New options in Airbnb listings settings

I am just looking at this now, but probably other hosts have noticed this earlier.

There is a new option (in Listing > Basics) now available to specify if your listing is your personal home. This only appears for Entire homes.

With a very creepy comment that maybe should be checked again.

There is also this new option in the Description > Interaction with guests:

I don’t see anything being displayed (on the website or on mobile) in relation with these additional parameters.


Airbnb has started to index the leading colours in listing pictures. My best guess is that Airbnb will probably start having a different presentation for your listing’s page in the following weeks (or months, or never) depending on the leading colour of the picture being looked at.

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Can you explain that a bit more please?

I’ve had the interaction with guests thing for a while (I checked the second option) but now I see that I have the ‘personal home’ thing too. I left it blank because I really don’t know how to answer it. Our rental is a separate apartment and there are no personal belongings in there. But it’s tricky to know which is the best option for various reasons.

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The only thing I know is this, which appeared some time ago but was blank, and which is now filled:

For those not familiar, those are hexadecimal code for colours. The first one is basically some dark red (the first picture of my listing showcases my red couch).

All the rest are guesses, interpretation, and expectations.

At Airbnb open Airbnb signified they’re moving more and more into a tailored personalised experience for guests. In theory this means moving further away from live out hosting but I am interested to see how realistic this is …in the meantime I guess these creepy questions are meant to be a way of finding out your hosting style.

I wonder if they are doing this to call out homes for the “One host, one home, one listing” thing that is being required in some places.

As for the belongings… the apartment IS furnished with my belongings… but do they mean MY personal belongings as in my toothbrush and knicker drawer?

May I take this chance to say I appreciate you and your API geekishness… :smile: you have been sooo enlightening!

Zandra, at the Open did they hint at other things of a darker nature such as the Italy policies?

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Interesting. It’s a couple of years since I was involved in raw coding but doesn’t this refer to some sort of border colour? (I might well be behind the times here!)

I guess that if they are used, that may of interest to a certain crowd… :scream:

Thanks, but I am just discovering as I go. Wouldn’t do much without the centuries of hosting experience on this forum! :heart_eyes:

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No absolutely not. The entire focus was on live in hosting, getting to know your guests, interior decorating and transforming your life. There was nothing at all about policy like that, but you can imagine it would have been pretty unpopular.

Airbnb really went all out at this open down to having Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga play.


I believe the “scrim_color” would be the background colour when a picture is displayed in full screen. Or nothing at all.

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I have the same setup. Mother-in-law apartment in the basement. I don’t share space with guests however they are in the same ‘building’. I have my listing setup as entire house/apartment and am clear in the text that I live above the apartment that is being rented out. My interpretation is this is setting is to indicate to guests if the space is going to be shared and/or if hosts personal belongings will be in the drawers/closets etc…
I don’t even want to think about what ‘personal’ belongings I’d need to clear out if I was renting out the upstairs of the house when I was out of town…

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What they are trying to differentiate for people is the different entire house rentals where 1 is a permenant holiday rental type which doesn’t have drawers, rooms etc littered with the hosts photos, knickers, clothes etc that is set up to always be rented like an apartment from a company that does holiday rentals as opposed to option 2. Option 2 being Bob’s home that he usually lives in (and naturally has all his stuff) but rents out the the whole place when he is away.

I suspect this is because some people have turned up disappointed that it’s not minimal and resort like and don’t want to be surrounded with others day to day stuff whilst holidaying. Especially if the hosts leaves food in their fridge and cupboards and parents have the tiresome tasks of keeping their hungry savages (children) away from helping themselves, confused as to what is theirs or not etc. Or have areas blocked off etc. Some others may like the homey feel of such listings.

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It seems odd they are going to arrange the listings according to the color of a pic rather than according to amenities, etc.

I think the “scrim_color” is a cosmetic issue, when you are on a listing page, to “enhance” the experience in some way. I never suggested, and I don’t suggest, that this would be used to arrange listings together per colour.

Although, that would be hilarious (for just a bit).

Wouldn’t it though! :slight_smile: …“Oh look honey. This place is perfect. It matches my dress and shoes.”


Certainly plenty of people place their books, many never read, on shelves by color. This is particularly appealing to those that buy books by the pound to appear learned.


In my market a “personal home” is the norm for whole house rentals. (And really can you call it a home if a person doesn’t live there?) Most Catskill rentals are the vacation or retirement homes of New Yorkers. We all have - to varying degrees - personal items in the properties. My guests appreciate it. It is what they are seeking to some degree - personal, homey, intimate experience in the mountains.

I appreciate the heads up on the feature. I just turned it on.

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I just tried to find the option to check that it is my personal home but I cannot find it or see it. I do see the “plan to socialize with guests” thing but I find it annoyingly vague - if I check it does that mean I have to take them out to dinner or invite them to a party? Or does it just mean I will talk to them?

Nevermind. I didn’t read what you wrote carefully enough before. “This only appears for Entire homes”.

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Wow how culturally relevant on them :frowning:

Love your posts! They are always so interesting :slight_smile:

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I don’t rent an entire home but I still have that socializing option.