitely copied-and-pasted them into my couchsurfing and Furnished Finders accounts. To Airbnb’s credit, nobody on those sights seems to give a crap how well we’re reviewed on Airbnb.

I understand if Airbnb is only one of many booking mediums hosts use. We all have our preferred methods on and off Airbnb. I’m almost certain the only B&B in town takes most of their bookings offline. They prefer the more old fashioned phone call before taking a booking. It’s quaint, and very 20th century. Are they cheating Airbnb out of bookings fees for free marketing? Most definitely.

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